Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Cautionary Tale. You Dig?

Have y'all heard about the mommy blogger who was alerted that a picture of her baby was posted on Craigslist?  In an ad for adoption?   Apparently the offending poster was running a scam and stole the mother's picture of her son off her own blog.

Yeah.  Frightening.  Right about now, we mothers are shaking in our boots, and rightly so.

Of course I learned of this story last Friday, while traveling to the airport with my husband...who immediately said, "That's it!  No more pictures of the girls on Lulaville!"  He also reminded me, "You know that if someone messes with either of our girls, I'll be calling you from jail.  'Cause I'll shoot first and make my one phone call later."  I reminded him to call George, our lawyer, rather than me.  Why waste it on someone who cannot help and will only cry and slobber and thank Jesus for a husband & his license to carry a weapon?  A husband who is not afraid to use said weapon, that is.  Amen.

But seriously?  No images of the girls on my blog?

 That means I cannot post about our fabulous trip to Mt. Airy, NC, also known as Mayberry.  (We only took 200 pictures.  In 2 days.  What terrible parents we are.)  Nor can I tell y'all about the Kelsey's visit.  Heather & her brood stayed with us for a few days and a fine time was had by all, including pedicures for the girls (sans Caroline--awww!), lots of food and drink, and a couple of quality hours of delicious vampire television for me and Heather.  Good, good times.  Which you'll have to trust me on...as I cannot share the photographic evidence.

No pictures means I can't show y'all my sweet Libbey's toothless smile...last week she lost 3 teeth!  Nor can I share about Caroline's way chic new hair "did."  The child is just a couple of months shy of her 4th birthday, yet the fab hair belies her age.

No photographs of the Litton girls on Lulaville?  OK.  We'll see how long that edict stands.  Ahem.

What can I share with y'all?  How 'bout all that's currently diggable in my universe?   Let's see...

Dear AMC,
Thank you for bringing back Mad Men in less than two weeks.
I've missed my ad men, specifically one Donald Draper.  Sigh...
(Joan Holloway...I love you.  Thank you for being my style icon.)
Love, Lula

(That's Joanie in the amazing emerald dress.)

If you're not watching Being Human on BBC-America, you're missing out.
Big time.
Hello!  It's about a hot vampire (Mitchell),
an adorkable werewolf (George),
and a cute-but-confused ghost (Annie).
All living together as flatmates in Bristol, England.
It's my new favorite show!
It's spooky but funny, combined with mysterious drama, and 
that snarky, sly British humor I love so much.  
Go watch Being Human.  Thank me later.

It's David Tennant's last season as The Doctor.
Mourn with me, as I'll likely never recover.
But do still love him with Donna Noble.
She's my favorite companion thus far.
(And she's ginger, and y'all know how I feel about the gingers!)

I love Band of Skulls.
baby darling doll face honey is so brilliant.
The bassist is female!  
(She shares vocal duties with the lead guitarist.)
Pretty much listen to this album all day long, so I highly recommend it.

("Blood" is my fave song.  No, wait..."Dull Gold Heart."  Or maybe "Honest...")

I'm also wearing this one out a bunch:
"My Boy Builds Coffins" is an amazing song title...and an amazing song, at that.
Love me some Florence.

It's now less than a month till September 1...
I've been waiting almost a year...
The sequel to The Hunger Games...
CATCHING FIRE by Suzanne Collins.

Remember how this time last year I was all, 
"Oh, you gotta read Twilight...yadda-yadda-yadda..."
OK, so forget that.  
I mean, I love Twilight and all...I still do.
But I looooooove The Hunger Games.  More than Twilight.
GASP!  I know, but it's true.
I'm so over-the-moon excited to read Catching Fire.
Go read it.  You will not be disappointed.

I want to know what's diggable in your world right now.  Please, do share.  Since I shared my current loves.  And since I can't share my forever loves.  Maybe I'll get Lizzy to draw some of her famous stick figure pictures for me...


tori said...

In all honesty, if you're going to put a picture of your girls on your blog, you really should watermark the picture... right through the middle. Or at least up around their faces so that it can't be cropped out easily. I always put my blog address on mine (I don't share my last name or specifics of where I live on my blog), so if one of my pictures is stolen, it'll show my blog address as where it originated. It's still not going to necessarily keep people from stealing them, but if I saw a picture with a web address through the middle on an adoption page somewhere, I'd be a bit more wary about it.... kwim? Anyway... if you don't share pictures here, you'll most definitely have to share them on facebook! :)

Kristina P. said...

I need to start watching Mad Men, as I've been told.

Live.Love.Eat said...

OMG! I am so glad I can rely on you to know what's coming out. I can't wait for Catching Fire as you did get me into Hunger Games last year. Didn't love it more than Twilight but that's ok.

Your last few weeks sounds great but please tell Scott we NEED to see pics. (Secretly, I understand though)

As for what's going on here: super excited my son has his 1st swimming lesson tonight at our house. He also will be starting Bible school for the 1st time, the day before he starts kindergarten, in a few weeks. And I am planning his 6th Bday for Sept. Hey, they say we're as as good as our kids, right?! MISS YA!

Bekah said...

i hate that idea.

hate it.

i want pictures back NOW

sassy stephanie said...

I'm anxiously awaiting the new book too!

Your convo about shoot and call later sounds like ours! LOL

Sweetie tells me he prays "God, please let nothing happen to my kids. Sassy would not make a very good single mother."

jori-o said...

Re: thie pics---I know there's a way to make it so that if anyone tries to copy an image from your blog, a warning pops up that prevents them from swiping the image. I'll investigate and keep you posted.

AND have you read the Gregor the Overlander series by Suzanne Collins? Jeff and M have been WAY into it, and we just realized this past week that the author is the Hunger Games author. Haven't read them yet myself, but like I said, the boys are devouring them.

Heather said...

We haven't had the big "no pictures" talk yet, but you know how PB feels about shooting first. He's a big fan.

I was just blogging about how I need a good book to read. Nothing is keeping me too interested lately.

We will read Catching Fire whilst in "Heaven" in between dips in the pool and endless trips to the buffet.

Off to listen to music.

Elena said...

Ugghhh...hadn't heard that craigslist story. No funny...at all!

And I can't wait for Catching Fire to come out either! Hope it's as good as the first book.

Kat said...

I cannot wait for Catching Fire. Or Fire (the Graceling sequel). And I just finished reading "Wings" by Aprilynne Pike. Have you read that one??

Kim said...

Okay! That is horrible! I need to see Mayberry pics, so you need to get them on Kodak! Love you!

Brandy said...

Lula, you are my hero. You're always "in the know" and you always share the goodies with us. {bowing to your amazing-ness}

Catching Fire is at the top of my list...I can't wait to see which boy she chooses...or none at all. Hmmm....

Tony C said...

Lula dear...with all of the blogs, social media sites, open Flickr accounts and so on, what are the chances you become a target because of pictures on your blog? You'll get struck by lightning first.

Please don't let a nut-job or two send you into DefCon 2. Be careful with what information you post and things will be fine.

Have you been listening to talk radio again?

Me...I'm digging on some season ripe, seedless watermelons and homegrown tomatoes! Us fat guys are easy to make happy this time of year.

Jen said...

I think that I need to get on this Hunger Games parade. You were right about Twilight.

As for the pictures, please show them, please.

CaraBee said...

I agree with Tony, while I can understand not posting maybe suggestive photos (which you wouldn't anyway, because COME ON) but what is the real danger here? The picture used as a fake adoption thing was in no way a danger to the child. They were probably thousands of miles away. I think it is always good to use some discretion, but don't crawl into a hole from fear. Me? I post damn near everything, so obviously I'm not too worried.

I listened to the whole Florence and the Machine album on Napster last night and I LOVE it. Like, they may be my new favorite band.

I don't have any great literary suggestions right now. I'm working my way through several fairy tale retellings by Robin McKinley that are okay. Not bad, but not the best things ever. I have a LONG list of to-reads, though, so maybe some of them will be winners.

CaraBee said...

PS - We finally got around to watching Being Human and you were absolutely right. It is awesome. I totally have a crush on the vampire. As usual.

Lauren said...

I'm with Bekah...I hate that idea. Tell Scott we will talk it through. Some sort of agreement must be made :)

Your style icon is hot!

I feel priveleged that I knew all about your happenings, BEFORE this post.


Heather said...

Has Scott recovered from the visit of the Kelsey's yet?

Sharing his man room and all. I'm sure it was a bit traumatic :)

A post without pictures? Won't be happening over at This is the Day. I couldn't stand it.

I still haven't watched the last episode of Being Human. 'Cause I was all Being Working. For the last four freakin nights.

Yay for Catching Fire! Can not wait. As usual, thanks for the book recs. You rock.

Connie Weiss said...

I worry....and my hubby worries more about posting pictures of the kids on my blog.

I don't like to live being scared of what could happen...

greedygrace said...

I loved The Hunger Games! I'm excited for the sequel, too.

If you want to post pictures, why don't you put a "watermark" on them that has your blog address, so no one will be able to use them as their own?

My hubby is very worried about the amount of information I share on my blog, too!

Shannon said...

Sheesh, I was thinking of doing this exact post.

Well, minus the Craisglist scandal and edict from an angry husband.

But the "currently making me happy" part... I was even going to title the post, "Can You Dig It?"


Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

I preordered Catching Fire from Amazon about a week ago. I am so freaking excited. I also preordered the next book in the Outlander series but I know you don't like them so I won't try to pitch them to you.

I really want to watch the new awesomeness on BBC America but I don't have cable....gasp! I know right. So for now I am watching all the episodes from the beginning of "Dead Like Me" on hulu. Because it cracks me up. And it is demented. A little like me.

the end.

Amy said...

I love your favorites days. I am going to try and DVR that Being Human show and heading over to Itunes right now. Here are a couple songs I have been listening to: Time of Times-Badly Drawn Boy, Here to There-Sonya Kitchell and some Goat, I love his voice. The only tv I can recommend is Weeds and that's old news. It's all I watch. xoxo

Marrdy said...

I believe we may be married to the same man without the gun. My hubby freaked out when we heard about this story. BUT it's not like she could really sell the baby, she jsut stole the picture. I am trying to justify blogging with pictures. Take a picture of just the teeth and of the back of the head. We can still oohh and aahh!!!

THE Stephanie said...

I'm not scared easily (but maybe I should be), but how about you start watermarking your pics? That way is someone tries to take them, they'd get your watermark as well, making them unusable.

Also, there is a way you can lock your pics so that no one can right-click and "save as".

Mama Dawg said...

Call me not really retro but not really with the current stuff, but I'm currently watching Smallville. I've gotten through the first two season (for some reason, I had to quit watching after season 2 when it was on TV) and I can not WAIT til it's time for my mommy time so I can watch episode after episode. Could be the reason I'm so tired lately!

Tiffany said...

Okay, I am not sure I understand the outrage about the picture.

Um, I would be more concerned about the people who I see in real life.

Like when you take your kids to the grocery store or the park.

Is it weird that the picture showed up?


Is it dangerous?

Not unless then picture came with their address.

Maybe it's just me.

Anyone on the street can take a picture of your kid and you would have no idea.

Can't wait to read!!!!

Reading Mom said...

My husband has lots of friends in federal law enforcement and spend time on crimes against children. They have implored me to keep things VERY private about our kids on my blog. No names, and not even any pictures. Check out my posting from today about how I finally came to my senses.

a H.I.T. said...

Being Human sounds like such fun! I'm definitely going to search it out and add to my DVR.

Vicki said...

What I dig:
Living close to DC.
Running in my new neighborhood.
iMapMyRun while running in my neighborhood.
My new Mac.
Tammy Bruce, Glenn Beck and Dennis Prager.
Project Runway (which starts 20 Aug, but we don't have tv so I'll have to watch in on YouTube).
Speaking of YouTube I dig the Arlington Rap video and the Ice Cream and Cake song (watch them now).
The Mexican/Salvadoran restaurant down the street. Yes ma'am.


Wow, what a great blog! So happy I found it via twitter! I LOVE "Mad Men" and especially "Being Human" What a season finale! Can not wait for season 2!!! Completely in agreement...those are fab shows and everyone should be watching. Happy SITS day too! :)