Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hopelessly Devoted To You, Vegas Style!

I'm such an attentive person. When I'm with my friends, I'm completely focused on being in the moment with them.

I took my 100% in-the-moment self to Las Vegas last week, to celebrate SITScation, a gathering of women bloggers who've all been united by The Secret Is In The Sauce. SITS was founded by my two BFFs, Heather & Tiffany, as a way to unite women (and a few men!) by increasing their blog traffic, encouraging comments, and providing tons of new sites for the SITStas to read.

Having been a SITSta for the past year and a half, I was so excited to finally have the chance to meet ladies I have "known" for most of my entire blogging career. I mean, meet them in person. That's a Very Big Deal, ya know? I was determined to devote myself to spending hours in conversation with these ladies I've "known," yet have never met "in real life."

So Scott and I headed off to Vegas. Where I met..."Lolli" from Better In Bulk and Laurie from Tip Junkie, two of the most lovely women in the world.
Oh, look...there's me--in the background--with the famous blog designer,
Julie, from LeeLou Blogs!
Look at how I'm utterly devoted to conversing with
sweet, precious Julie. (Whom I really, truly adore!)

I didn't take this picture of Michael & Katrina...
but so many of us prayed for Michael during his brain surgery back in the winter... I'm happy to have this picture of my "in real life" friend & her healthy husband!
Yes, this is the famous "Kat" from Sunshine & Lemonade!
I was all, "Dude--I see you all the time!"
Therefore, I didn't find it necessary to hang with her 24/7 while in Vegas..
See my devotion?
(Kat, you love me...right?)

I also did not take this picture...
...of my too-fabulous-for-words heels.
Which were comfortable, but not on the dance floor!
Not only am I devoted to my pals, I clearly take great care of my camera.
It never left my side for one moment.
More moments!

What better way to celebrate your birthday than in Las Vegas!
Shannon of Welcome to the Nuthouse, wore her birthday crown rather regally.
She's yet another "in real life" friend, whom I talk to regularly... I was all, "Love, take my camera!"
Actually, I didn't tell her to take my camera. She (and others!) just did.
'Cause that's how we roll.
Oh, but that gal throwing up the peace sign?
MY STARS! It's ELENA, from Manwaring Moments!
Can I tell you how excited I was to finally meet Elena in person?
And how thrilled I was to sit in her presence...for all of half an hour.
Sigh...our time together was too brief.
She had no qualms about capturing precious memories with my camera.
The one I left behind. Because I'm so attentive. Ahem.

And here we have Francesca, of Mayhem & Moxie,
and Kathy, of Mama's Losin' It.
Yes, both are very famous girls, with whom I was honored
to speak with on the SITS panel during Saturday's sessions.
These are two of my favorite people in the world.
Look at them posing...smiling for the SITStas...
And then there's me...good ol' Lula...
rummaging through my purse.
While sitting in front of a room full of people.
Yep...hopelessly devoted to the task at hand. No doubt.

Truly, my devotion during SITScation was never more evident than
when my beloved Angie, of Seven Clown Circus,
was pouring her heart out during our panel discussion.
Angie--she of gorgeous hair, face, body, et. al--even posted
(Please ignore the fact that I have 19 chins in this picture.)
"But I was Twittering!" I wailed to Angie.
"Um...yeah...your phone is sitting in front of you!' she countered.
But then I realied...
Yes, there I front of 100 women...praying my little heart out...
"Dear God, please bless my sweet friend, Angie...and help me
to not covet her most beautiful red hair!"

The SITS Panel.
Also known as, "Dude, I am so not qualified to be at this table!"
This is where I started singing
that Sesame Street classic...
"One of these things does not belong here,
one of these things is not the same..."
And I still have my hands in my purse.
Francesca, Tiffany, Kathy, Me, Angie, and Heather
What saddens me more than anything is that
I didn't get a single picture of me, Tiffany, and Heather together...
...the entire weekend. (Thank God we had our cruise vacay last month!)
Because obviously, I was too busy being devoted to
everyone else attending SITScation.
All while praying...without ceasing.

Oh, but you're welcome, girls...


Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Wasn't it such an amazing time? So glad to have been there and met you and everyone else =)

Tiffany said...

I was praying the same thing.. except it went something like: "Dear Lord, please let me wake up and have Angie's gorgeous hair."

You were SUCH a help.

Can I get a shout out to "Litton Family Medicine" who donated the awesome SITScation t-shirts?


Jen said...

I just have to say that I LOVE and ADORE my 'comment junkie' tee shirt!

Em said...

What a group of gorgeous women!

I'm glad a good time was had - praying and all.

angie said...

So you were praying. Now I feel super duper special. And I cannot stop laughing......rummaging through your purse, looking the other way when Julie was talking to me. I think I almost peed my pants.

I adore you, Lula.

angie said...

I cannot believe I neglected until now to tell you thank you so much for the comment junkie T-Shirt. I adore it. But I adore you way more. Just so you know. :)

Elena said...

Now WHY is there NOT a picture of you burning up the dance floor because I KNOW there was one on the camera?! :D And you digging in your purse is hysterical. LOVE you and LOVED meeting you for real!

angie said...

I forgot something...........


S Club Mama said...

how adorable are you? looked like such a good time.

CaraBee said...

What a good time you all had. I LOVED hearing your recap yesterday!

Seriously, though, where are the pictures of Lula dancing? In all of her fabulousness? Suffering for fashion in her dynamite shoes? Or sporting the hat extraordinaire? We need more of that!

And I hear talk of a SITS Bloggy Boot Camp in Baltimore. Squee!

Busy Bee Lauren said...

I am commenting to you...because DUH...we are fake sister in laws.

Um. You are so hot. And totally praying in that picture.

Sevibabyyy said...

It was so great meeting you. You totally put a huge smile on my face. I remember hearing your accent and it melted my heart!

Anonymous said...

you in the houndstooth, blue tshirt and blue patent leather bag? UM YES PLEASE!!

it's almost like i was there!! but i still want a video from the panel!

Lolli said...

I do think it's hilarious that you were somewhere in almost every picture I took (considering all the TIME we spent hanging out and stuff....). It was great meeting you, but next time 1) I need to get more sleep prior to my trip and 2) I need to spend every single minute doing important things (like chatting, laughing, dancing, whatever). PS--I'm wearing my comment junkie shirt today!

sassy stephanie said...

So glad to see everyone's pics and recaps. Glad everyone had a great time. Also love seeing this pic of Michael. He looks so fab and healthy!

Some days I hate that Heather. Only b/c I have hair envy.

Angie's Spot said...

Looks like a great time! Sorry I missed it, but I definitely enjoyed spending birthday number 5 with my oldest. Maybe next year they can move this extravaganza to a different weekend? :-)

Heather said...

You do not need to be jealous of anyone's hair, because yours totally rocks. It looks perfect every time I see you (Okay, maybe not in the morning after playing Rock Band til the wee hours of the morning, but then, who's does? Angie? Maybe. But she won't be invited, for that very reason. Just sayin.)

So, what did the panel talk about?

Tony C said...

You girls get to have all the fun...I'm jealous.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Oh, leave it to you for a GREAT themed recap. I love seeing these pics of you ladies getting together. Only thing missing is me :)

Brandy said...

So I can see from your "attentiveness" that I will have to do something to grab your attention in (less than) 3 weeks.

Let the plotting begin...

Kat said...

Famous Kat? Famous to my 5 friends. Maybe :-)

But I LOVE that picture of me and Michael. The one from my camera is horrid.

I am so glad that you were amused by all the pictures you found on your camera. I think Michael took the one of your shoes. Isn't there one of your wine glass too? And where is the one of you dancing?! Thanks for leaving your camera with us - it provided much amusement :-)

Bekah said...

sounds so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

mercurial mary said...

Ha Ha Ha! Seriously! What was in your purse? Was your bracelet caught in the lining? ;)

Those shoes are TDF!

Swirl Girl said...

Love how you channeled your inner muppet in the song..."one of these things is not like the other".

It was truly wonderful to finally meet you


THE Stephanie said...

Looks like you had a ton of fun either way!! You girls are gorgeous :)

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

I'm a first time visitor. I've been noticing that SITS button on a lot of blogs lately...I've been meaning to check it out. Sounds like a lot of fun!

Great blog, by the way.

DiPaola Momma said...

Lula daaarrrling because of you (and the rockin' cool tshirt you provided) I met lots of new people while stuck at LAX for 4 hours! Thank you so much for a fun time, that dazzling smile of yours and the SITStahood...see ya next year!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

High glitz weekend girlfriend.

I'll demand you wear something less formal for our viewing of Space Camp.

MeCassieMarie said...

Looks like an amazing time. I've never been to anything like this, maybe later I'll go to some kind of gathering. I love your humor in the posts!

Sun said...

One question:
What are those HUGE necklaces arond your necks?

Just curious :)

Sun said...

One question:
What are those HUGE necklaces around your necks?

Just curious :)

Shannon said...


I wondered if that pic of me and Elena came out ok. And I know you don't mind that I've now snagged it for myself. 'Cause you love me.

And I love you. What are we down to, 16 days? Woot! Woot!