Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sometimes I Just Don't Get It.

Almost a billion dollars earned in revenue and people are still going to see this:



No offense, James Cameron, but Scott and I were not impressed with the blue people. Oh yeah, Sam Worthington is rather enjoyable to look at, and the CGI was top-notch. But the storyline? Eh. The liberal propaganda? Eh. The run time of 2 hours and 42 minutes? Eh.


Now here's a movie which deserves to earn a billion dollars:

Up in the Air

But it won't.

There's nothing I didn't love about this film...the screenplay, direction, cinematography, and soundtrack were top-notch. And the acting? Oh. My. Stars. George Clooney--the last of the real deal movie stars, in my opinion*--deserves the Academy Award for his portrayal of Ryan "What's In Your Backpack?" Bingham.

Also, if you thought Anna Kendrick was just some fly-by-night young actress in the Twilight saga...well, you're wrong. Her performance in Up in the Air is simply superb.

I'm a fan of classic black and white films. Remember real movie stars, such as Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, Jeanne Crain, and Jimmy Stewart? Pure class, I tell ya.

Up in the Air employs no crazy special shoot 'em up scenes, no tasteless jokes. Oh, and no blue creatures. It's merely good storytelling. And classy performances from a cast that includes honest-to-goodness real life people, as well as talented actors.

Avatar, for me, was mind-numbing. Up in the Air, however, was stimulating...a cinematic breath of fresh air. Honestly, we need more movies like it.

But that's just my opinion.

How long until Lost returns? Just seeing if y'all are paying attention--you know, to what really matters.


Don't wanna leave Denzel out...
he and George are, for me, the last of a dying breed.
The very definition of "movie star."


We're not going to speak of this. 
That happened last night.
Because I realize none of you watch Doctor Who.
But it happened.
The 10th Doctor has regenerated.
I love you David Tennant.
You were a brilliant, perfect Doctor.

But give me a while to get used to this Eleventh stuff.
I have never cried as much during a TV show.