Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lifetime is On the Cusp of Greatness, Clearly.

So a sweet friend sent me the following picture:

Have mercy.

There's Jason, Rob, and Josh...ALL IN ONE PICTURE. Heaven came down and glory filled my soul!

The only way this would have been 100% perfection is if Henry Cavill's face replaced Patrick Dempsy's. (Nothing against Patrick--he's just never done it for me, ya know?)
Henry Cavill Pictures, Images and Photos

Oh, Henry...how I love thee. Thank God The Tudors returns next week. (And do I even have to mention that Henry Cavill was Stephenie Meyer's first choice for Edward? Of course he was.)

The genius behind such a compilation of brilliantly beautiful men? That would be Lifetime Television for Women.

I know, right?

I'll never make fun of Lifetime ever again. This is just good stuff, people.

I had to share. You're welcome.

*This post is most effective when listening to Ciara & Justin Timberlake's Love Sex Magic. Seriously.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Percolating in the Kettle.

I have a small, green journal that I keep near me at all times. In fact, this journal and my Bible are constant roommates, as one is never apart from the other. Within the pages of this little book are random musings on every day life, answers to prayers, recognitions of blessings I've been given, notes such as, "Buy Susan's birthday present," and lists of people I'm praying for. And a lot of these people are you. Yes, dear reader...you!

A quick glance through my journal reveals specific times when many of my bloggy pals have been on my heart. Some of these entries would seem cryptic, were anyone else to read them, but God and I know the deets. Such as:

*May 21, 2008
Sissy--job situation and the desires of her heart

*August 24, 2008
Melissa--strength, comfort, peace, healing
Kristen--website, personal blog, writing Bible study

*October 19, 2008
"Life on life discipleship" and blessings of friends--Melissa & Caroline.

*November 30, 2008
The McCulley Family--"God, I need You to be all over this!"

*January 18, 2009
Heather--cold toes, cold lungs, hot Arizona!!!

I could continue on and mention even more of you whose names are written between the pages of this little book. This little green book which houses a portion of my heart. But you get the point.

Or do you?

This journal is all part of my system. Oswald Chambers once described prayer as "the ministry of the interior." My interior is a constant work in progress, and prayer is definitely the biggest aspect of it. Talking to God--better yet, listening to God--makes me who I am. And praying for my family, my friends, and even blog pals I do not know "in real life," is a privilege for me.

"I thank my God every time I remember you."~Philippians 1:3

And that, my dears, is exactly the point.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Bits of This and That.

It's Friday and time for Caffeinated Randomness, courtesy of Andrea. But really...if I am being truly honest--and I am--I will confess that all my days are full of caffeinated randomness.

Here's what is going down in my world, at this very moment...

*Yesterday was hectic and I'm just now catching my breath, while still feeling deatched from many of you. Amy, we must further discuss our latest musical finds, and Kat, I will call you back asap.

*If you are not currently using L'Oreal Sublime Glow, then run to Target and get a tube. I swear by this stuff...and I have to say, my legs are looking rather sunkissed now.

*Blue October's new album came out this week. Depeche Mode's comes out next month. So much fantasticness I can hardly stand it. Depeche Mode blighted my adolescence, but in a good way. And Blue October recorded 18th Floor Balcony, one of the most romantic songs ever. Sigh...

*I love frozen french fries. Don't judge. I've eaten them my entire life. When they begin to thaw I refuse to eat any more. Now I'm craving some frozen Ore-Idas.

*If you're not watching Lost, you are missing out. In a big way. If you're watching Lost but not hanging out with us at Sussing Out Lost...well, then...get your head examined!

*Heather sent me this book:I read it last night, without putting it down for longer than a minute or two. It. Is. Incredible. Remember how I went on and on about the Twilight Saga and The Hunger Games? Yeah...well, this one is in that league. Crackliture is the phrase Tiffany brilliantly coined. Indeed. (And thanks again, Heather...I love you forever.)

*I'd commit highway robbery for some Cold Stone Creamery right now. Peanut butter flavored, with chopped Oreos mixed in. Delightful!

*I want another tattoo. But only if Tattooed Minivan Mom will be there to take pictures of me while I'm getting inked.

*Earlier this week Libbey informed me that her new favorite song is Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams." And that Terry Reid's "Seed of Memory" is a "good song on a rainy day." Before I could fall to my knees to thank God for this incredible child, Caroline piped up, "I love 'Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na!'" Which, translated, is the praise song, "Every Move I Make." Yet another incredible child! It makes me so happy. Thank You, Jesus. Amen. (Dad, is this how you felt when I, at a young age, discovered the wonders of Glenn Miller? Simon & Garfunkel? Marvin Gaye?)

*Tonight is the first Friday night in months that I do not have the crew of Galactica to entertain me. I still cannot believe the best show nobody ever watched* is over. (*According to Entertainment Weekly. It's an accurate description. 'Twas the finest show around. After Lost, of course.)
Battlestar Galactica Pictures, Images and Photos
Greg? Cara? What are we going to do? Any suggestions for Friday evening fun?

Hope everybody has a fabulous weekend! Y'all have any big plans you'd like to share? I'd love to hear all about it!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When I Am 62.

When I am 62 I will travel with my friends, just because.

When I'm 62 I will spend an entire day getting lost in a good book.

If, when I am 62, Libbey calls to ask if I'll send her a couple of jars of Blue Plate, I'll have those sacred jars in the mail that very day. (Because we only eat Blue Plate in this seriously southern family! And if you don't know what Blue Plate is...we'll you're not from the deep south!)

When I am 62 I will make gorgeous handmade cards for my grandchildren, instead of buying them at Walmart.

If, when I am 62, Caroline becomes the mother of a daughter, I will pass down to her the newborn gowns worn by her grandmother, her mother, and Caroline herself.

When I am 62 I will spend the night in the hospital room of a frightened friend, so that she is not alone.

If, when I am 62, my husband desires to take a road trip on the motorcycle, I'll gladly play along...even though I'd rather go by convertible!

When I am 62 I will build sandcastles on the beach with my children and grandchildren, rather that sit under an umbrella.

If, when I am 62, my daughters ask me to stay with them after they've given birth and/or endured major surgery, I will be at their sides for as long as they'll have me.

If, when I am 62, Libbey or Caroline longs to take a Caribbean cruise with two of her favorite girlfriends, I'll happily keep their children so they can vacation guilt and stress-free.

When I am 62 I will take my grandchildren for visits to Mississippi and Louisiana, for that's where our heritage begins.

When I am 62 I will insist that my daughters watch every season of Moonlighting and Designing Women. They just don't make good programming like they used to.

If, when I am 62, Libbey begs me to see Keith Urban in concert with her, "Just one more time!" I'll happily go. That is, if Keith is still performing live when I'm 62. He'll be 69. (That's what she said.)

If, when I am 62, my children and grandchildren beg me to plummet down an enormous, inflatable slide, I will do it.

I hope my kids will take a picture of me, too. Just like this one.

When I am 62 I pray that I'm exactly like my mother, Mary Elizabeth Raley Roth, better known as "Pinky" and "Mamaw Pinky." (Yes, that's her in the picture above, taken November 2008.)

Happy 62nd birthday, (a day late!) Mama! Thanks for being my best friend, and the best grandmother and mother-in-law in the world. We all love you very much. And the girls can't wait to see you slide again in a couple of weeks!

p.s. I'm so honored to be flapping my big mouth over at Angie's today! Head on over to Seven Clown Circus to read about my close encounter with a very famous southern lady whom I now like to regard as my close, personal friend.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Favorite.

I have a new favorite song and I think the world needs to hear it. Seriously...Bekah instant messaged the video to me yesterday and I played it 5 times in a row. It. Is. Amazing.

"Falling," by The Civil Wars. Indeed. It makes me happy.
Thanks, Bekah. You are my hero for the day...week...month...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Love Me Some Ireland.

In the summer of 1997 I lived in Ireland for a couple of months and to this day I maintain it was the best time of my life. Mostly because I got to tell many people there (especially kids and teenagers) that Jesus loves them, but also because hello...it's Ireland!

I love how Americans embrace the Emerald Isle as their own. Ask any random person you meet about their ethnic heritage, and 90% of them will claim to have a bit of the Irish in their blood: "I'm part Hungargian, part Scandanavian, part African, and a bit Native American Indian mixed with Japanese. Oh, and I'm Irish, too!" Of course you are.

When I think of Ireland, I do not fondly recall rolling green hills, though I saw thousands. Yes, they were beautiful. Especially the Ring of Kerry:

My memories aren't of all the castles we toured...by the time we rolled up to the 5th stone palace it was clearly evident, "Seen one castle, seen 'em all."
(This is Bunratty Castle. It was beautiful, I will confess. But it was also one of the first I toured!)

I'd love to tell you that I kissed the Blarney Stone (at the Blarney Castle), but I didn't. Seriously, I saw the folks puckering up to that thing and decided then and there: It Ain't Gonna Happen. Stranger kiss spit? No for me! Plus, you have to lie flat on the ground, then lean over backwards to kiss the actual spot which is supposed to give you the gift of gab. I already have this gift. Enough said.
This is not me. I have no idea who this poor girl is, but I'm certain she's thinking, "Dear God, please don't let this wee old chap see my boobs." 'Cause that's totally what I'd be thinking. And proof positive as to why I refused to kiss the Blarney Stone. The end.

Whenever The Princess Bride is on television, I obnoxiously remark to anyone who'll listen, "I've been there--to the 'Cliffs of Insanity'--yes, I have." Ah, the Cliffs of Moher. So amazing! Yet still not the fondest recollection of my time spent in the Republic.

Ireland does not mean Waterford crystal, woolen sweaters, Irish linen, or Guinness draught to me. Although I certainly love Waterford, my sweaters & linens, and Guinness, of course. No, on this St. Patrick's Day I can think of only one thing:
Cadbury Flake Pictures, Images and Photos
Praise be! It's Cadbury Flake! My friends, this is the finest chocolate I have ever consumed in my life. Any attempts at describing this delicacy would fail miserably. So please trust me on this, and remember that it's the day my beloved Irish (and the rest of us wannabes*) celebrate Saint Patrick. And I'm all up in here celebrating some chocolate.

This is so me. Amen.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, y'all!

*OK, OK, OK...yes, I do have some Irish in me. For real. Thanks to the Raley side of my heritage. I knew Arnold & Lisa would out me if I didn't admit this.

**Oh, and you MUST listen to Lisa Hannigan. She's Irish, she's fabulous, and she'll be representing on my Pod all day. "Splishy Splashy" and "Lille" are two of my faves.

Friday, March 13, 2009

We Are Family.

Scott's sister and her family are visiting with us for a few days and we are spending every spare minute with them. I'll be back on Monday...and after a weekend surrounded by four gorgeous little girls, I'm certain I'll have plenty of stories to share! Good times...precious memories...for sure!

The youngest and the eldest: Helen (9 months) with her cousin, Libbey (7).

The almost-exactly-1-year-apart-gals, Eliza (2) and my Caroline (3). They are the best of friends. Most of the time.

Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!



Wednesday, March 11, 2009


For the past two days I have spent over 8 hours laboring in my yard. I now hurt. Badly. Just give me a key to the nursing home, because I honestly think that's where I belong. Oh, and I also have a sinus infection. Good times, y'all. But I shant complain...because this morning I watched my favorite commerical of all time. The last 5 seconds make me so very happy:

I totally want to dress my kids up as chicks...and teach Caroline to "bock." Come on, you know it's precious and adorable and cute as pie. It also makes me crave Peanut M&Ms, but that's beside the point.

Yesterday's SITS Spring Fling was a blast! Thanks for all your comment love. I will now ask Random Generator to choose who will be enjoying Jason-love in their own home:

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:

Timestamp: 2009-03-11 12:25:22 UTC

Number five is Amy, from Escape Into My Thoughts!!! Congrats, Amy! I'll send my favorite Jason flick, a beachy Wallflower, and some boogie music your way.

Happy Wednesday, y'all! Mine will be happier after I've had a nap. Seriously.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Randomness

So...Andrea, from Under Grace & Over Coffee, shares random bits of her life each Friday and since I rarely have an original idea of my own, I am playing along. Plus my picture is next to the word "random" in the dictionary. OK, so it's not...but it should be.

Here's a few bits from my world:

I have green toes. Bye-bye shades of plum, navy, and black...it's almost Spring. It's almost St. Patrick's Day. I need green "Lily's Pad" toenails. I now have them. Thank you, Piggy Polish!

Since it's still a tad chilly for baring my Springy toes, I am embracing color with my new Chuck Taylors, in Raspberry and Light Blue. I call it Turquoise, though...'cause that sounds fancier and I am all about the fancy. Chucks instantly up the ante on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt...it's simple fashion, y'all! Chucks also make me feel young. Yes, I am 34...and I'll be sporting my Converse even when I'm 64. And singing The Beatles. (Get it??? Kelly will get it. Happy 34th birthday-a-day-early, Kelly!)

I must thank Kristen, as always, for introducing me to goodreads. It's a book lover's paradise! I made an analogy for it: goodreads is to books what Sephora is to cosmetics. Or, in simple terms, I love it!
goodreads Pictures, Images and Photos

Saturday night I will be squealing like a nine year old, unabashedly. Because we're going to see Watchmen (and dragging our friends, Bill & Kim, with us!) and I have waited many, many years for this epic, graphic novel to premiere on the big screen. My wait is over. I swear, this weekend should be a 3-day holiday as far as Watchmen is concerned. Seriously. Y'all know me and my Sci-Fi.

Are you kidding me? Yes, that's Smashing Pumpkins' operatic "The Beginning is the End is the Beginning" playing in the trailer. Brilliant! Genius! Amazing! Oh, but it makes me so very happy.

Finally...my sweet Caroline has taken to asking, "Have we got enough?" She questions this while we load groceries in the car, when picking up her toys, while feeding Lewis, and when I cut the cornbread I've made for supper. "Mommy, do we have enough?" I tell her, "Yes. We have Jesus. We have each other. We have more than enough." Because it's the truest thing I'll ever impart to these children of mine.

"More than all I want, more than all I need, You are more than enough for me"--Chris Tomlin

Happy weekend, y'all!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"Hello, it's me again..."

Schuyler Fisk's song, "Hello," opens with these words..."Hello, it's me again......I don't know, I guess I felt like checking in..."

I feel like checking in with y'all. These past few days have been so busy, busy, busy. I've had zero opportunity to visit with you...and truly, reading your blogs is just that to me: visiting. Please give me a while to hang out at your "places," see what's new in your lives, and get caught up. I've really missed each of you, and do not like feeling detached.

If it weren't such a trite and corny thing to request, I'd yell, "Group Hug!" right now. Thank God I am not trite and corny. Cheesy, maybe...but never trite!

For now I will leave you with this brilliant quote from my beloved CS Lewis...

...with thanks to this beloved, who brings me true joy and a constant diet of blog fodder. Just being the teensiest bit Irish with you makes me utterly happy.

p.s. Our new DVR receiver arrived today. Scott is attempting to install it now. I ran from the room when, while trying to assist, he exclaimed to me, "Don't look at me with that tone of voice!" Awesome. I love him.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Mixed Emotions.

There is pain, there is agony, and there is the abyss. I am in the abyss, people.

Our HD-DVR receiver broke. Before I could watch the latest episode of my beloved Battlestar Galactica. You know, the Battlestar Galactica that is ending in a mere three short weeks. Ending for good. Did you east coasters hear that wailing lament just before midnight on February 27? Yeah, that was me.

I realize these are difficult times. Sickness. War. The struggling economy. Unemployment. Denise Richards' participation on this season's Dancing With the Stars. Hard times, folks. I do not make light of our country's current situation.

But my current situation is what I'm discussing here. I've lost every episode of this season of Lost. Seriously, my heart just bled a little when I had to type that last sentence. I've also lost every episode of BSG...Fringe...True Blood...Big Love...and countless Scooby movies and the girls' favorite episodes of Max & Ruby.

Please bear with me, as I am still not over it. I will wallow in the abyss of my devastation for a while. Please let me. Please love me. Sigh...
KFC, previously known for the Colonel's secret recipe, will now be famous--to me--for something even bigger and better than fried chicken. While eating there after church last night, my dear, precious, gorgeous, fun, fabulous, and special friend, Kelli, called to tell me, "I got a rock on my finger! I'm getting married!!!" YIPPEE!!! I'm so excited! Congrats, Kelli and Jordan. We will so throw down at your wedding. And you better not serve KFC. I'm just sayin'!

Now I have to contact Chris Harrison and tell him you will not be available for the next season of The Bachelor. ABC will be crushed, because that show truly needs some southwest Virginia representation. Maybe we can get Candace to apply...bwahahahaha!


OK, Random Generator, do your thing:

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:9
Timestamp: 2009-03-02 02:10:12 UTC

Number 9...let's count...

Cara, from Land of Bean!!!!

Congrats to you! And seriously--you deserve this. Because you heard my wailing on Friday night.

Thanks for playing along, everyone. I have another giveaway next week. Something SITSy. Stay tuned...