Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Random musings...before 10 am.

*Why is Caroline obsessed with ice? Better yet, whose idea was it to have a free-standing, under-the-counter ice machine that's readily available for a 2 year old? Oh yeah...that was me.

*Toaster Scramblers...Egg, Cheese, and Sausage...cholesterol laden and delightfully delicious. Must. Stop. Eating.

*"There's an animal in trouble somewhere."

*One load down, another to go...then it's happy folding time while Baby Love naps. This is my life. I claim Colossians 3:23. Always. (Look it up, peeps!)

*"Mommy, I watch Mah-ton...come on, Mommy...let's watch Mah-ton." She means Morton, from "Charlie & Lola." And she says it exactly like Lola. My child can fake a British accent! Yes!
charlie and lola :)

*Does that "my vacs don't lose suction" Dyson guy make a dust buster? 'Cause my Black & Decker sure ain't picking up the litter like it used to. I gotta vacuum. Or kill the cat.

*Haven't talked to Mama in 2 days. Thirty years from now, if a day passes without my girls calling, will I freak? Likely. Because I'm neurotic that way.

*How long can I stay in these pajamas before it becomes really pathetic?

*Better yet, how long can Caroline stay in that pull-up before I'm deemed a bad mother?

There's an open issue of TV Guide next to me...the headline is "TV's Hottest Scenes Ever." Number one is the first time Spike & Buffy do the deed...while the building falls around them...without a shred of nudity. Oh, I so agree, TV Guide...HAWT! Maybe I'll write a letter to the editor with my support of this. In the meantime, here's the edited version of said scene:

Yes, censorship folks...afterall, this is a family friendly blog.

*Did I quote Scripture and laud a sex scene in the same post? My LU girls are nodding their heads and saying, "Yep...that's so Leigh Anne."

*And so I've rambled enough for one morning...let's hope I don't get around to posting my thoughts of the afternoon. THE END. (Crowd goes wild...)


Kelly said...

ah thanks for sharing. and modern diapers are designed with neglect in mind, so rest easy. or feel sorry for our mothers, who had to touch diapers and toilet water all for the love of their stinking children.

Pinky Roth said...

Too funny. I can remember myself having a moment or two like your days now. Payback...LOL!!!!!!!!!

Kaley said...

Wow...and I thought my brain was random. You win. =)