Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Anything Can Happen On Halloween...

If you've read Lulaville for any amount of time, you know that my most favorite actor in the history of the world is Tim Curry. If you're new to my world of randomness, I'll restate my love:

I adore him.

My very favorite Halloween movie features quite a performance by Mr. Tim Curry...and it's not the role you're thinking of:
Dr. Franknfurter, how I love thee!

Please don't misunderstand--I am crazy over Rocky Horror Picture Show. I own the DVD as well as the CD soundtrack of the movie. I don't get people who don't get RHPS. It's as simple as that. Sorry if I've offended you, but I gotta stay true to myself here. After all, it is my blog.

But that's not what I want to discuss.

My favorite Halloween flick is a little-known gem from the mid-1980's, called The Worst Witch, starring a young Fairuza Balk, Charlotte Rae (of TV's The Facts of Life), Diana Rigg, and beloved Tim Curry.

I describe it as "little known," because nearly every time I mention it--which is always during the Halloween season--invariably the person I'm speaking with will reply, "I have no idea what you're talking about."

TRAVESTY! Utter travesty, y'all!

My brother and I watched The Worst Witch on HBO throughout the 80's, and then on the Disney channel in the early 90's. When it became available on DVD about 10 years ago, we snatched it up as if the DVD case had diamonds embedded in its spine.

This little gem of a movie has terrible special effects, and the acting is not exactly the finest in the world. (Apologizes to the always amazing Diana Rigg, who saves the movie with her subtle yet campy portrayal of Miss Hardbroom.) In fact, the one word I'd use to describe The Worst Witch is cheesy. But it's adorably cheesy. And I love it.

Today, If you have not yet dropped any LSD and need to take an acidic trip, may I present to you now...Tim Curry as The Grand Wizard in the best little movie ever, The Worst Witch:

I've always thought that this musical number embodied what it must have felt like to have been at Woodstock.


Have you seen The Worst Witch? If so, please share your glee with me. If not, please do us both a favor and rent it! Or, share your favorite Halloween film with me. It won't be as cheese-tastic as a movie about a school for young witches, but I'll take your recommendations into consideration.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Tickled Pink.

My Sweet Caroline,

Tomorrow (October 27th) you'll turn 4 years old. I love that you share your birthday with your Great Aunt Mitzi, even if you never did get to meet her. I love that you were born in October, because it's my second most favorite month of the entire year. And I love that you're a little girl...because, like your Mommy, you love pink. And, like your mommy, you're obsessed with breasts.

Yes...breasts. We are not afraid of that word in this family.

We both appreciate a good pair of boobs. And we're not afraid to admit it! For the first year of your life, you really appreciated my set...because that's where you found nutrition, warmth, and comfort.

October is not only your birth month, it is also National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It deeply saddens me that breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women, aside from non-melanoma skin cancer.

I hate cancer. And I hate breast cancer the most of all. Imagine our precious boobs being attacked by the most hateful disease in the world. It really, really stinks.

My prayer is that a cure for all forms of cancer is just a mere breath away. Until that day, know that I'll do my best to educate you and your big sister, so that we'll maintain proper breast health. We gals have to stick together...our breasts are far too important to us. Our lives are far too important to us.

Cancer can suck it. Yeah, Mommy said, "Suck it!"

Happy birthday, my Sweet Caroline. I pray that by your 14th or 24th birthday, breast cancer--and all forms of cancer--will be a thing of the past. October can be National No More Cancer Month. Oh, we'll still wear our pink ribbons...but they'll be on our frilly, fancy brassieres. We've earned such luxury!

I love you,

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hopelessly Devoted To You, Vegas Style!

I'm such an attentive person. When I'm with my friends, I'm completely focused on being in the moment with them.

I took my 100% in-the-moment self to Las Vegas last week, to celebrate SITScation, a gathering of women bloggers who've all been united by The Secret Is In The Sauce. SITS was founded by my two BFFs, Heather & Tiffany, as a way to unite women (and a few men!) by increasing their blog traffic, encouraging comments, and providing tons of new sites for the SITStas to read.

Having been a SITSta for the past year and a half, I was so excited to finally have the chance to meet ladies I have "known" for most of my entire blogging career. I mean, meet them in person. That's a Very Big Deal, ya know? I was determined to devote myself to spending hours in conversation with these ladies I've "known," yet have never met "in real life."

So Scott and I headed off to Vegas. Where I met..."Lolli" from Better In Bulk and Laurie from Tip Junkie, two of the most lovely women in the world.
Oh, look...there's me--in the background--with the famous blog designer,
Julie, from LeeLou Blogs!
Look at how I'm utterly devoted to conversing with
sweet, precious Julie. (Whom I really, truly adore!)

I didn't take this picture of Michael & Katrina...
but so many of us prayed for Michael during his brain surgery back in the winter... I'm happy to have this picture of my "in real life" friend & her healthy husband!
Yes, this is the famous "Kat" from Sunshine & Lemonade!
I was all, "Dude--I see you all the time!"
Therefore, I didn't find it necessary to hang with her 24/7 while in Vegas..
See my devotion?
(Kat, you love me...right?)

I also did not take this picture...
...of my too-fabulous-for-words heels.
Which were comfortable, but not on the dance floor!
Not only am I devoted to my pals, I clearly take great care of my camera.
It never left my side for one moment.
More moments!

What better way to celebrate your birthday than in Las Vegas!
Shannon of Welcome to the Nuthouse, wore her birthday crown rather regally.
She's yet another "in real life" friend, whom I talk to regularly... I was all, "Love, take my camera!"
Actually, I didn't tell her to take my camera. She (and others!) just did.
'Cause that's how we roll.
Oh, but that gal throwing up the peace sign?
MY STARS! It's ELENA, from Manwaring Moments!
Can I tell you how excited I was to finally meet Elena in person?
And how thrilled I was to sit in her presence...for all of half an hour.
Sigh...our time together was too brief.
She had no qualms about capturing precious memories with my camera.
The one I left behind. Because I'm so attentive. Ahem.

And here we have Francesca, of Mayhem & Moxie,
and Kathy, of Mama's Losin' It.
Yes, both are very famous girls, with whom I was honored
to speak with on the SITS panel during Saturday's sessions.
These are two of my favorite people in the world.
Look at them posing...smiling for the SITStas...
And then there's me...good ol' Lula...
rummaging through my purse.
While sitting in front of a room full of people.
Yep...hopelessly devoted to the task at hand. No doubt.

Truly, my devotion during SITScation was never more evident than
when my beloved Angie, of Seven Clown Circus,
was pouring her heart out during our panel discussion.
Angie--she of gorgeous hair, face, body, et. al--even posted
(Please ignore the fact that I have 19 chins in this picture.)
"But I was Twittering!" I wailed to Angie.
"Um...yeah...your phone is sitting in front of you!' she countered.
But then I realied...
Yes, there I front of 100 women...praying my little heart out...
"Dear God, please bless my sweet friend, Angie...and help me
to not covet her most beautiful red hair!"

The SITS Panel.
Also known as, "Dude, I am so not qualified to be at this table!"
This is where I started singing
that Sesame Street classic...
"One of these things does not belong here,
one of these things is not the same..."
And I still have my hands in my purse.
Francesca, Tiffany, Kathy, Me, Angie, and Heather
What saddens me more than anything is that
I didn't get a single picture of me, Tiffany, and Heather together...
...the entire weekend. (Thank God we had our cruise vacay last month!)
Because obviously, I was too busy being devoted to
everyone else attending SITScation.
All while praying...without ceasing.

Oh, but you're welcome, girls...

Monday, October 19, 2009

My Phone Went to Sin City.

We've just returned from five days in Las Vegas! I know y'all want to hear about Sitscation '09, and I have so much to tell (it was amazing!).

Before I fill you in on all the delicious dirt regarding some of your favorite bloggy peeps, please allow me to share a few of the pictures I captured with my BlackBerry while in Vegas. Because honestly, I take photos of the most random stuff in the world. Even in Vegas. Ask Bekah...she'll confirm. (But she won't tell about all the secret pics we send to each other. Will you, Bek?)

Me: Honey, pose by that Roman statue.
Scott: Uh...seriously?
Me: Yes! You are hotter than a Roman statue!
Scott: HARDER?
Me: You perv, I said "hotter."
Scott: But "harder" is applicable, too.
I love him. And his Caesar-esque hair did.

Thank you, delicious crab of the sea,
who died to provide this fantastic meal for me.
And thank you, Joe's Stone Crab, for preparing said dead crab for me.
It was a foodgasm. The end.

Here's a transcript of the text that accompanied this picture:
Me: LAUREN! Look! I gasped! Audibly!
Lauren: That was designed for me, clearly.
(Because yes, I photograph lingerie in Macy's, so my friends can
share in the glee of a perfect find. That is not at all creepy.)

Heather gifted me with this hat.
It is the best hat in the history of the world,
and I defy you to try and prove otherwise.
Best. Hat. Ever.
Not only does our other BFF, Tiffany, have this chapeau (with a magenta fleur-di-lis),
Lafayette was also wearing one in the season 2 finale of True Blood.
Is all I can say. And thanks, Heather. I love you!

Gambling doesn't pay.
Not when The Venetian gives you $25 with which to play.
Not when you hit $111.85 on the penny slots.
Don't gamble, kids. Nothing good can come of it.

The Bloody Mary...the perfect breakfast drink.
Look at all those veggies...vitamins...minerals...'s the meal of champions.
I'm a champion. Obviously.

more Twilight-related lameness...
"Get Bitten...Be Transformed."
Gee, DuWop...
I really don't want to look like a pasty-faced crackwhore.
But thanks for another marketing ploy to further cheapen a beautiful love story.
Yeah Summit, I'm looking at YOU!

If you are ever in Las Vegas & begin to jones for good Mexican,
get thyself to Dos Caminos in The Palazzo.
And then get the grilled shrimp quesadilla.
Oh, hey there! Best food of my life. y'all don't take pics of your food?
Nikki & I do it all the time.
Pretty soon we'll have a coffee table book, titled,
Delicious Finds for the Food Connoisseur
Or, more simply put,
Our Meals. We Rule.
(On bookshelves, Summer 2010.)

More Vegas adventures to come...right now I have to watch Gossip Girl. Y'all know how I feel about my Mother Chucker.
chuck bass Pictures, Images and Photos
He would own Vegas. Swoon!

Monday, October 12, 2009


"I've been thinking of changing my never stays the same for long..."

Last week I took a break. It started off as unintended. Sunday passed and I realized I hadn't been on the internet...not one time. No Twitter. No blogs. No recaps of Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, Glee, Mad Men, Dollhouse, or FlashForward. I didn't "window shop" at Forever 21 or Bloomingdale's, nor did I "for real" shop online for Christmas gifts. No perusing of my favorite music websites. No absorbing current events. (And by current events, I mean the world of Entertainment Weekly, E! online, and People.)

Afternoon rolled around last Monday and I'd still not spent any time on Elliott. (That's my beloved Macbook Pro's name, for the uninitiated.)

Wow! I actually can survive without the internet for a couple of days.

This spurred me on. I decided to forgo the intrawebs for a solid week.
With the exception of (Caroline loves working on her letters & I refuse to take that away from her!) and Lauren's Vampire Diaries recap last Friday. (She quoted me in her post--I had to read it! If you're a fan of the show, you must read Lauren's analysis of each episode--you'll pee yourself with laughter. I kid you not.)

"But of all the things I know for sure...You're the only certain one..."
Tuesday morning I spent my "free" hours painting with Caroline. I called my aunt in Mississippi for a nice chat. We--Caroline and I--dusted lampshades, baseboards, and bookshelves. When it was her nap time, I cleaned out closets. Organized closets. Stored away Libbey's too-little clothing, which Caroline will wear in a couple of years. And I de-limed our faucets.

Seriously. Lime-Away is a powerful cleaning product.

Tuesday afternoon found us decorating picture frames and eating pizza with Libbey's two best friends, who came home with us after school. It was good times.

On Wednesday Caroline and I had a dance party in the living room. Libbey and I played tackle tickle. The three of us watched The Great Pumpkin (we love Linus!).

During Thursday's nap time, I cleaned my kitchen and bathroom, all while having the best chat with Heather K. If you've never cleaned while chatting with one of your best girlfriends, then you're truly missing out. It makes cleaning fun. Kind of!

By Friday, my week of no internet, specifically Twitter, was enjoyable.

Yes, I said that.

And yes, I missed my Twitter buddies, and reading the blogs of all my favorite people. But honestly, I'd spent so much quality time with my children, and my house was pretty cleaned and organized. Hallelujah! I felt so accomplished. That's a really good feeling, too.

More than anything, though, my evenings were free. I'm not on the internet during the day nearly as much as I am after the girls go to bed. That's "me time." My "free time." Because my mothering duties are put on hold for a good 11 hours or so.

"See, I'd apologize my way to You...if the heavens stretched that far..."
But what about my "wife time?" Scott is neglected in the evenings, I'll admit it. He does his thing on his computer or on Xbox Live, while I spend hours Twitting or blogging away. It's never been an issue...until we both realized we'd been really missing out on our evening hours of being husband and wife. Oh sure, we take regular date nights. But that's just once a week.

Sans internet, though, we talked. I mean, we really talked. We watched the Generation Kill miniseries. We cuddled. We had a lot

"Cause if I add, if I subtract, if I give it all, try to take some back...
I've forgotten the freedom that comes from the fact...that You are the sum..."
Finally, and most importantly, I spent last week thinking of things that are true...honest...just...pure...and lovely. (Philippians 4:8) I had many talks with God. I also listened a lot. And for this, I am a better wife, mother, daughter, and friend.

My internet break was just what I needed. Little things added up to one big sum, and I knew I needed to recalculate some priorities in my life.

It's been over a week now and I feel better. I am better. And I'm happy to be back.
"When the years are showing on my face and my strongest days are gone,
when my heart and flesh depart this place, from a life that's sung Your song...
You'll still be the one I want..."


They clean up pretty nicely, huh?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just a little bit of...

...Tuesday inspiration...

"We may not be able to accomplish everything we can dream,
but we will not accomplish anything without our dreams."
--Erwin Raphael McManus

Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fixated On My Fetish.

It's that time of year again...
...when my eyes turn toward the most sensual of fruits:
Yeah, I said "sensual." Pumpkins are sensuous! I find great delight in the partaking of pumpkin. Especially when it has been enhanced with cinnamon. Or whipped cream. Yum.

And really, it's my fetish. I'm kind of obsessed with the warmly-hued orb. It speaks of Autumn, cooler weather, holidays, and childhood memories.
Sally & Linus...'nuff said!

'Round here, we enjoy every aspect of the pumpkin. Especially the seeds! I've only toasted pumpkin seeds every other day for the past 2 weeks. A little butter, worcestershire sauce, garlic & onion powder, and about 7 minutes in a 375 degree oven=savory goodness!

Every fall I break out the pumpkin-scented cleansing agents. Because they make me happy.

This year, I'm thrilled to report that my lips will receive the same luscious treatment as my body...there is no such thing as pumpkin overload. Ever.

I rejoice when Starbucks resumes the creation of my most favorite latte in the wide world. My first pumpkin spice this season was in the Charlotte airport last month. I audibly gasped when I saw the sign: "IT'S BACK!" I ordered mine (grande) and sat down to read more of Suzanne Collins' Catching Fire. Truly, it was one of the highlights of 2009 for me, thus far.

I have a recipe for homemade pumpkin pancakes...but flapjacks are for Saturday mornings, and I'm lazy on Saturday mornings. It's an American birthright to be lazy on the weekend. Thank you, Stonewall Kitchen, for making this fantastic mix available. I just add lots of cinnamon (always!) to my batter, and top the finished product with whipped cream. It's an ambrosial experience.

Currently being used in my home right now, and worth every single penny. This candle enhances my mood, which benefits our entire family and ups our happiness factor exponentially. Therefore...worth every single penny.

Fall is my most favorite season, due in part to my beloved pumpkin. It makes me so, so happy. Have you ever had pumpkin crisp for breakfast? Oh. My. Stars. Divine! Please do yourself a favor and make the pumpkin crisp already!