Monday, April 27, 2009


We've been busy. Too busy. So busy, in fact, that my sweet Jen from Buried With Children sent me a note, saying, "I've missed you--please come back!" Oh Jen, I have missed you...and Hayden (I'm president of Jen's son's fanclub!)...and all my bloggy pals. Yes, that means YOU!

What's been going on in my world as of late? It's been a mixed bag...such as:

Tea parties for Mamaw Pinky and Caroline. Tea parties I was not invited to. Yeah, I'm kinda bitter over their exclusivity and hoarding of the scones and clotted cream.

I made Tomato-Bacon Tartlets for my Bible study gals, while chatting with Lauren.
She's always bragging about Costa Vida and pesto porkchops and softing Ted's hair, so I have to brag about these. Love you, Lauren.

Scott and I chaperoned Libbey's class' field trip to a planetarium. We had to wear the same neon yellow shirts as Lib and her BFF, Bronwen. You'll notice I did not include photographic evidence of me and Scott in this hue. Because we did not rival the sun, moon, and stars in said neon yellow shirts. No, we did not. Thankyouverymuch.

This was hanging on the wall near the door of the Planetarium's entrance. Apparently a preying mantis devouring a roach has a lot to do with astronomy. I'll now turn Scott's telescope to discover this constellation in the night sky. Gonna name it Crunchy Lunchy-opeia.

Yes, my girls' Nanna is the kind of grandmother who lets her granddaughters hang out as she plays for Sunday morning services. But Nanna is missing her hairbow.

Um...hi, sun! Thank you for blazing during the past few days. I love fuschia geraniums. I love digging in the dirt. I love listening to Bobby Long while getting dirty. (That's what she said.)

"Because I'm an old southern woman and we're supposed to wear funny looking hats and ugly clothes and grow vegetables in the dirt." ~Ouiser Boudreaux
Y'all know how I love to quote Steel Magnolias.

I also kept busy by doing a lot of research on wolves. We saw a bunch at the planetarium. (Because wolves have a lot to do with stars, too--just like a faux preying mantis.) But none of them were as interesting as these particular wolves:
And I now think the fasting and praying is proving to be a very good thing. I run with wolves. These wolves. Especially that one on the far left. How you doin'?

Did y'all have fabulous summer weather-in-the-spring this past weekend? Did you dig in the dirt or lie around the house? Do you want the Tomato-Bacon Tartlet recipe? What do you think of a ginormous hanging mantis? Do you run with wolves?

I must know. Please share your bag of potpourri. Unless it's vanilla-scented. 'Cause that's a big no-no for me.

p.s. Happy 67th Birthday, Dad. I was gonna post about that time your band opened for Jerry Lee Lewis, but I know you don't like for me to brag on your guitar prowess. (Which means I'm saving that story for a post on its own, of course.) I love you and your Harley-riding, computer geeking, guitar & mandolin-strummin' self.


Katie said...

Hi Lula!

I kept running into your name around other blogs I follow and I began reading yours a few weeks ago. I wanted to say "hello"; I hope you don't mind that I'm here. :)

Your blog is wonderful! In the short time I've been here I've found it entertaining, humorous and inspiring.

I hope you have a wonderful start to your week.


P.S.: Those Tomato-Bacon Tartlets look delish! I am jealous of your lucky Bible Study ladies.

Em said...

"How you doin?" - girl, you crack me up.

Digging in the dirt for sure. I don't know who's more excited about our blueberry bushes, my Oldest or me. I LOVE that!!

Oh, and I have fuschia gernaiums as well - this boy mama has to get a touch of pink 'round here.

Happy Birthday Lula's Daddy!!

Amy said...

I am a fairly new fan as well.

I didn't do any diggin' this week - too much wind in my neck of the woods. I did however do a combination of lounging and cleaning.

I think those tartlets look divine and would love the recipe.

The Mantis is baffling to me, a little odd!

Have a happy Monday!

Trish said...

No diggin here. Snow.Too.Deep.

hmmm, my potpourri:

learning to adjust to my new life.
trying to find my purpose here.
missing my friends and family.
hoping to see God's brilliant Northern lights soon.

LOVING where God has placed me!

Love YA!

Amy said...

First things first, I could have done without seeing that praying mantis gross thingy! Blech!

I'll take the wolf all the way to the right, please.....

No dirt digging, but I did kill something...(sniff sniff) I blogged about it..

Rhea said...

Good to hear from you and it sounds like y'all've been busy. Y'all have. Y'allve? Y'all've? Weird...

Kat said...

I think it's been two weeks since I've posted. And if I were to make some semblance of the last month, my post would be quite similar. Except the part about the preying mantis.

Shelley said...

How you doin? That's what I'm talking 'bout. I could be convinced to join team Jacob over this picture...LOL.
Yes, I want the recipe for the bacon tomato tartlets? Tart-lets?
And after watching the Twilight movie about twelve times this past week (my kids insisted, really). I like Rob Pattinson better as Edward, I still am not sure that hinky glittering is quite the way to go, but hey, they didn't ask me.

Amy said...

Holy werewolves Lula! All your pictures were very sweet, but the werewolves were a very nice start to my Monday morning. :)

Gina said...

Um, as cute as your Caroline is, you shoulda' opened with those wolves. I'm just sayin.

Heather said...

You quoted The Office while posting pictures of gardening and sexy he-wolves.

God, I love you.

p.s. Bring some tomato-bacon-tartlets in May.

p.p.s. What are you wearing to the concert? I need to go shopping!

Caroline said...

What? You don't like tu-nilla scented potpourri? Why not?

I love the pictures of the girls. They are so cute in their little hair bows. So girly. Personally, I think neon green would look great on you, especially while being all pouty lip like all the celebs are in their pics.

And the wolves, yes, those wolves. Aaaaaaooooooooooooooo!

Angie's Spot said...

The wolf on the far left is my favorite too.

I don't like vanilla scented things either.

We spent the day yesterday planting the tomato garden and flowers and hanging bird feeders.

See, I knew we were kindred spirits!

Christina said...

Blech... Creepy BIG bugs are so gross.

Wolves are awesome... more woves please?!?

Melissa said...

I'm comin' to your house for bible study from now on.

All that's missing from the pic with Caroline and MawMaw Pinky is "pinkies" in the air!

Tony C said...

I braved the inferno and played in the dirt all day Saturday. I loved it.

I even took my shirt off and looked like I fit right in your wolf picture...and now that I've stopped laughing...hey, 20 years ago maybe.

Good to hear from you stranger!

Kristina P. said...

I NEED that recipe!!

jori-o said...

Holy moly, Lula! Them are some HAWT wolves!

Angela said...

This is going to be a long and rambling comment from someone you don't know, but I will hopefully get to meet you this weekend, so I figured you would not mind, LOL!

So since I am officially in Twilight delirium, I loved the wolves part of this post the best (though the rest was fun too - happy birthday to your dad, and I agree - neon yellow works for nobody - just ask Angie - we had to wear that color in 6th grade...I never got over it!)

Meanwhile, I spent the entire weekend immersed in the Twilight saga. I finished the last three books in...well, three days. Yes, I confess to speed reading some parts. (Only the parts without my favorite character!) And yes, I will be going back to savor these all summer long by the pool. But HAD to know. Like, I couldn't SLEEP until I knew, LOL.

And now I'm in love with all the characters just like everyone else I know, but mostly in love with Edward. SIGH.... I can dream, right!? I figured you would understand. Oh, and I will be fasting and praying right along with you for them to do justice to New Moon!

Jen said...

Busy, busy girl. Thanks for getting me caught up.
Yes, I want the recipe. I think that they would be perfect for my brunch that I am planning this weekend.
I was all over the place this weekend.
That mantis is scary, hands down scary!

Swirl Girl said...

I would love tomato bacon tart recipe.

two of my favorite things!!

Sun said...

I miss you :0)
thanks for the update!

Carrie said...

I watched my husband dig up the ground to make me a garden, because even though I am not Southern or wear funny clothes, I am getting old and I need to grow vegetables in the dirt. Thankfully, I had to take care of the kid because it looked really hard!

I would like to look at the recipe, but I'm guessing they might be a little high on the WW Points!

I found an actual praying mantis out in my garage last year. It was on a shovel and I called my husband and FREAKED out on the phone trying to figure out what to do (because dealing with bugs is part of the reason I got married--seriously). While squealing and screaming, I finally chucked the WHOLE shovel out the door!!

I am a Wolf, so yes, I run with them.

Carrie said...

p.s. Happy Birthday to your Daddy!!

p.p.s. I HATE geraniums! Growing up, my mom would buy eleventy billion flats every year and make us plant them all over the entire yard!!! Helllooooooo Mom! Have you ever heard of Perennials?? Sheesh!

p.p.p.s. I don't hate your geraniums because I don't have to plant them. " )

ParentingPink said...

Love the mantis and tea parties! What a great combination. I've missed you! I've been so busy too with my daughter's birthdays coming up that I haven't had much time to blog either. Sometimes though it's better to be at the planetarium than at the computer, no?

Bekah said...

I'll take the dorky wolf

It is nice to get dirty with Bobby Long

You should've posted your 'gerannniummms" video (that's my text representation of your adorable accent)

LOVE the lauren style blog

CaraBee said...

Can't. Focus. Those men without their shirts on are seriously distracting. Not to mention those abso-freaking-lutely adorable girls of yours.

Vanilla = gag. Seriously. I can't stand it. I love what it does for baking, but as a scented candle/potpourri/plugin? No way.

Anonymous said...

dude you cant post a picture of tomato bacon tartlets and NOT give us a recipe. lordy.

and long live ouisa. imparting of all good wisdom!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Funny, I just asked on my post if it seems like this is busy season or something. I miss getting around to everyone to, it's just been hard! Are those tartlets from Paula? They look divine. I love anything with tart in the name!!!!!!

I didn't dig in the dirt or lie around too much. But the weather was beautiful and I got to go kayaking, drinking by the river, and play tennis!!! Can't complain 'bout that!!!!

Veggie Mom said...

What a lovely potpourri...I'm especially groovin' on the praying mantis shot. Way to get up close and personal! BTW, wanted to remind you that today is Uncle Lynn's birthday, and I'm running a one-day POPrs giveaway to celebrate. Please come by!

Anonymous said...

Oh bacon makes everything better, and so does Alex Meraz (wolf on the far left).

Love your blog!

Brandy said...

I might not like seafood, but I'm with you on the vanilla potpourri...I'm just not a vanilla kinda gal.

My weekend was filled with sun, hot dogs, margaritas and Harleys. Good times.

Tomato-Bacon tarlet? Yes please.

Those wolves? Yes please.

Mama Dawg said...

Can I have one of each wolf? Pretty please?

Michelle said...

Hey Lula

are you sad after last nights epi of Lost? are you sussing this week?

I would love to see you post a recipe for those tartlets they look amazing. I've got a similiar recipe for something very much like those, only we use saugage diced veggies and ranch dressing.

The guy who is playing Paul in New Moon is super hot. love the pic of the wolf pack.

~ Michelle

Marrdy said...

What sweet girls you have! And how lucky are they to have such amazing Grandmas?

Oh, and I was going to say something else...but I got distracted by the half naked men on your post.....GRRRROOOWWWLLLL.

Lauren said...

I love you. And I love that you made those tartlettes while talking to me.