Friday, February 29, 2008

Yeah, I'm so going there.

Although Scott & I don't need a movie to prove what we've known all our lives, you can bet your bottom dollar we'll be seeing this movie. My belief concerning the origin of the species is sound. And correct. Is yours?
"Everyone has a right to their own's just that yours is stupid..." as quoted by Susan Fitzpatrick (my pastor's wife--rock on, girl!) on her My Space.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Scotty: "JOAN JETT!" Scott: "Yee-haw, I love rock & roll!"

This past weekend we paid a visit to some of our best friends in the world, Scott & Suzanne Nunn, otherwise known as "the doctor who delivered Libbey," and/or "our traveling buddies," as we like to describe them. We met the Nunns in 2000, our first year of medical residency...I liked them immediately because they were from Georgia and I needed that link to my homeland as a newlywed residing in a new state. We became almost-instant friends, which is a blessing during the busy years of resident training. One of their greatest attributes is that they are truly fun folks--hence, our love of traveling with Scott & Suzanne. Let's take a trip down vacation memory lane, shall we?

Our first big trip was to San Francisco in early 2003--we did all the touristy stuff such as going to Alcatraz, riding the street cars, touring Muir Woods, a day trip to several wineries in Napa Valley & Sonoma Valley (which Suzanne and I loved--the boys were ready for the Budweiser tour, though!), Fisherman's Wharf...we hit the high points of the city by the Bay. Here we are posing outside the San Francisco Maritime Museum.

The following summer, after Scotty & Suzanne had both finished their first year in private practice, we all agreed that we were due a tropical trip. So we hopped aboard Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas for a 7 day cruise to the Bahamas, St. Martin, and St. Thomas. We had the most fun, including dancing in the Dragon's Lair (the ship's "disco"), befriending Sutali--the world's greatest bartender, eating way too much pizza, and trips to the hot tub at 4 am. Our favorite time, though, was swimming in Megan's Bay in St. Thomas, one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. pretty much rocked. Oh, and there were lots of naked people there, too...but that just grossed us out. Here we are with our clothes on!

Our most recent trip with the Nunns was this past October, where we spent some very relaxing time in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Both Dr. Litton and Dr. Nunn truly needed a break from the rigors of hospital work, so we heeded the invitation of that commercial from years ago..."Come to Jamaica!" Well, alrighty then! Here's what two doctors on vacation look like:

And just because we could, Suzanne & I took a photo of our cute little feet, inches from the Caribbean sea:

In between all these awesome trips, we find time to visit with Scott & Suzanne at their home in Blairsville, Georgia, or here in Pennington. We've even done a weekend getaway in Gatlinburg. (Who hasn't?) This past weekend's trip was full of what we do best...talking, eating lots of fattening goodies, listening to music (but I still can't get them to appreciate John Mayer--that's OK, for I don't see them converting me to a love of Breaking Benjamin anytime soon!), playing Sequence, and just hanging out. It's great having friends with whom we can just be very chill-like...because sometimes that is the best vacation of all! Here's Scotty & Scott during one of our marathon Sequence matches. (Scott Nunn, are you rolling your eyes right about now?)

As parents of a 6 year old and 2 year old, it's not easy to find time to go away as a couple. A common refrain we hear around here is, "I can't believe y'all go off without your children," and "I could never leave my kids to go on vacation without them!" In all honesty, we are husband & wife first, and parents second. We love traveling with our girls--and we do take vacations as a family. But Scotty & I really embrace our weekend (or sometimes longer!) getaways as a coule. Our marriage requires this time alone together. And we believe we're better parents because of it. And I'll step down from my soapbox now, before I really get started.

So thanks, Nunns, for being our friends and travel buddies. (And thanks, Suzanne, for delivering our firstborn...but that's a whole other story!) We had a blast with y'all this past weekend and can't wait to see y'all in our pool this summer. Libbey is ready for Scott to be her playmate, as usual! We love y'all!
p.s. I've also gotta thank the people who make our travels possible...Papaw Sonny & Mamaw Pinky, Poppy & Nanna, and the Cress family (Papaw Bill, Memaw, and Kristi)...who love our girls so much that we don't have to worry about them for one second while we're gone. There is such peace and gratitude in that, so thanks to all of you. We love y'all, too!!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A new look!

My friend, Beckie, is so awesomely giving and creative. (Check out her blog--she's way cooler than Martha Stewart--and Beckie didn't even do time in the big house!) She offered to pimp my blog, saying, "It didn't represent your fabulousness well enough." So Rebecca Marie--thanks for thinking I'm fabulous, and thanks for making my site look so darn "me." You rock...I love you...and here's your big Lulaville shout-out!
(Picture taken April '07, Gatlinburg, TN)

Thursday, February 21, 2008


It's LOST night, y''s the promo for tonight's episode. I'll be at Bible study 'til 9 pm or so...and I've decided that DVR is the greatest invention in the history of the world. Right next to XM Radio, I do believe. So I'll get my Lost on least once or twice before bedtime!

Some of you have asked, "Since you're so into Lost, why don't you blog about it?" The answer is easy-peasy, y'all...I am indeed obsessed with this show. Obsessed is strong is my love of Lost! Admittedly, though, so much of it is beyond my grasp of explanation. Therefore, I rely on other blogs to keep me filled in and within the loop of island knowledge. Check out my Lost links over to the right--this is where I get all my pertinent info. The go-to Lost bloggers are "e" and Doc Arzt. You should definitely check them out. Meanwhile, I'll continue to rant and rave over my beloved hour of deliciously good television. Sigh...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Climbed up the water spout.

I have a modicum of shame, and to prove it here's me at one of my less-than-finer moments. I hope it makes your day--'cause I know you're laughing.

Anyway, I have no issues telling y'all about my fabulous tub time last night. Those who know and love me (and that list is long, lemme tell ya!) can vouch for my penchant for ridiculously long and hot bubble baths. Long, as in a good hour or more, with the water so hot my skin turns bright pink and the sweat pours. I like to think of it as steam cleaning--and I just know I'm burning calories in the process! The whole scenario is made complete by the presence of a good book--and years ago my darling husband gave me a bath tray that fits across the width of our tub, with a spot to hold my book just so. (Thanks, honey--still one of the best gifts ever!) Add in a drink (usually water--sometimes wine if it's one of those nights), and the sound system tuned to the Jazz channel on XM, and you have my idea of ultimate relaxation. I try to do this at least once a week--sometimes more if time permits--because it makes me happy. Which in turn makes my huband happy, my daughters happy, and so on and so forth. You get the picture. But I hope that picture is not a mental image of me floating in a tub of foam--come on, find a different gutter to get your mind in! Unless the foam is strategically placed to cover all the Playboy parts--then visualize away. Do I look good enough for Playboy in this mental picture? I digress...bubble bath

So...last night I'm doing my bath thing, sweating, relaxing, reading. I'm so into my book that I ignore a feather-light tickling sensation on my left hand. A minute later the tickle is I glance down, expecting to swat an errant bubble, when I find an errant...SPIDER!
Mr. Itsy Bitsy is just crawling away on my person, apparently trying to save himself from a watery demise. This is sad on many levels...the first being how nasty I felt for having a spider near the tub. Yes, I fact, it's my full-time job after motherhood, it seems. Secondly, how long did I have to lie there for Mr. Isty Bitsy to make his way from whence he came to my hand? Finally, in my fervent attempt to kill Mr. Itsy Bitsy (yeah--we do this in our home--flee, PETA people--avert your eyes!), I totally soaked half my book. And that, my friends, is the tragedy in all this. Respect the novel--tame the page. (And if you haven't seen Magnolia, that lame joke is totally lost on you!)

I could go on and on about this little escapade...but it would just be flowery prose, attempts at humor, and my usual lack of brevity. To spare you all, I'll just say that the spider was killed. I remained in the tub. And then I cleaned like crazy...cobwebs be damned! Seriously, though...y'all know this would only happen to me. My life is par for this course. And who has the dignity to regale her dear readers with a tale such as this? ME, ME, ME--of course!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I've no need for Casey Kasem.

As my friend, Kelly, recently pointed out, I am a big fan of lists. I write lists, read lists, keep lists stored on my computer, etc. So when I found this neato wesbsite, finetune, I had to take advantage of my mad list-making skillz. I now present to you 45 of my most favorite songs in the world. Casey may be counting 'em down,(is he still doing this, or just making a living off his "Shaggy" voice?) but I've put mine in no particular order. Enjoy!

The entire list is Here. It really is worthy, if I do say so myself. And I do.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Kiss them...they're Irish!

Arnold, Lisa and Megan Smyth came for a visit this past weekend! They are currently missionaries with CrossWorld, based out of Pennsylvania, and are traveling our great country to raise support for their ministry. I first met Arnold & Lisa over 10 years ago while doing a summer mission internship with CrossWorld (then UFM International) in Cork, Ireland. Lisa's parents, Ernie & Nancy Tromsness, have been in Ireland close to 30 years now, as missionaries. Lisa was a teenager during my time in Ballincolig with her family--so it's really great to see her now as a wife & mother. Our summer team lived with the Tromsness Family on and off during our time there--we gave them a run for their money, for sure.

Arnold is a real Irishman, complete with accent and black socks! Please don't ask him (or Lisa, for that matter) to share any stories about my time on the Emerald Isle...because they have NONE to tell. I promise. All southerners have an easy time adjusting to the culture in the Republic of Ireland. Seriously! My accent posed no problems for the locals, I knew if I wanted my coffee "black or white," and I never once intimated that I wanted to ride on a sheep. ("Ride" meaning something altogether different than it does here. Um...yeah!)

Caroline and Megan are just 1 month apart in they had a great time playing together and only fought...well, all the time! Hey...they're both 2 and haven't mastered the fine art of sharing just yet. Libbey loved hearing Arnold & Lisa's accents (Lisa has one even though she's American--she was born & raised in Ireland), and I'm sure they thought her little country twang was just as cool.

Our church family was blessed to be able to hear Arnold speak in our Sunday evening services. We joked that they wouldn't have cared if he'd read a grocery list--just hearing him talk was a treat for us Lee Countains.

We had a blast with the Smyths during their visit--stayed up way too late talking, ate lots of good food, and had the chance to share a bit of our lives here with them. We loved spending time with them, and hope to see all 4 of them again soon! (Baby Smyth is due in April--and he still has no name!)

My absolute most favorite time while in Ireland was working a summer camp for young kids/teens. Living on a sheep farm, in a tent, with no "loo" (merely a bucket in a barn!) sounded completely unappealing to me at the time. Turns out, I'm a lot tougher than I thought and it proved to be the best experience for me. (Plus I got to drive Arnold's car a lot while there--sitting on the right side, shifting gears with my left hand--yeah, I did that!) We've told Arnold & Lisa that we're coming to camp one summer--and bringing a bunch of hillbillies from Southwest Virginia with us! Wouldn't that be a hoot?!? More precisely, wouldn't that be a blessing?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentimes!

Tragic. Bloody. Beautiful. Still my favorite cinematic love scene of all time. Uncas and Alice...I weep every time. And the score? Quite possibly one of the greatest ever composed for film. Yes, we love Last of the Mohicans. You should, too.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

For Uncle Robbie.

Because you said, "No child of mine will ever eat at McDonald's!" long before you actually became a father, I present to you now...your niece & the following:

Caroline: I wan chicken nuggets, pease!
Me:'s sleeting and we had to brave the post office. You can have nuggets!
The Happy Meal is handed over and we drive away. Two miles from home:

Caroline: Yea! Chicken nuggets!
Yea! Cha-cate milk!
Yea! Fries!
Yea! McDonald's!
Good Job, Mommy!

Me: Precious. Yea, Caroline! I love you! Now you gotta say all of this to Uncle Robbie because you know how he feels about McDonald's!

Caroline: Unca Robbie...yea! I go see Li-zuh! Li-zuh has chicken nuggets!

And scene.
Lizee, baby--you're getting a Happy Meal next time we see you--with love from Aunt Lula & cousin Linus!
(Picture taken Sept. '07, Hilton Head Island, SC)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

For Your Consideration.

My list of musical loves is long & varied...Simon & Garfunkel, Nick Drake, Miles Davis, The Beatles, Carole King, Jackie Wilson, Rita name a mere few. A beautiful voice slays me--especially when it's performing a perfectly written song. "Ghost in This House" is IT. I mean...seriously. If you don't like this song, we can't be friends. Alison Krauss, please be my friend, for I adore you!

Friday, February 8, 2008


This is my rant for the hour. We've had about a decade or so to get really proficient at the e-mail and internet thing. Some of us even have grandmothers who are quite adept at the forwarding of e-jokes and such. (Shout-out to "Nanny Peepot"--also known as Evelyn Philpot--Shannon Williams' grandmother...for those of you who need an introduction!) Heck, these days even children are easily navigating the web. (Shout-out to my nephew, Logan, who is a genius. And I brag because he's mine and I love him.) Insert picture here:
(Libbey & Logan, Georgia Aquarium, June '07)

Young or aged, the fact is most of us have a "lick of sense," as we are fond of saying in the deep south. Why is it, though, that there are still those people who completely believe every forward and/or sob-story they receive via e-mail? Talk about a lack of a lick of sense! Just this morning I received a message informing me that if I pray to God, forward the e-mail to 9 of my closest friends and really believe with all my heart, my phone would ring within 2 minutes. It took 2 seconds to hit the delete button. I pray...I have more than 9 close friends...and I really believe (in Jesus, that is). End of story. Why do ya gotta involve the computer in all this?

People, let's get serious and face facts...neither Bill Gates nor Steve Jobs is standing by waiting for you to forward their "tracking" e-mails so that they can send a nice monetary reward for your efforts. There are thousands of sick children all across the world...can't we just pray for them? That would mean far more than a mere message forward. Applebee's and Macy's aren't giving out free giftcards if you post an ad on your My Space page. And that nice gentleman from Africa who wants to give you a percentage of his fat check if you'll just wire him some money first? He doesn't exist. Except in some tenement complex in Brooklyn, and he's actually a dude named G-Money...and he's smoking a fat doobie that YOU helped fund. Yeesh, people. Wake up and get a clue, please!

So, as I climb down from my enormous soap box, let's just remember to use whatever bit of common sense God has bequeathed. And please don't forward any of these needy e-mails to me. I get tired of hitting delete! Feel free to drop me a line, ask about children, inquire about my health. Or if you're a super-geek, let's discuss the newest Losties...that's a way to warm my heart.
Frank LapidusYES! Jeff Fahey is now on the island as pilot Frank Lapidus. Fahey ROCKS!

And this is all I have for now. The soapbox is empty...climb on board if you wish and rant away.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Yeah, I did this.

And here I always thought I was Charlotte...

No surprise here...after all, he is one of my boyfriends...
and let me go on record by saying that James Marsters quite possibly has the greatest cheekbones it the history of facial features. Huge sigh.

But this one is the best...

Yeah, he's my fella...but who knew I was a con man??? Or a ladies' man, for that matter. I thought for sure I'd be Locke--since I'm a woman of faith, and not of science! Ah, well...

Now I just gotta find some quiz that can match me up with my main man, Jason Statham. Woo-woo. Do I sound like a total fan gal here or what? Heck on the's his deliciousness, just for fun.
jason statham

Monday, February 4, 2008

Proverbs 17:17

Today I was in the middle of telling a random story from my LU years (that's Liberty University, aka "The World's Most Exciting Christian University," according to our late Dr. Falwell...although, how exciting can it be now that we are no longer there?) when I got all misty-eyed and nostalgic for my college buds. I've maintained for the past 12 years that the greatest decision I ever made in this life I've been given--other than accepting Jesus--is trusting God & moving over 500 miles from Warner Robins, Georgia, to Lynchburg, Virginia. Because once He brought me there, He blessed me far beyond my imagination...with the greatest friends in the world, and eventually, with my husband...which then led to my daughters. All roads lead to and from Liberty...
(Me, Beckie, and Kelley--visiting our Alama Mater, Oct. '03)

I am so grateful for the friends I have...some of them, like Tori, Sarah, Lauren, Vicki, and Jennifer, are gals I've known most of my life...they are part of my roots and my heritage. Then there are the ladies here who make Pennington Gap truly my home...Shannon, Cindy, Joy, Kim, Susan, Lacey...I couldn't imagine life without y'all in my neighborhood!

And then there's my LU girls...more specifically, Kaley, Beckie, Sarah and Kelley. We are scattered across the globe...southest Virginia, upstate New York, Indiana, Maine, and Honduras. Thought miles separate, we remain close because of this wonderful invention called the internet, and more importantly, our bond in prayer. These are the girls I turn to in times of crisis...whenever I need intecessory prayer...whenever I have to whine about my latest situation (and they always know who that's about!) the moments when I'm completely broken and battered. They always seem to know just what to say--these are smart women, I tell ya. Their wisdom amazes me. And these are also the girls who keep me focused...encouraging in all things, permitting me to be real and not a plastic version of what I think I ought to be...and basically putting up with a lot of my crap, to put it delicately. I am amazed that God has blessed me with friends such as these...and I really don't deserve them. But I'll keep them just the same!
(October 2003--Our Reunion/Road Trip!)

So here's to you girls, whom I love dearly...Kaley Ehret, Beckie Farrant, Sarah Pomerleau, and Kelley Arevalo. This is your 5 seconds of Lulaville fame (for this post, at least!)...but you all deserve so much more than my simple shout-out. I was just thinking about you today and remembering all our fabulous times. Kaley..."Word!" Beckie...the chaperone for my 1st date with "comfortable" friend...and Kelley...well, for writing smiley faces on your booty with red ink and mooning us at Pizza Hut...and for a million more things. You girls freakin' ROCK. And, hey...Beck...this one's not about LOST! I love y'all!
(Here we are, 12 years later & miles from Liberty University, with 5 husbands and, at the time, 7 children between us. Nicholas is not pictured--but he was there and we love him, so I gotta include his name, at least! Since this picture was taken in April of '07, we've added 2 more children to the mix, with another due in August. Is that awesome or what?)