Friday, November 27, 2009

He Makes Me Smile.

There's nothing I love more than an actor who is extremely grateful to be working.

There's nothing I love more than a performer who is multi-talented.

There's nothing I love more than a man who doesn't take himself seriously.*

There's nothing I love more than an extremely attractive dude.

There's nothing I love more at 9:00 on Wednesday evenings than Glee.

Mark Salling, you will be my complete undoing. I kind of dig you a whole, whole lot.

If you're not watching Glee, you're missing out. This video made me smile...and it also makes me want to be friends with Mark Salling. With this homage he's proven that he is my people.

He is also gorgeous. 'Nuff said.

*He sings, "I pee, poo, text..." Come on, y'all...that's just awesomeness.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Settle Down, People!

WARNING: If you have NOT seen New Moon, please read no further. If you have viewed the movie, please continue...and please comment accordingly.

For the record, I would like to praise God. Don't ever even hint that He doesn't answer prayer. Truly He does, as the fasting and praying completely paid off.

I loved the movie.
Yes, I'll say it again.
I loved it.
New Moon was fantastic.
From henceforth, the first movie shall be renamed

Now, the movie wasn't perfect...I have very small, very minor complaints about stuff that's better thought of as bygones. No big deal, y'all. We'll agree to move on and realize that no book to film adaptation is perfection. Not even my dearly beloved Gone With the Wind.

However, the Twitters and bloggers and general inhabitants of the intrawebs all seem to be dissing one particular scene in New Moon. A scene I happened to really enjoy:
The "frolicking," as it appears to have been named
by Twilight die-hards.


Yes, the wardrobe is cheesy...I admit that. But seriously, people...what part of Breaking Dawn (which this scene references, of course) wasn't cheesy? Esme gifts the couple with a freakin' cottage! Bella hunts in a blue silk dress! And what part of their child's name didn't clue you into this story becoming one huge Swiss Colony fromage fest?* And clearly, Bella & Edward are wearing Valentino's Cottage Collection, available Fall of 2011.

Just love them through it, y'all. Love that we got a teeny taste of Bella Cullen...all golden-eyed (thanks, Jamie!) and sparkly and flushed from delicious vampire lovin'.

Is all I'm saying.

Because I loved it. The expression on her face, in this scene, is nothing short of pure satisfaction. Bella is all but screaming, "Yeah, I tapped that. Deal with it!" Word.

When you really break it down, some woodland "frolicking" is minor when compared to the monstrosity that was Sucklight. I mean, really...

My work here is done. Discuss amongst yourselves, please.

*I am not dissing Breaking Dawn. I loved the final chapter of Bella and Edward's story. I'm not a hater, just a recognizer of ridiculousness. Ridiculousness that I deeply loved. That is all.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Sound of My Soul.

One year ago I was fairly obnoxious in sharing my love for a particular series of young adult books written by a thirty-something housewife from Arizona.

One year ago I spent hours reiterating, to naysayers, "It's not a book about vampires. It's not a 'teenage' novel!"

One year ago I wrote many blog posts begging y'all to read what I deemed the greatest love story of our generation.

One year ago I flew to California to view the big screen version of said love story, with two ladies I'd met in early 2008. Women I'd befriended because of our shared love of a particular book, which, at that time, was still rather obscure. We bonded over a sparkly vampire and an ordinary, yet spunky girl. (Heather & Tiffany, I love y'all. Deeply. V4&After.)

One year ago I was proud to to identify myself as a "loud and proud fan" of four books in a Saga too fantastic for words.

What a difference a year makes!

Have you ever had a favorite cosmetic? Let's say...a lip gloss. This particular lip gloss is fan-freakin'-tabulous. It glides on perfectly, shines like the top of the Chrysler building (name that movie!), and never ever traps stray strands of hair on your perfect pout. I mean, this is the lacquer to end all lip lacquers.

So you tell the world about it. "You MUST buy this product--it will change your life and add so much delight to your existence!"

The world heeds your advice and soon this lip gloss enrobes the pucker of every other mouth you see. Fantastic! fine day...some unfortunate gal decides to paint on the gloss with a heavy hand. Oh, woe the sloppiness! Or perhaps you see a well-intended woman wearing frosted pink eyeshadow, along with the gloss to end all glosses.

Frosted. Pink. Eyeshadow.

Your gloss has been ruined. It's intended effect is cheapened. Cheapened like a working gal at a truck stop.
"Hey baby, you lookin' for date?"

This, my friends, is how I feel about the fandom that encompasses The Twilight Saga.

The fiending (a phrase coined by the genius Kristen Stewart in last week's Entertainment Weekly) have taken my beloved love story and frosted it with tacky, sparkly, really offensive pink eyeshadow.

Countless merchandising fails too numerous to mention (I refuse to enter a Hot Topic, on principle alone), a bojillion websites* devoted to the movie and its cast, and seemingly every magazine cover of the past 52 weeks. One cannot escape the phenomenon that is Stephenie Meyer's tale of Bella and Edward.

It's too much. For me. To say I'm over it is putting it mildly.

Cheapened. Heather described it thusly, many months ago. It's truly the best description. And it deeply saddens me.

When sweet Fran inquired earlier in the week, "Are you so excited for New Moon in a few days?" I hung my head. Sighed heavily. And admitted to myself...

"Eh. Whatever."

Will I see New Moon this weekend? Sure! I've heard it's remarkably better than the first film. This makes me happy. Maybe this means all the fasting and praying has paid off. Maybe Chris Weitz reads Lulaville. He is a down dude, after all.

So while the embarrassingly overwrought fandom ("My life is complete because I've been in Robert Pattinson's presence!" Really? Um...OK. No wonder the poor dude is afraid to walk around without 43 bodyguards.) has stolen a bit of my Twilight joy over the past year, I am resolute in my refusal to hand it over completely. Because in the end, my love for this story is remains intact. It's still Edward and Bella. The Edward and Bella I fell in love with almost three years ago. And no one can take that brilliance from me. Even if its shine is slightly murky, I'm able to peer past the fandom flaws and continue to appreciate the love story dreamt by one Stephenie Meyer. I'll even appreciate it for not being well-written literature. ''s not.

Yeah. This is hot. I don't care who you are. It is delicious.
Well, if we rid Rob of a bit of that grease paint.

If you see New Moon on the big screen this weekend, please let me know what you thought of it. If you are not seeing New Moon, I won't judge you. Promise!

*Before someone feels as if their Cornflakes have been peed upon...I am not knocking any Twilight-related fansite. I've met some of my most favorite people in the world because of a few, very special websites devoted to The Twilight Saga. Sites run by "normal" people. Ahem.

However...I have, and will continue to judge any website run by grown women who attend "Twi-conventions" dressed in vampire capes. Capes bought at Party City for $9.99.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Handkerchief In Hand...

I've loved music for all of my almost-35 years. Many songs have moved me to tears, but no song has made the waterworks flow as quickly as this one...

"Poison and Wine," by John Paul White and Joy Williams, also known as The Civil Wars.

Back in the Spring I received a text from sweet Bekah, telling me to run to MySpace, to download The Civil Wars' free, live album...which I did, because 95% of the time I comply when Bekah requests something of me. (That live album is, without a doubt, my favorite musical offering of 2009.)

I sat at my computer, weeping, the instant I heard John Paul sing the opening line...
"You only know what I want you to..."

I have lived the words of this song. No, not with my husband, but in past relationships, both platonic and romantic. This song slays me. It is exquisitely painful. And I wanted to share it with y'all. Please listen...and don't say you haven't been warned. There might be tears. Mine...and yours...

p.s. Thanks, Bekah--again--for the text alerting me that, "The Civil Wars have made a video for Poison & Wine!" You're the kind of enabler I really love. Please visit the taco truck for me this week...and send a pic!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Mad Dash...

Last week I shared my love of Zooey Deschanel and my certainty of being her best friend. If we were to ever meet, that is. (And thanks to all of you who mentioned her starring role in The Tin Man. I'm watching it now!)

In this week's installment of "I want to be friends with..." I'd like to introduce you to a man I'm digging in the most diggable manner possible.

We have a lot in common. He is married. He has children. He is originally from Georgia and is a Bulldog fan. That right there seals the deal, folks. Georgian by birth, Bulldog by the grace of God. Ahem.

The only differences I see between myself and this man is...well, he's a dude. And he's Mormon, whereas I'm southern Baptist. But seriously...bygones...he's clearly my people. Why?

Because he's written my new favorite book.

Who is this man? Oh, just James Dashner:
Hi, James!

I read his newly released YA novel last Friday. Yes, in one day. I could not put it down.

The last two books I deemed "unputdownable" were Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. So y'all know I'm serious when I beg of you...READ THIS BOOK!
Click here for the book's website.

I read this page turner almost like a screenplay...I literally saw it on the silver screen of my mind. This the best compliment I can give to Mr. Dashner, because his story is so descriptive and detailed. To say I was a captive audience is putting it mildly. I won't even begin to attempt to summarize the story, other than to say it's simply delicious. Delicious along the lines of...Lost. And most of you know how I feel about Lost. (Best show in the history of ever.) Fast-paced, haunting, frightening, inhumane while still being very human, entertaining, and can't-catch-your-breath exciting. This is The Maze Runner.

Yes, I'm certain I need to be friends with Mr. James Dashner. Our kids could play together, my husband would be his family's physician. Surely his wife and I would get along! Then James and I would discuss UGA football ("Let's give Cox another season before we judge him..."), as well as the soundtrack for the movie version of The Maze Runner. Which I will supervise and produce.


Again, I beg y' The Maze Runner. I did not steer you wrong with That One Book That Shall Not Be Named (rhymes with "Highlight."), or The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. I place The Maze Runner right up there with these rock stars in the world of Young Adult Fiction. Seriously.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

In My Head I Hear RuPaul Telling Me To "WORK!"

One night when we were 18, my high school best friend and I were getting ready to go out for the evening. I can't remember what I was wearing, but I thought I was looking pretty dang cute...till she turned to me and remarked, " can't accessorize for crap."

I should've prefaced this by saying that my best friend was/is gorgeous. She was the freakin' homecoming queen! (And eventually my matron of honor.) Lauren (not her real name--and now the Warner Robins peeps are smiling!) probably thought she was doing me a favor, in her own, brusque manner. But that comment has haunted me for almost seventeen years.

I cannot accessorize for crap.

To this day I never feel "put together." Sassy. Decked out. Dressed to the nines. No matter how hard I try, I'm just not cute. And I still hear Lauren's voice in my head, confirming my lack of fashion success.

So when I first laid eyes on sweet Summer at Sitscation last month, I audibly gasped. Summer was wearing the most fabulous white dress and I instantly hated her. "I cannot be friends with someone so chic," I thought to myself. Who can live up to such perfection? Not me.

I love when God proves me wrong. Because not only did I fall in love with Summer and her blog, Le Musings of Moi, I found out she is a kindred spirit. A soul sister, in more ways than one. day I'm gonna be famous. And Summer is going to be my stylist. And we're gonna travel to France and Atlanta and London and just be the sassiest girls in the world. I'll feel sassy, too--because I will have been styled to perfection by Summer. Sigh...I long for that day.

Until then, I begged Summer to let me pick her brain for nuggets of stylish wisdom. I also asked for pictures of her fabulous self, so that I could share this wisdom with y'all. Because that's how much I love her--and that's how much I love each of you!

Please enjoy Summer, soon-to-be a ridiculously famous stylist. For me. When I'm rich. Ahem. (She's also funny as all get out, to boot!)

Lula: Define your style for me...
Summer: I have somewhat of a feminine style, but always with a bit of edge and funk. Comfort is big for me, too, so I'm not into the trends that don't make me feel comfortable. How 'bout we go with "sweet-n-sassy chic?" I think that has always been my adult style. Not adult as know..."bomp chicka bow wow." Adult as in the age of 18. Just making things clear.

L: Since your style is a mixture--sweet & funky--how do you incorporate bits from each into one cohesive look?
S: I would pair a feminine dress with leather boots. Or leather and lace together. I try to be sure that one thing about my outfit is something that stands out...something sassy! Such as a statement ring, chunky necklace, lots of chains (shout out to Mr. T!), a flower clip for my hair, bold colors, or a dramatic pattern.

L: Do you believe the ability to accessorize is something one either has or does not have? Can it be learned? Please say I can learn this, as I've been haunted by my non-sassiness for 17 years!
S: I definitely think you can learn anything when it comes to fashion! And to anybody who says otherwise...obviously, they know nothing about style! A good way to learn about accessorizing is to pay attention to your favorite shows, magazines, and celebs. And obviously I don't mean Rock of Love, Star Magazine, or Britney Spears! Come on girls, use your judgement! And remember, everyone has their own personal style. Find out what you love and wear it with confidence.

L: What are your favorite, basic wardrobe staples?
S: Boots and white Hanes tank tops! Seriously, I wear boots all year round--I don't care what the fashion police say! And white Hanes tanks go with everything! I wear them under girly dresses if I want to tone them down a bit...under sweaters, under button-ups...even to bed! Must. Have. My. Hanes!

Last thing that is a must in my closet? Tunics. Lots and lots of tunics. I always feel cute in a tunic paired with jeans or pants.

L: What items should every woman own--regardless of age or body type?
S: Anything that makes you feel amazing! Honestly, we all have to have at least one item that just makes us looks and feel fabulous. It could be a pair of jeans that make your bootie look just right. A pair of heels that make your legs longer than life. A necklace that adds flair to everything you own. Or even an incredible handbag that shows off your style, even when you're venturing out in sweats. (I use that last one A LOT!)

L: What are your favorite stores? Favorite place to save? Splurge?
S: For good deals I love thrift stores and Target. But because I like to have stuff that won't be seen on everyone I walk by on the street, I've been shopping less and less at Target--for my sassy pieces, that is.

This may seem crazy, but I hate splurging! To me, especially after thrifting, Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe both seem like quite a splurge! Although...for Mother's Day last year, my husband gave me my first pair of Louboutins. If I ever save my spending money long enough, I could totally see myself splurging on another pair of those. Mmmmmmm, baby...come to Mama!

See why I just love her? And why I want her to take me from frump to fabulous? I also want her legs, but that's another post for another time...

Thanks, Summer--I'm so glad I decided not to hate you. And you know I say that with all the love in my heart.

Oh yes...wanna know the winner of the fantastic clutch and iPod pouch? Sure you do.

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-11-06 12:04:09 UTC

Number 29 is...SUNSHINE! (Her blog is private, so I can't link her!) Congrats, Sun...I'll get your goodies to you right away!

(My favorite friend, Lauren, has featured stylish friends on her blog...and that's where I got the idea for this post. So thanks, Lauren. I'll never be as sassy as you.)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

When I was a child there was nothing more exciting than coming home from a day at school to discover the Sears Wish Book in our mailbox. Oh, happy day! My brother and I would fight to see who'd get to peruse its pages first. And I'd always win because he'd get distracted by He-Man...or maybe it was She-Ra's boobs. Whatever.

I'd curl up on our couch with that coveted Wish Book, a Debbie Cake (as we call "Little Debbie" treats in the south), and an enormous glass of milk, and oooh & ahhhh my joyous way through each flip of its pages.
This entire scenario was pure childhood bliss. I remember it so fondly.

Alas, now I am an adult. And the Sears Wish Book no longer holds sway over me. Because it has been replaced...

I give you The Mother Ship's Holiday 2009 Catalogue!
Mine arrived in yesterday's mail. After putting my girls to bed, I curled up on the couch. Instead of Debbie Cakes and milk, I had a more grown-up snack of Shiraz and a bunch of mini Snickers from the girls' Halloween loot. I'm not ashamed to admit this, either. I'm also not ashamed that I earmarked nearly every other delightful page of this year's holiday offerings.*

Stila and Cargo and NARS, OH MY!

It's pure "grown up" bliss!

And it is, indeed, the most wonderful time of the year. Sing it, Andy!

No one does it better than Mr. Williams. No one. Don't even try it.

*Dear family members who read Lulaville but never know Sephora gift cards are always appreciated, for both birthday and Christmas. Thank you. Love, Me.

Monday, November 2, 2009

New! Free! Yeah, That Got Your Attention.

A day rarely passes that I don't say, "I want to be friends with ______________." (Fill in the blank!) There are so many famous--and infamous--folks out there that I'm positive would be all BFF with me, if we were to ever meet. In person, that is.

And then we'd begin our relationship and say things like, "Where have you been all my life?" or "Let's get some Taco Bell before watching the Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman marathon," while giving each other mani/pedis and guiltily flipping through the pages of the Enquirer.

Thusly, I've decided to start a new, regular feature here in Lulaville, called, "I Want To Be Friends With..." Please play along with me, alrighty?

Have you ever seen Almost Famous?
It's only one of my most favorite movies in the history of ever.
And it's the film that introduced me to the fantastically fabulous
Zooey Deschanel.
(Pictured here with Frances McDormand & Patrick Fugit.)

Here's the trailer--please watch. No really, you have to see it. My fave Zooey moment comes at 0:12.

Zooey is my style icon.
Witness this adorableness:
(I lust after those shoes. Mary Jane heels. Perfection!)

This dress slays me, completely.

No one does vintage better than my Zooey:

Why helloooooo there, plaid! Simply gorgeous!

"I want to be friends with Lula..."
Yeah, she's totally thinking that in this shot:

On anyone else this dress would be cheesy.
Zooey makes it fresh, whimsical, and utterly chic.
She's a genius, clearly.

I want Zooey to take me shopping...and school me in her ways.

And if it's not enough that she's an amazing actress and fashionista, Zooey is also an utterly talented musician. She performs with the awesome M. Ward, under the name of "She & Him." Please love this video with me, as it is completely enjoyable.

Do I love that She & Him took a Motown classic (by the great Smokey Robinson & The Miracles) and made it their own? I do. Oh, I really do.

In honor of my inaugural edition of "I Want To Be Friends With..." I am now offering the chance to give one of you something especially delightful.

Check out this gorgeous wristlet & iPod (or cell) holder:
Are these not two fantastic pieces?
These make me feel Zooey!*

The inside of the wristlet is the same fabric as the flower--so chic!

Sweet Abby, also known as sister to sweet Bekah, has a new Etsy shop, Sewing Snails. ("Snails" is her nickname, and what I call Abby...because Bekah calls her "Snails.") Check out her offerings...the citrus half-apron is cleverly cute. I'm talking better-than-Anthropologie, y'all. Really & truly!

Want a chance at winning the wristlet and iPod (or cell) pouch? If you live in the US or Canada, simply leave a comment and tell me whom you'd want to be friends with. Other than me, that is. Comments will be closed at 11:59 pm(Eastern time) on Thursday, November 5.

*No celebrity endorsement intended or implied.