Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dear Hating Commenter, "RK,"

OMS! (That's "Oh My Stars!" as abbreviated by the fabulous Heather.) You are my very first hater! Well, probably not the very first, but the first person who was brave enough to comment in a spiteful manner.

Wait, I said "brave." Actually you're not very brave, because you hid your comment behind the initials "RK." If you're going to hate, please have the gumption to back up your words with your true identity. Here's what you said...

I have always enjoyed reading your blog! Cracks me up...but today not so much.

You put down the place where I was raised. Your husband is a doctor here and that is where you get the money you spent on the 18 acres and the house you live in. You talked about oxy, meth drugs etc, but you failed to mention the friendly people in this town, the close knit community that we have, and friends that have been friends forever. If you don't like it here leave, but if you are going to enjoy the money you make off of us poor country folk then please don't criticize!...especially since you love Jesus so much!

I appreciate you hanging out in Lulaville, and I'm sorry yesterday's post angered you. Normally I would not respond to such vitriol, however you mentioned my husband and his profession in your biting remarks, and I find myself unable to keep quiet. So here I go...

Do not mess with my husband. Do not make salacious remarks about his chosen career...the one he earned through 12 years of extreme hard work and a lot of sacrifice. It is reprehensible to comment, "Your husband is a doctor here and that is where you get the money you spent on the 18 acres and the house you live in..." and "If you are going to enjoy the money you make off us poor country folk, then please don't criticize..."

Really? Are you kidding me? No, seriously. Are you kidding? Because that is probably the most vile assessment anyone has ever made regarding myself or my husband.

Please do not speak out of turn. Please do not contend that my husband's job is what paid for our house and the land upon which it sits. (I could be an heiress. Maybe that is how we paid for our 18 acres. In cash. Or not. Frankly, it is no one's business.) Please do not insinuate that my husband spends his days making money off "poor country folk." And most of all, please don't toss in a casual reference to Jesus...especially one that's written as an aside.

Jesus is never an aside to me, or to my husband. And yes, I do love Him "so much." I've staked my eternal security on Him.

I will also defend my husband's integrity, as a spouse, father, and businessman. His work ethic is impeccable, and he genuinely cares for his patients in a manner not often seen in the modern medical community.

For the record, and not because I am preserving myself, but rather defending this precious little mountain town where we reside...let me state a few points, please:

*I adore Pennington Gap, Virginia.
(I do believe I mentioned Stoneface and an esteemed author in my post--did you not catch those two points?)

*I praise God that my girls are being raised in the town where their father grew up.

*I praise God that my children are surrounded by so many family members--grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and family friends.
(The annual Litton/Turner cookout, August 2006. Yes, three-fourths of these people
are our family members...on just Scott's father's side!)

*I love that upon entering the door of her school, my 7 year old is greeted with a hug from her principal (who happens to be a distant cousin), or a hug from her P.E. teacher (who also happens to be a cousin).
Libbey & her principal (and cousin!), Lisa Wynn Stewart

*I love that I cannot walk into Food City without seeing someone I know, or having a 10-minute conversation with someone I haven't seen in a while. I do my best visiting in Food City!

*I love seeing Mr. Herschel's smiling face, greeting me each time I enter the doors of Walmart.

*I love buying fatback for my soup beans at Deb's Market, because the ladies employed there are so friendly and helpful.

*I enjoy reading the Powell Valley News each Wednesday and Friday. Yes, our precious newspaper is published only twice a week, and I. Love. It.

*I love going to Lee High football games on Friday nights and supporting our local players, cheerleaders, band members, ROTC, and the general student body. Go Generals! (Does my husband get paid to stand on the sidelines as the team's doctor? Of course not. He does it because he loves it.)

*I adore our public library, where both of my daughters have grown to love learning, reading, music, crafts, and yes, even snacktime. We love you, Mrs. Sherry!
"Ms. Sherry" Myers & Caroline, December 2008.

*I am thankful for my local "beauty parlor," the awesomely named Modernette. I'm so glad my sweet friend, Kim Woodard, is capable of giving me a good, sassy 'do. I refuse to drive to Kingsport or Johnson City for a fabulous haircut & eyebrow waxing. Good thing I don't have to!

*I love walking through the doors of Litton Family Medicine, and seeing the extended members of our family. Not just "staff" to us, these ladies are the heart of Scott's medical practice and we love each of them. I'm thankful he has the finest nurses & office support system in the county! This practice is the fruition of Scott's lifelong provide the highest quality of care to the people of this town, regardless of race, bloodline, or social status.
Scott with some of the LFM gang--Linda, Rita, and Kelley--at last year's
Pumpkins in the Park festival,October 31, 2008.

In my post yesterday I did make a joke at the expense of our little town. We have a very serious drug problem in this county, and that deeply saddens me. It's also irresponsible to turn a blind eye to said drug and crime problem, and pretend Lee County is one big happy community, free from predicaments commonly associated with large/inner cities.

At least I didn't mention the "working ladies" who stand outside of the IGA. Ahem.

But let me also assure you...I do love living here, and I am not leaving. I'll also continue to poke gentle fun at the multifaceted idiosyncracies of life in these mountains. Because in Pennington Gap, Virginia, means one must have some measure of a sense of humor. It's the quirky traits indicative of small town living that I wholly embrace and love best.

Pennington may not be my hometown...but it is my home. And I'll love it, mock it, defend it, joke about it, and cherish the best of my ability. Till the end of my days.

Leigh Anne

p.s. I feel the same about my little brother. I can talk smack about Eric, but none of you people better say a single word. Not. One. Word. Just so you know...


Emily said...

Preach it girl! Well put!!

Scott said...

My wife is awesome!

Heather said...

I am standing on my chair right now and clapping loudly. You ROCK!!!

Sun said...

Girl, "I know dat is right"...

Ha ha...

Tiffany said...


Bless it.

I freakin love your fine southern ass.

I left a comment below at right before you posted this- we mention the exact same "flaws" in RK's comment.

I am screaming, shouting, applauding as I watch RK crawl back into his/her hole.

You go girl.


Kristen said...

I've never loved you more! Seriously!

angie said...

Are you taking a bow? Because with all of this applause, you should be. :) Way to defend what's yours!

S Club Mama said...

Amen! Anyone who is from a small town has to be able to poke a little fun (and be able to take that fun) - all small towns have "problems" or inside jokes. That's what makes them great.

Kelly said...

I knew it would be good. That's my girl. Hey, listen, soon, maybe you'll be so popular (and have the requisite hate that comes with popularity) that you can add to your overflowing coffers by monetizing the hate. May you have a hater as colorful (but perhaps slightly less tenacious) as Michelle Rebeiro CrazyAss Mcbee. Or whatever her name is.

Shannon said...

I think this is the best reply to a hater's comment I've ever read.

You go, girl.

I love it.

And you, too. Of course.

Brandy said...

I'm amazed that someone was that upset about a post featuring a DOLL. Hello?! Anyone with an ounce of humor would know you were poking fun.

Ah well you can't win them all. I for one ♥ you & anyone who doesn't can suck it.

Kat said...

I can't believe you got a hater comment from that post. I can't believe that hater actually lives in your town and wasn't nodding her head right along with your assessments.

But way to show that you can love and mock at the same time!

Lacey said...

So not cool to hate on my Best Friend and my Doctor, to whom both love this area and the people in it!! Get a life RK... If ya don't like what you read then stop reading it, no need to be a hater!
Love You Littons!,

Tony C said...

Dr. Scott...your wife is awesome!

I'd be willing to bet the hater RK is first in line to say something bad about something or someone...

Elena said...

OOOOHHH! A SCANDAL, I LOVE it! You know you're big when you get a hater. No really, I'm sorry that they didn't catch your witty sarcasm like the rest of us did. We all know you love your home, you do talk about it quite often. And we all love you and Dr Litton to boot. Way to stand up for yourself. (I'd hate to meet you in a dark alley late at night. You'd kick my booty.)

Bekah said...

when you can make fun of something you love so much (Pennington Gap, VA) it just means you're aware that it has imperfections. and admitting that makes your love for it that much more special!

i said nothing sarcastic here. i feel weird.

um. Fiona tonight?

Live.Love.Eat said...

Holy crap, is it bad that I really enjoyed your response???? Wow!!!!!!!!

You totally didn't need to go listing those wonderful things about your town but it sure was nice to read 'em all & learn more of you and your wonderful fam. I think it's all pretty amazing stuff.

P.S. You write so fricken eloquently. LOVE it.

Shelley said...

hey Lula,

I say to heck with the person who isn't brave enough to leave a name.

I'll see you at Estrogen Extravaganza please bring Catching Fire so I can read it those days.
Thanks and love ya.

Em said...


And seriously, the hating of hard working professionals has got to stop. It's so bad around here, Hubs tells people he's a lawyer instead of in finance so they'll just look at him with disdain, instead of actually spitting on him.

Love YOU! Mean it. Sorry I have been a stranger!!

Em said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Em said...

Sorry about the delete - I was so fired up I posted twice :-)

3 Bay B Chicks said...

I like the phrase, bless it. Very appropriate. If I were to bless anything, I would certainly bless this post.

And you.

And all that you write.

And the time that we are going to share in Vegas.

Can you bless something before it happens? I like to think so.

Brilliant comeback. Take that RK and smoke it out your crack pipe.

Pinky Roth said...

RK, don't slam my daughter and son in law! Like mentioned above, if you do not like reading her blog, stop reading it...simple as that. My SIL is one of the best doctors in all the world! I only wish I lived close enough to him for him to be my doctor! He is awesome! I would like him/her to know that my daughter loves her family, town, and everyone pokes fun of their home from time to time. Get a life!

Lula's mom

Maddnessofme said...

I think everyone pokes fun of where they live, no matter where they live. It's normal every day banter. Take me for example, I live near Detroit and I make fun of it almost every day. Even tho clearly, it is the most beautful awesome place on the planet to live!

So don't let the haters get to you.

Heather said...

Man, I was scanning the comments hoping to see one from RK.

Guess he/she/it has slunk back under the porch, huh?

This is awesome. Some people need to get a sense of humor. The end.

Busy Bee Lauren said...

You win at life.

We already discussed talking smack about the husband is like, fightin' words. NO ONE goes there. I hope RK is hiding right now.

Love you!

CaraBee said...

You know what's funny, when I read the post yesterday, by the time I finished it I had completely forgotten about the drug mention in the very beginning. There was all kinds of nicey nice stuff about Pennington Gap in there. It wasn't until RK made a comment that I even remembered that part. Glass is half empty kind of person, maybe?

Great response, Lula! You rock. As always.

Angie's Spot said...


I love ya more'n my luggage. Greatest response to a hater EVER! I'm so honored to call you my friend.


Karen said...

It's alright. I grew up in a small town. Moved to another small town in another state. I could and have poked fun at both places for their little quicks and such. People today are just too touchy about things. We offend if we speak our mind, we offend if we don't. If we don't share an opinion, we offend,and if we do share we are called names and given unjustified titles. Never you mind. You didn't do a thing wrong. Go ahead and poke fun and speak your mind. If a reader doesn't like it or agree, don't read anymore. It's pretty simple to me! I, personally, LOVE your blog and loved what you said about your town. You go, girl!

Reading Mom said...

ooo,ooo,ooo You did get upset didn't you? Your family (and town) are lucky to have such a strong and eloquent defender.

But beware of public blogs. Especially when people know who you are, and who your kids are, and your husband is basically a public servant. It's a tricky world out there, but you'd absolutely HATE to hurt your husband's practice in any way by twisting up a flap in your little town.

I don't know you are your town. I am just a casual observer. And a gal who eventually took her identity undercover.

Best wishes.

Jen said...

Well said, very well said.

Melissa said...

Ok, RK. Those is fightin' words. You don't mess with one of my homegirls. We will go. You hear me?
I guess I should say, um, "I mean that in a loving way."

Seriously Lula, you should become a lawyer. I'd totally hire you to defend me. Not that I currently need defending.

Sometimes I need to just shut my big yapper...

Why people got to be so ugly?

John Deere Mom said...

Note to

Rhea said...

I can clearly see your love for your town in this post. And appreciate your sense of humor and ability to see the whole picture of things.

Great post!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Mona (and you) just call it like you see it. In small town living (or anywhere, really), one must take the good with the bad. And drug problems? Are very, very bad. Our town? Total suburbia... with a gang problem. Six months ago we made national news because a teen was killed at 4 PM on a suburban street.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Funny enough - I never even caught that part of it. Or I did, but understood that you were kidding and moved on. I could say similar things about where I grew up (worse since I grew up in DC), and I don't think anyone would ever assume that EVERYONE was living in a crack house.

Whatever. I'm sorry your neighbor was offended, but I understood and never assumed that you were calling your neighbors meth producers and oxy addicts.

Ashley said...

Wow ~ I didn't realize such a harmless little post would cause such a backfire. I wouldn't give RT the time of day. Obviously, he/she had no clue what they were talking about. Congrats on your first hater. Haha!! ;)

Amy said...

Rawwwrrr!! Go girl!

Ok, it's settled. I always knew there was another place in this world that I could/should be living in, and it's YOURTOWN! I am packing my bags now! :D