Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Children Are Bored On Sundays.

There's nothing I don't love about this:

I love this pairing. These two people.

I love Shirley Manson and her red hair.
I love Elijah Wood.

I love that Shirley is almost forty-four years old. Yes, I said 44.
Elijah is twenty-nine.

I love this song, entitled "Just You And Me," by Zee Avi.

I love golf balls.
I love Oliver Peoples eyewear. Who knew lenses could be so sexy?

I love every frock Shirley wears.
Look at Elijah rocking a skinny tie. And a bow tie.

We are big Garbage fans in this family.
We are big Lord of the Rings fans, as well.

I want to go on a picnic.
I long to drink champagne while in my pool. In a dress.
I probably need a zebra skin for my dining room table, as well.

I love the Stepford quality of this video.

Clearly, I love it all. it with me.