Monday, March 31, 2008

Friends in low places...

...lower on the map, that is. Here's a final few pictures from our trip to Georgia last week. Yes, we're already mourning the lack of blossoms, buds, green leaves, blue skies and really warm sunshine now that we're back in good ol' Lee County.'s home sweet home!

We stopped over at Brantley & Michelle Whitley's so the kids could play while we visited. Michelle was my maid of honor almost 8 years ago and now she's the mom of 5 boys! (The two youngest are biological, the three eldest were an added blessing from her marriage to Brantley.) The girls had a ball playing with Morgan & Collin:

When it was time to say good-bye, I (thankfully!) had my camera ready & was able to capture this precious hug from Morgan to Caroline. Seriously...this is super sweet.

Our traditional stop on the way home to Virginia from Georgia is in Marietta (right outside of Atlanta), for the best Mexican food in the wide world...PAPPASITOS!!! There's only 1 Pappasitos located outside of the great state of Texas, and of course it's in Georgia. Their quesadillas, fajitas, salsa, and homemade chips & tortillas are the best. Ever. Trust me on this one.
Joining us this time was one of my friends from high school, Kelly Colson Rutledge, whom I had not seen in over 14 years! Kelly brought along her 17 month old son, Danny...and let me just say that he is Way Adorable. (And he looks just like his grandfather, Bob Colson...but I digress...) Anyway, we had a great time catching up (and chowing down), while Danny & Caroline took turns throwing Goldfish, fried rice, and whatever else was available on the table. Libbey, as per usual, fell in love with Danny...she has a heart for baby boys, probably because she has a baby sister.Although I did not see them in person, I gotta give a shoutout to Jennifer Gill Sanders & Lauren Lauffer Evans (both of whom were bridesmaids in our wedding, too!). I talked to them almost every day while at my parents' but we could never match up our schedules for a face-to-face visit. No worries...that will happen this summer.

And this brings THE END to the Georgia-related posts. Life in chilly Virginia has resumed and I'll be posting about it sometime tomorrow.


Tori said...

omgosh... that first pic reminds me SO much of our old neighborhood!

Kelly said...

yours are the sweetest sweetest girls....i was so glad to see you again and meet your little angels. thanks for hookin up with us!

Michelle said...

YAY, we made it on the blog!! All of my lifelong wishes have now been fulfilled....HA! Seriously, we enjoyed your visit and what a sweet picture of Morgan hugging Caroline! Can't wait to see y'all again!