Monday, May 10, 2010

Nickelodeon Vampire

I love Rachelle Lefevre's gorgeous red mane:
I thought she did a fine job portraying evil, nomadic vampire Victoria (as shown in the above photo) in the screen versions of Twilight and New Moon. If you're planning to see Eclipse next month, know that Victoria has a new face (and much less lustrous hair), as Ms. Lefevre was fired by the suits at Summit Entertainment and replaced by Opie Taylor's daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard. Sad.

I'm willing to give Richie Cunningham's daughter a fair chance, however, but only because Rachelle Lefevre has found an even bigger audience than the Twilight crowd:

The Fresh Beat Band!
We love us some Fresh Beats*.
And cropped leggings.

She's going by the name "Marina" on this half hour of song, dance, and zany fun for kids and adults, but she can't fool me. Marina is really Rachelle Lefevre.

And...check it...she got Marissa Tomei ("Kiki") to join in the good times, as well as Don Cheadle's younger brother ("Shout"), and some white guy ("Twist").

I love a great comeback.

*No, that's not really Rachelle Lefevre playing Marina. But I do think that's really Marissa Tomei. Is all I'm sayin'.


Live.Love.Eat said...

OMG!!!!!!!!! You really had me there. I have seen that show and all I can say is thank goodness Tristan has no interest because I can't stomach the white guy and his over dramatic faces while he dances.

True though, it is wholesome fun.

Melissa said...

Seeing the preview for Eclipse and not seeing Rachel was (even thought I knew it was coming) a huge letdown. It's kind of like when they replaced Bo on Days. What the heck were they thinking? There is only one Bo and there is only one Victoria.

Caroline said...

The Fresh Beats are a little too fresh for me to stomach...bleh. However, you hit the nail on the head with Marissa Tomei as Kiki. Brilliant. And the Don Cheadle comment about made me pee...and then there's Twist.

PS. Anytime the "Stomp the House" song comes on and Adam is within earshot he stops whatever he's doing and comes running to watch the video. Its his favorite song. If the Fresh Beats ever come around, I'm totally taking him to a concert, just for that song.

Sissy said...

I watched an old episode of Bones the other day and Rachel was a public defender or something on the show. She was so nice and sweet, and wearing a suit!

suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter said...

i'm gonna miss her as victoria, too. she was on "what about brian"--that was a good show, while it lasted.

angie said...

You totally had my jaw dropping.

Did Rachelle really get fired? Why?

Kim said...

I'm behind on your blogs! I have said from the beginning, KiKi is Marissa Tomei! I keep looking at her trying to figure out if it could be her daughter!

Anonymous said...

I am STILL upset that Rachelle Lefevre isn't going to be in Eclipse. I thought she played her really well. *sigh* Dallas Bryce Howard just doesn't quite cut it.