Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Recycle.

So today is Earth Day. And in the interest of being green, I am recycling my Earth Day post from last year. See how I reduced my bloggy carbon footprint? Just like that! Amazing.
The term "Earth Day" conjures images of granola-types for me...those who believe living green & organic is a sacred calling, or as they called them back in the 60's, "hippies." It's also largely espoused by folks with a liberal worldview. After all, Al Gore, that bastion of environmental care and concern, won an Oscar (and eternal praise from Hollywood-types) for exposing the world to the dangers of global warming. WE MUST DO SOMETHING NOW! he presses. Good thing Gore never won the presidency, or else we might continue to use Aqua-Net and destroy the ozone over the next 50 years, and then he'd have no Academy Award on his shelf. Or a beard, possibly. He's saving energy by not using an electric razor, I guess...on his private jet. I digress.

The thing is, Earth Day should not be a liberal or conservative issue. It should be a people issue.

In our hotbed of political fury it seems that most people forget the simple, basic message of our Earth's inhabitants. We're all in this together. Ben Lee wrote a song about it. Kohl's is currently using it in their latest commercials. "Greenies" who want to smack me over the head for not recycling every single plastic bottle or aluminum can need to settle down. "Anti-greenies" who live as if this earth is disposable need to settle down. All the eye-rolling and sneering at tree-huggers won't accomplish a hill of good anymore than a crunchy-type's general dismissal of those driving gas-guzzling SUVs to Walmart, instead of a Prius taking them to Whole Foods.

In all honestly, I tend to roll my eyes at staunch environmentalists because they are typically alaramist in their passion for our land. As Caroline would say, "Summer-Donna!" (That's "simmer down," folks.) In that same vein, most conservatives are quick to inform that there is, in fact, no such thing as global warming. Or some will cede the admission of this issue, but will quickly point out that it's not early as desperate as Gore and company would have us to believe. (Yes, I fall into this camp.) Again, why does it have to be a political issue? Wait...don't answer that one, or else an entirely new debate will be sparked!

As for me and my house, it is our moral obligation to take care of our little corner of the world. We might not be able to cease all carbon emissions, stop the destruction of rainforests or drive electric automobiles, but we can do our part to help out in ways we believe will matter. (Regardless of how small!) As Christians it's an issue of integrity. God's Word tells us in Psalm 24:1, "The earth is the Lord's, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein." For such a time as this my God has placed me on this planet, which is all His anyway. My attitudes, actions, and purposes are to reflect Him and His Kingdom. I think it saddens the Lord's heart when He sees His creation being abused. On the other hand, I know it grieves Him when His children place worth on land (or oceans, or whales, or whatever PETA is on fire about at any given time) that is far above the value given to people.

Regardless of your politicial temperament, being kind to our surroundings is a manner of showing respect for what God has given us. It's truly as simple as that, in my opinion. Everyone has the ability to make minor changes in lifestyle for the betterment of our world. We Littons are using CFL lightbulbs, recycling Target & Walmart bags, conserving gas by running all errands on a particular day and having at least 1 "no driving day" per week. (With the exception of Scott--he has to drive to work each day, obviously.) I also buy organic milk, iron wrinkly tissue paper to be reused in gift-giving (yes, I'm cheap!), clean my floors with vinegar & water, and refuse to run the washing machine unless it's a full load. To some these gestures may seem insignificant, but to us they are a few of the small ways in which we are doing our part.

Green? Admittedly, not always. Greenish? It's a definite attempt. Gods Got You.
We choose to celebrate Earth Day...every day...on God's terms.


Kristina P. said...

I've decided to give my earth destroying schemes a break today. A little. :)

Jennifer P. said...

You know you and I are twinsies on our thoughts on this issue.

Now I'm off to listen to some Baby Come Back :)

Amy said...

Happy Earth Day Lula!

Sun said...

right on.
Happy Earth Day to you and yours...

Rhea said...

We recycle here. Almost everything. And it all goes in one big can that the city picks up. I love it. So easy and awesome.

Tony C said... always.

I appreciate the recycling too because I didn't get to read this last year.

Annual recycling event maybe?

Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

How Awesome is it that you recycled this post! Love that!

You haven't heard of Katie???!! I'm astonished!

Have a great Earth Day! I am off to do errands and use up a bunch of gas. Maybe I can stay home tomorrow?

Christina said...

Recycling posts... LOL!

CaraBee said...

We're definitely on the same page, environmentally. I thought about writing a post titled "I don't believe in Global Warming and I think Al Gore is a Tool." But I thought that might be too incendiary. :) The truth is, we do our part around here to be green. We recycle, use totes instead of bags, have the compact fluorescent bulbs, etc, but we're a long way from living off the grid. We seriously talked about getting solar panels but it would take like 20 years to recoup the costs, so we decided against it. It is tough to balance our wishes to be green with the realities of what it costs. Every little bit counts, though.

I adore that you iron tissue paper! I just reuse it and hope they think it got wrinkled in the wrapping process.

Carrie said...

Great post Lula!

I have much to say about the whole "environmentalism" movement, but will hold my tongue and post my bitching on my own blog--someday.

Let's just say I'm a little further on the "eye-rolling" end of the spectrum than others.

BTW, I'd totally read Carabee's post and laugh my rear end off!

ChicagoLady said...

Just popping over from Heather's blog. Loved this post you recycled from last year!

Brandy said...

Hey it might be recycled but it's new to me. Girl you rock those funny looking bulbs!

Bekah said...

i have a 'i love being green' (or something) shirt that i should have worn today.. and almost did.. but i wasn't thinking clearly (too many blue moons last night)

also i skimmed your post. don't hate me. i'm on info overload right now and love you greatly

Amy said...

I feel exactly the same way! It should not not be a political issue it is a moral obligation. Be clean, be green (when you can, in the ways that you can) because the earth is a gift.

Heather said...

Amen to all that.

We spent Earth Day at the zoo, where they were doing all sorts of cool "green" projects aimed at the kids.

Lots of fun.

Glad you liked my link today :)

Heather said...

And for some reason, the part where you commented "you read my Twit" had me on the floor, LMAO.

Just sounds wrong, somehow.

Marrdy said...

We recycle at home and I try to here at work. I agree with you!

Live.Love.Eat said...

You're so good. I am so greenish with you. Well written!!!!

Angie's Spot said...

You go girl! My staunchly liberal brother and his crazy wife unplug EVERYTHING when they leave their condo each day for work. Because they are rabid. I just roll my eyes. We've been trying really hard around here to do many of the same things that you mentioned. Every day is a new day to make a positive impression on the world around us. :-) In more ways than one.

Heather said...

I like to conserve water by showering with my husband.

Yeah, I just said that on your blog.

I love this post!