Friday, September 4, 2009

The Horns of a Dilemma

After clicking here, there, and everywhere last night, I stumbled upon some website wanting me to vote for the "Scream 2009 Awards," honoring the best in fantasy, Sci-Fi, comics, and horror. Oh. Wow. There's an awards show specifically for my people*? I'm all over that.

Until I got to this category: Best Ensemble Cast.

The nominees are...

Battlestar Galactica
bsg cast Pictures, Images and Photos

Lost s5 cast Pictures, Images and Photos

True Blood
true blood Pictures, Images and Photos


____________ Pictures, Images and Photos

Watchmen Pictures, Images and Photos

Um...are you KIDDING me? These are only my five biggest loves of 2008/2009.

Thank God they left out the cast of Star Trek (but how dare you, Spike network!), because the above listing has literally reduced me to fervent hand wringing. My knickers are so twisted that I'm now capable of singing "Please Don't Go Girl" in my best Joey McIntyre-at-15-voice. Hangin' tough, y'all.

I cried when Battlestar Galactica ended back in March (best show no one watched, except me & the other brilliants of the world). I almost cried while watching Twilight last November. (And those weren't tears of joy. Mrs. Meyer, I still love your books.) Watchmen was a very solid & satisfying adaptation of the best graphic novel of our time, and True Blood stars my boyfriend. And do we love that he's dead center in HBO's promo picture for the show? (Ha--"dead" center. Get it? He's a vampire. Ah, whatever...) Yes, of course we do. As he is worthy of my praise. Let's look at him again, shall we?
Eric Northman Pictures, Images and Photos
You're welcome.

In the end, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I pulled on my big girl panties (which may or may not have been Wonder Woman Underoos) and placed my vote.

Like y'all don't know which cast I consider to be the best in the world. In the history of television. Oh, please...

I love it.

(But darn the teeny boppers--Twilight has this one in the bag. Sigh...)

Sometimes it's very hard work being a Sci-Fi nerd. Yet I muddle through...I rally...persevere...and in the end, I feel as if my work here is done.

*By my people, I clearly mean me, Heather, and the all the people of the world who would attend Comic-Con in costume. (Me=She-Ra. Heather=Girl In Pink Dress Who Marries Captain Kirk on the Bridge of the Starship Enterprise. Duh.)


Melissa said...

And I would totally go to Comic Con with costume...just to have a chance to wear some high heel shiney leather knee boots. I wouldn't do that for just anybody. Can you feel the love?

Sissy said...

I think ComicCon would be an absolute blast, now that it is on the map celebrity-wise. So many people go to that convention now.

I don't know who I would have voted for in this poll. I don't watch Lost or Battlestar. I watched BG when I was a kid though. Lost just gives me nightmares about flying, so I had to give that up. We don't get HBO and although I loved the novel, the Twilight movie was sadly lacking. I think I would have had to go for Watchmen.

Love ya!

Heather said...

I may not be a sci-fi nerd, but you know I am right there with you on the Lost and Trueblood lovin'.

And yes, you get to take full credit for noticing Eric's hotness LAST season, long before anyone else did.

And Eric in a track suit is almost as hot as that picture you sent me...

Heather said...

One more comment: someone just sent me to . You have to check it out. Beware: go to the ladies room first, because you will pee your pants and spew coffee through your nose. Have a tissue ready.


Brandy said...

I would have picked True Blood, but I'm not a big sci-fi person & I don't watch Lost.

{I hope we can remain friends.}

CaraBee said...

Girl, you know I would be at Comicon with you!


Some of these categories are really tough. Add in that you have to vote movies against tv series. These are all my favorites, but in different ways. I just can't pick between them. Sigh.

Tony C said...

I'd paint my body blue head to toe, slide on my black thongy thing and join you as Dr. Manhattan at Comic-Con.

As people recoiled in repulsion at my very sight...we'd be front row at every event. Now that's power.

Anonymous said...

Do we need to start a sister-wives club for Alex Skaaaaaaaaaarsgard as well? I will let you be Barb, but I demand a Nicki position this time around.

I pick True Blood, but only because Gossip Girl wasn't listed.

Bekah said...

but isn't it crazy that Twilight was even voted for something like that? I really feel like it's a love story and not a screamer story.

i also have no idea what the scream awards are for.

Busy Bee Lauren said...

You KNOW Ted is your people. He wishes he could dress up and attend Comic Con with you.

Anyway, I am so glad you voted for LOST in the end...because I would have too.

Sigh...I just got a sad feeling because I miss Boone.

Janet O'Connor said...

I knew you would make the correct decision, even when faced with the difficult. You chose wisely as LOST is by far the greatest show on television.

PS I would rock the hell out of a costume at Comicon. But it better hide my face.

Heather said...

THANK YOU for appreciating my character at Comic-Con. And yes, I would attend proudly.

I thought of you last night when I used the last pennies of my clothing budget to buy my newest Hello Kitty shirt. She's dressed in a school girl uniform and is wearing red glasses that are taped together in the middle. At the bottom it says "Talk nerdy to me." It may be worn aboard The Ecstacy. As it should.

I would have had to vote for LOST as well. Until the True Blood ensemble works on their accents, I cannot vote for them. I am still awed that your boyfriend has mastered it, but Anna still hasn't. God love her.

Randi Troxell said...

very cool! i didn't know such as this existed... but i like it.. A LOT!!

i'm a total dork... and i would sooo choose twilight and trublood!!

have a great holiday wkend!

Jody said...

You totally picked the right one!!!!!!!!!!!

*looks around for comic con costume

Live.Love.Eat said...

I am so glad I have you to keep me up to date on these things. BUT I have to tell you, we watched Watchmen and wished we could fast forward through to the end. But I am so with you on LOST. Still love me?

Kat said...

I am so cracking up at thekitchenette - and the sister wives - and being the Nicky character. Because THAT show is the other reason (besides True Blood) that we have HBO.

Do you watch Hung??

And speaking of SciFi awards? Did you ever watch Fringe?

(And duh...of course you voted for LOST.)

Rhea said...

I'd fight you to dress up as She-Ra. I Loved her. Princess of Power, baby.

Love this post.
Love sci-fi.

I haven't been watching True Blood, but I've been reading the series for YEARS and loved it. I need to watch the show...seriously need to.

Have you been watching that new show Defying Gravity?!!

WhisperingWriter said...

I am a huge fan of Lost. I love that show and can't wait for it to come back.

I'm stopping by from Moxie Media. I'm trying to check out all the blogs :)

Jen said...

Your love for all this is amazing!