Thursday, March 6, 2008

Best. Show. Ever.

lost season 4 poster
And that's not hyperbole either! 'Tis fact, my friends. If y'all aren't watching this most fine & fabulous show, why the heck not?

I've never really blogged about Lost in depth--Beckie will disagree, though--however tonight's episode left me with no alternative. There's so much crap on TV in this day and age that when a truly excellent show exists, I have to give it mad props. The past 6 episodes have been makes me happy, happy, happy!

I have a list (y'all know me & lists) of favorite actors/actresses in the world of film and televison--both past and present gems--and much of my TV list is comprised by the people who populate the Island. Before getting ahead of myself, I also have to mention that the writers on Lost are pretty much the finest in the industry....such as Drew Goddard, a former writer on another of my fave shoes, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." An actor can only do so much--it takes a great script, too...duh!

So anyway, the last two episodes of Lost have been among the best of the past 4 years, in my opinion. We are getting to the meat of all these mysteries and I am loving it! The acting talents also seem to have stepped up a it possible for any of them to get any better? (Evangeline Lily--I'll leave you alone, honey.)
Ben Linus [Michael Emerson] Eyes
Michael Emerson (Ben) is scarily enjoyable. Typically thought of as THE villian, I'm now thinking his "we're the good guys" proclamation in Season 2 (while he was held prisioner in the hatch) might actually be true. Emerson is a brilliant actor...he's a joy to watch. He needs an Emmy.

Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet) is so fabulous it's hard to believe she's only been on the show since last season. And who can forget that incredible season 3 premiere, with the shot of the plane breaking in two and the reveal of where "The Others" reside, just as her book club was getting into a heated discusson of Stephen King's "Carrie?" My favorite episodes of the series thus far have been Juliet & Desmond-centric...two fine actors, indeed. Which leads me to
Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond) is Scottish and has gorgeous hair. And if that's not enough (it is for me), he's a fierce actor...yeah, fierce is a good word to describe his talent. I'm thinking/hoping/predicting he'll be an even Bigger Deal outside of the Lost world, once the show ends in 2010. He's a pretty Big Deal now, yet I'm sensing even Bigger things for him. Spielberg, are you paying attention?

And then there's the rest of the cast, most of whom are pictured above...Terry O'Quinn (Locke) justly deserved his Emmy win last year, Jorge Garcia (Hurley) is just enjoyable...and even the newbies this season--the Freighter Folk--are proving to be solid additions to the show. The ABC casting big-wigs are putting in some serious overtime...having so much talent on one show is really satisfying as a viewer.

Of course there can't be a write-up about Lost without showing love to my man Sawyer, portrayed by Josh Holloway...he of the delicious dimples and southern accent. (Yeah--he's from GEORGIA! I like to think of him as my kinsman. Wait, did I just drool?)
I love the character's one-liners, nicknames, and passion for reading. All in all, a swell guy, even though he killed Locke's father last season. Which, on island time, was actually about a week or two ago. Did I mention he's awfully pretty, too?

So this serves as my love letter to "my" show, Lost. Thanks for keeping me obsessed since September of 2004. I've logged way too many internet hours doing research on Widmore/Hanso/Dharma Initiative et. al, spent more money than I care to admit purchasing the past 3 seasons on DVD, watched every single episode at least twice, and even splurged on "I love Sawyer" t-shirts for Lacey and I to wear without a shread of embarrassment. (Happy Birthday, Lacey--we love our Sawyer, huh?) It's very rare for an hour of mere television to capture my interest and imagination as Lost has. Only a few have done so before..."Moonlighting" (oh, the great days of David Addison & Maddie Hayes!), the previously mentioned "Buffy," (Joss Wheadon ROCKS! I'm waiting for his latest, "The Dollhouse," to premiere, hopefully next fall), and of course, "Designing Women." It was only a half hour show, but all-time favorite sitcom.

I must watch Lost. Just a little passionate about it, I know...but I'll stop now. Check out the Lost links on the left, too...only the finest recommendations on the web for my readers. See how I take care of y'all?

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Tori said...

I have to say... I was a bit bummed that Sawyer was only shown for about 1 minute last night! It is definitely a good season, though. We're hoping to find some "Lost" spots when we go to Hawaii (we're going to Oahu) next week.... Jonathan is secretly hoping to casually run into Evangeline Lily!