Friday, August 7, 2009

Go Ahead, Be Offended...

One of my favorite people in the world, Lauren, has this semi-regular feature over at her marvelous blog where she discusses the things she despises.  Things that the general population usually fawns over.  Lauren is brave, bold, and not afraid to be original.  

I so love that about her.

Over the past few weeks I keep seeing a particular topic discussed on Twitter.  A particular television show.  A show that I do not watch.  A show I've never watched, in fact.  It started me pondering about things not high on my "Oh my stars, I love this!" list.

So with Lauren's permission, I give you my first ever list of things that I consider lamespice.*

Here we go...

My Twitter pals are constantly going on and on about SYTYCD.
Until 2 nights ago, I had no idea what those initials stood for.  No lie!
My pal, Nikki, sent a text, stating, "At a taping for SYTYCD!!!"
I was all, "What's that?"
Nikki, I'm certain, wanted to break up with me on the spot.
Our bond is still intact, thankfully.
Seriously...I've never seen this show.  It's probably good. 
Or maybe it's completely lamespice.  
(Brooke, don't break up with me.)

I'm probably in the 5% of the population who could care less about 
Adam Lambert.
It has nothing to do with his sexual orientation.
Nor his style.  (I dig the guyliner and leather, always!)
Please understand that I know most of y'all love him.
But he murdered Tears For Fears' "Mad World" 
and people peed their britches thinking that was the best shiz ever. was TERRIBLE!
It pains me to say that, because some of my BFFs totally love Adam.  (I know, Heather.  I know.)
I'm sure he's a nice guy.  But I will never forgive him for ruining
one of my most favorite songs in the history of ever. ** 

This might make me unAmerican, but I'm gonna put it out there.
I don't like dogs.
Yours may be cute and precious and lovable and sweet, 
and that's all well and good.
But the fact is:  dogs smell.  
The end.
(Yes, I am a cat person.  Get over it.)

The Hills...
Really?  Seriously?  
Not for me. 
Plus, this Rolling Stone cover further proves my point
that Rolling Stone has ceased to be a 
relevant source of music information.
Yeah, I said that. 
But The Hills?
Who cares if they hate each other?  'Cause I supremely dislike them!

Cupcakes are all the rage now.
They're like...trendy and uber cool.
Yeah, they're sweet and fit perfectly in your hand.
But so do baby chicks, and I'm not singing their praises, either.
I'm just not a huge cake fan.
Now...chips and salsa...yep, that's what I'm talkin' about.
Give me the salty over the sweet.  Anyday!
(Bekah, I love you.  Please don't break up with me.)

I'm just sayin', y'all.  Different strokes for different folks.  That's what makes the world go 'round!

*If you see the term "Lamespice" across the intrawebs, please note that Lauren invented that word.  She should totally copyright it.  It's such a brilliant phrase...I use it frequently.  Thanks, Lauren!  

**Tears for Fears originally recorded "Mad World."  But Gary Jules' version stole my heart.  It's literally in my top 5 of most favorite songs in the wide world.  Not only is it hauntingly beautiful, the video is perfection. Check it out:


greedygrace said...

I agree with almost all of this. Especially the dogs. Dogs are so stinkin' dumb.

(I do love a good cupcake though!)

Katie said...

I love this feature on Lauren's blog and I love your version, too! I am glad you like the Gary Jules version of Mad World. I'm totally ok with you not liking Adam (I myself have never watched Idol so he's not really a blip on my radar) but I love the Gary Jules rendition.

I am a bit ashamed because I was exactly like you when it came to SYTYCD (and seriously, pick a show title with a less difficult acronym please!) but last week I lost my SYTYCD v-card when a friend came to town and insisted we watch. I ended up watching the finale tonight because I was mildly interested and had seen a few amazing dances online. I was really happy with the person who won. I guess the verdict is it's not completely lamespice but I'm definitely joining the "fad" late in the game.

Amy said...

I've never seen the show with all the initials or Hills for that matter. Adam, neither like or dislike, just kinda there for me. I think for me rather than disliking things its more indifference. I will be the most unpopular of all and tell you that although of course my children are my world and I love them fiercely, babies in general just don't do it for me. Indifferent about them and you're right, dogs totally smell. I do love them but once mine go... ;)

Jen said...

Oh how my love for you grows. I don't really like dogs either. I agree, they stink.

And I think that I will now have some chips and salsa for breakfast. Yum Yum.

Amy said...

I agree with you on all points...EXCEPT FOR MY BOYFRIEND ADAM....OMG! I AM GOING TO TURN HIM STRAIGHT! Yes, I am :)

Caroline said...

You and I agree on several things, namely Adam Lambert and the Hills. I like dogs and I have the sweetest and non-stinkiest dog on the planet, and I do happen to love a good cupcake now and then but I'd had to eat some chips and salsa before or after it to counteract the sweet.

And lamespice...that's just funny. Wasn't there a Spice Girl named Lame Spice? Oh wait, it was all of them! hahahahahaha...

Miss you woman. I'll try to call you soon.

Nancy Face said...

What the lamespiceness?!

I won't watch SYTYCD...ever.

I couldn't care less about Adam Lambert.

Kris Face likes dogs. I DON' mama and I have both been attacked and bitten by stinkin' dogs! Every time the Hubby Man talks about getting a dog I manage to talk him out of it by stating (truthfully) that I won't have anything to do with the stinkin' beast! But I don't like cats, either...don't be hatin'! I'm a bird and fish kind of girl! :)

Who the heck are The Hills? And why did they forget to put on pants or sumpthin'?

I'm WAY too much of a sweets lover, but cupcakes are highly overrated! If there's one sitting in front of me, I'll probably wipe off the sicknast frosting and devour the plain cake, but I would NEVER go out and buy one!

k BYE!

THE Stephanie said...

I have to agree with you on SYTYCD. I'm also not into Dancing With the Stars. Just simply don't get the attraction.

And I love reading Lauren's lists... they always crack me up!!

Anonymous said...

These are pretty funny! :)

I don't actually know who that Adam person is. I've never watched the Hills and have no idea/don't really care what they're doing. Maybe I live under a rock. (Plus any magazine that says "OMG!" I automatically sort into the category for tweens and young teenagers = waste of my time.)

Brandy said...

I never liked Adam. Never, never, never. (In fact I did a post on my intense dislike of him.) But I do watch SYTYCD and love it.

And come on, cupcakes? Really? Like heaven in a small package. Although I'm a big fan of sweet AND salty in the same package...nom nom nom.

Still ♥ you though.

Heather said...

Well, you already know I love dogs. And I'm not all that hip on music, other than what I already know I love...

But I'm with you on Adam and sytycd; i'm not a reality tv person AT ALL. The only thing I do watch these days is Trueblood, Being Human, and CSI. When I'm not busy reading, that is.

I love that you have guts to post what YOU love, even if it's not popular.

Abby said...

I totally agree with the cupcakes thing! (sorry, Bekah) What IS IT about them that all of a sudden they are all the rage? I guess it's because they are small (well, some of them) and can be made to be cute. But.... cupcakes have existed for like a bazillion years, so why now?

I've never seen SYTYCD either! And the Hills... I scowl with my judgment eyes over people who watch that show. :)

And yes, cats are sooo much better than stinky dogs. Cats can clean themselves!

Melissa said...

While we don't have EVERYthing in common, I have to say, I agree with you on all of these but one. I love Adam. I didn't hear his version of this song, but I did love his QUEEN tribute. Oh my MAMA!
I'm so excited, because we may be getting a kitten. An orange one. A girl, of all things. We will love her and name her Nala. And she will be our kitty. The end.

Melissa said...

Oh yeah, and salty over sweet any day of the week. Let's always be friends, okay?

Denise said...

I applaud your bravery but I never saw you as anything but brave. This just confirms it.

I have to agree with you on most items on your list, except dogs. I do love me dogs but if one of them keeps crapping on my carpet she's losing her happy home. No. Joke.

Oh, and SYTYCD. Never seen it. LOST has ruined me fo-evah.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Hah. You entertain me sooooo!!

OK, you and me, Blue Moon and a big ol' basket of chips. Fo sho.

I loved Adam on the show but don't know the original of Mad World so I WILL watch your vid at home later!

I do love dogs but I am secretly (until now) wishing I could get rid of my 2. They're driving me up the wall. Hugs!

Elena said...

This was very enlightening. I was actually surprised by some of it.

This is the first season of SYTYCD that I've watched. I'm not a dancer and everytime I thought a person did well, they got cremated by the judges. (Guess they'll never invite me to guest judge.) But by the end of the season (last night) I'll admit, I shed a little tear for the winner. I LOVED her, and actually grew to really enjoy the show.

As for Adam...(this is the one that shocked me) I'm sorry, but that boy could never ruin any song. :) (That Gary Jules video rocks btw.) I still love you even though you blasphemed my precious little singer. ;)

CaraBee said...

I'm totally with you on the reality tv bidness, but you lost me at cupcakes. I mean, they're portable cakes for crying out loud. How could you not love them? Plus they have no fat or calories. At least that's what I tell myself when I eat one, or four. I LOVE chips and salsa, tho. But the chips must be fresh and crispy, not too thick and just the right salty. And only fresh salsa, no Pace for this mama. Picky much?

Mad World. Love it. Ever since Donny Darko, which is so awesome, btw, and I am pained, PAINED, that they did a sequel. Why? How? Who? NO. Just wrong.

Tony C said...

No you didn't go there with the cupcake! Forget bananas, cupcakes are the world's most perfect food...well...chips and salsa are great too. I love them both. Ribs too!

Wow...I'm hungry.

Have a great weekend up north!

tori said...

This is the first season I've watched SYTYCD and I actually really liked it.

I'm not a huge American Idol fan, but I do NOT like Adam Lambert. Every song I heard him sing was pretty much horrible to me... all screamy. I never understood what all the hype was with him. Especially after he ruined Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire!

I actually like cupcakes, but mostly because they are easier to decorate than a big ol' cake. But I didn't realize that they were trendy now. That's what I get for living in no man's land.

Gina said...

First thing I'm gonna do when we meet is FRENCH KISS you!
I am NOT a cat person- but people with thier dogs in stores (Or driving with them in thier laps for that matter) PISS ME OFF! If I wanted dog slobber on my cashmere sweater- I WOULD GET A DOG!

Live.Love.Eat said...

OK, I am home for lunch and that song is BEAUTIFUL. While I loved Adam and his vocals for it, now in hindsight after hearing the original, well, there's no comparison. I LOVED this one. Didn't know who Gary was so I googled him. I am anxious to hear Tears for Fears original now. Gorgeous melody. Have a great weekend.

Jen said...

1. I've never seen SYTYCD. Ever. And I think I would be bored after about 5 minutes of watching it.

2. My husband and I couldn't get into Adam either. We both thought he just shrieked his way through songs and the way he stuck his tongue out just annoyed us. Again, nothing to do with his sexual orientation. He just wasn't our type of music.

3. Cats rule. Dogs drool. I would never have a dog. Ever. They stink and they wake you up to go to the bathroom. Why would anyone want that kind of pet?

4. I have never watched an entire episode of The Hills, but I did like Laguna Beach. Now that LC is off and Kristen C. is coming to The Hills I might (big might) tune in.

5. I've been wondering about cupcakes and why everyone is acting like they are some new thing. Haven't they been around since...well, since I was born so why all the rage now????

Great post!!

Busy Bee Lauren said...

These kind of posts get people all opinionated. I love it.

And I love you. Don't like SYTYCD. Don't like Adam. Don't like Suckcakes that much. Don't like The Hills.

Love you!

Swirl Girl said...

I agree with the Adam Lambert thing. He is super talented - I could see him fronting for the new "queen" (no pun intended)

LOVE SYTYCD! THose kids are so talented .

I don't do dogs or cats (don't hate me) - in fact, I don't like animals in genereal.

That video is amazing! I watched it twice!!

ParentingPink said...

Good for you for spilling your guts on the "lameness" of things! I have no idea what the big deal about The Hills is either ...if you ask me, those girls need to eat more! LOL. And Adam Lambert - LAME. Yep - I agree with that too.

I am a dog lover, but I do agree that they smell. Which is why we don't have one yet. Oh, but my girls are BEGGING for one... I must hold back!

Em said...

We are truly Southern Sisters - the only reason I know anything about SYTYCD is because Joel McHale loves ripping on the head judge. Lord I wouldn't make it through a show with that mouth yapping.

I didn't know who you were talking about until I scrolled down to see the shot of Adam - oh him!

Yeah, no dogs. I'm having enough fun house breaking my 3-year-old.

And The Hills - what IS that?

But we'll have to agree to disagree over the whole cupcake thing - sisters need something to fight about :-).

Sissy said...

SYTYCD is on of the best shows and the talent is unique.

The dog thing? It really is un-American and I am going to report you to the government. If the SWAT team surrounds your house, don't be surprised. Seriously.

I hated Adam Lambert. Yup. Sure did. Any man that wears more eyeliner than me...

Sun said...

I didn't know what SYTYCD was either.. until this blog :) ha. And Yes, Adam Lambert butchered the song.. but, I still like dogs.
smells and all...

Casey said...

I love hearing about the things that people don't love, b/c lets be honest, we all don't love a lot of things :) And Lula it truly is a small world, Lauren is a friend of one of my friend's sister. She is really funny and very clever!

John Deere Mom said...

I think you're the only person who could diss dogs, Adam Lambert, and cupcakes and still have a special place in my heart.

angie said...

I'm with you on every single point. Except one. Cats? Cats? Really? :)

Brooke Lockart said...

Okay, not everyone will love Sytycd, but if you are a lover or the arts or just some good fun entertainment, you should really give this show a chance. Here are some of my favorite clips for the show.

I just cried watching this clip. This speaks to drug addiction. Absolutely beautiful.

This one is flirty, sultry and fun.

Where would we be with out a little hip action?

So the judges on the show can be annoying, well really the middle judge Mary Murphy cause she screams, like an idiot. You should really give it a chance!! PLEASE?

Cats rule, but I don't hate dogs.

How do you hate cupcakes? THAT is just weird.

Vicki said...

Adam Lambert was only good when he was rocking out. I didn't like the slow songs. Another YouTube for you: his version of I Can't Get No Satisfaction rocks my face off. Yes, it does. And it's nowhere near lamespice. Neither are cupcakes.

caitlin said...

So, I'm totally blog stalking right now, but.... I read your guest post on Lauren's blog and thought I'd come check out this blog haha and I just have to say AMEN to the Adam Lambert bit...AMEN.