Monday, October 26, 2009

Tickled Pink.

My Sweet Caroline,

Tomorrow (October 27th) you'll turn 4 years old. I love that you share your birthday with your Great Aunt Mitzi, even if you never did get to meet her. I love that you were born in October, because it's my second most favorite month of the entire year. And I love that you're a little girl...because, like your Mommy, you love pink. And, like your mommy, you're obsessed with breasts.

Yes...breasts. We are not afraid of that word in this family.

We both appreciate a good pair of boobs. And we're not afraid to admit it! For the first year of your life, you really appreciated my set...because that's where you found nutrition, warmth, and comfort.

October is not only your birth month, it is also National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It deeply saddens me that breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women, aside from non-melanoma skin cancer.

I hate cancer. And I hate breast cancer the most of all. Imagine our precious boobs being attacked by the most hateful disease in the world. It really, really stinks.

My prayer is that a cure for all forms of cancer is just a mere breath away. Until that day, know that I'll do my best to educate you and your big sister, so that we'll maintain proper breast health. We gals have to stick together...our breasts are far too important to us. Our lives are far too important to us.

Cancer can suck it. Yeah, Mommy said, "Suck it!"

Happy birthday, my Sweet Caroline. I pray that by your 14th or 24th birthday, breast cancer--and all forms of cancer--will be a thing of the past. October can be National No More Cancer Month. Oh, we'll still wear our pink ribbons...but they'll be on our frilly, fancy brassieres. We've earned such luxury!

I love you,


Anonymous said...

FIRST!! ;)

i heart tatas and 2nd your hope that breast and all forms of cancer will be eradicated by the time caroline comes of age.

feliz cumpleanos Caroline!


heathersister said...

Happy Birthday

Sweet Caroline da da da ...

and hi Lula!

Heather said...

Holy Moly, Michelle actually came out of hiding and left a comment! I love it! Guess I'll lure her to my blog with pics of her daughter more often...

Happy birthday, Caroline. I am honored to share this birth week with you, and I share your momma's sentiments about the suckage that is cancer, especially breast cancer. Hope your party was a blast!

CaraBee said...

October is definitely in my top two months. Even before it was my daughter's birth month. And yours - Happy Birthday Caroline!

Boobies ARE muy importante! It is my most fervent wish that cancer be one of those things our kids talk about as a scourge of the "old days" and not something they actually have to worry about.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Happy Almost Birthday Caroline!!!

I too hope that all boobies (ha ha mom, I said BOOBIES - so not a word allowed in my house growing up) are CANCER free (well heck - how about all organs for that matter) SOON. The big C must be stopped.

Brandy said...

Happy Birthday Caroline! You have the cleverest of mothers ya' know?!

She combined your birthday wish & love of pink with breast cancer awareness. How could you not ♥ that?

Tony C said...

Very nicely said.

Don't be ashamed to say it...I love boobs too!

(Okay, maybe that's not the same.)

Jen said...

I too am very partial to breasts. I sure hope that for all our daughters that breast cancer is gone.

Happy Birthday to your sweet, sweet baby.

Bekah said...

awwww Caroline is so cute & sweet.. FOUR! wow...

save the ta-tas!

Angie's Spot said...

Happy Happy Birthday Caroline!

And Save the Tatas! Mwah!

Sun said...

Tell Caroline the Lewis family says,

"Happy, Happy birthday"!!!

Only you LULA - could combine a birthday love letter
and a message of breast cancer all in one post ..and
do it right.

And yes.. Cancer SUCKS!

Love your face-

Anonymous said...

Happy fourth, Caroline!

And remember... girls rule and boys drool (at our boobs, of course).

Heather said...

Can you even believe she's four!! She's growing up so fast.

And, yeah, breast cancer really sucks alot. And not in a precious memories kind of way.

angie said...

Your sweet Caroline is so gorgeous. Happy Birthday to her. I love that you also highlighted breast cancer awareness here. I hope for the same thing. Cancer sucks.

sassy stephanie said...

Ugh. You made me cry. One of my dearest friends goes in tomorrow to check out a lump she NEGLECTED to tell me about until this morning. Not b/c we don't share everything (except toothbrushes), but because she's scared out of her mind. She's one to push things off. I'm just praying that it's not what we think and if so, it's early enough to knock "it" on it's ass. Sigh.

Happiest of birthdays to sweet little Caroline.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful baby girl!!

Get those boobies checked! I did. I am having surgery Friday to have a benign cyst removed...hold me! :)

Shannon said...

Happy (almost) Birthday, Caroline!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Sweet, funny & sassy tribute, all at once. Only you could pull that off!!!!!

I LOVE that picture of Caroline, it's so impromptu and perfect. I feel fortunate to share in her bday week too, mine being just 2 days after!

I'll pray along with you for National No More Cancer Month!!!

Tiffany said...

Beautiful post.

I felt like a crappy mom for not posting for Will yesterday- but I was too busy riding roller coasters with him- that counts, right?

Now I need to go feel myself up.


Summer said...

So stinking sweet, and she is so stinking cute.

What are breasts anyway? I haven't seen mine in the last year....