Thursday, March 13, 2008

Blame Vicki.

This morning my father-in-law phoned early to ask if he could take Libbey to school. Since Poppy is one of her most favorite folks in the world and his offer enabled me to stay in my pajamas for a while (and savor another cup o' joe!), we happily accepted! Now that I don't have to wake Caroline as we walk out the door for Elk Knob Elementary, she'll most likely sleep 'til 8:30 or so. Given this half hour I normally don't have to myself, I figured it was time for a new, newsy post. Then I checked e-mail.

My friend, Vicki, sent a link to yet another blog that heralds the praises of my show, Lost. This one is a bit different,'s from a Christian perspective. Seriously? Are you kidding? For real? Uh-uh. That's like the best of both worlds for me...and now I'll be singing Van Halen all day long! This warrants a big, resounding, "YES!" from Lula.

The blog is called "The A-Team Blog*," and their tag line is, "Take a stand for truth, but do it in LOVE, fool!" If that's not the coolest, I don't know what is. (And an aside...I really wish more Christians would do this...stand up for Truth, but please...don't give the lot of us a bad it in Love. And that is Love with a capital "L," of course. I digress.)

Anyway...check out this particular post on Lost. Once I started reading, I realized any downtime I have today (yeah, right--downtime with a 2 year old!) will be spent perusing the rest of this site, and not just the Lost links. I love this stuff!

So readers, you can thank Vicki for my lack of a new, newsy post today. More A-Team Blog is on my immediate agenda, so I might get around to a "real" Lulaville post later on. Check back this evening. And I personally want to thank Vicki for sending this link to're awesome, girl. I could post a picture of your fabulous new dress (that she sewed herself--she's very talented!), however I decided to go with an oldie but goodie instead...

This is Vicki with her then 13 month old daughter, Reagan, along with a 13.5 month old Libbey...March 2003. Aren't they adorable? I include Vicki in the adorable category, too!

Now, go read the A-Team Blog*, peeps!!!!
*Disclaimer: Upon further reading of this particular blog, I've discovered many links/references to Calvinism. Emphatically I state: I am not a Calvinist in any way, shape or form. However I do recognize that many members of my family in Christ hold to these theories...and I do not immediately write them off, nor do I consider them to be inferior because of their beliefs. Remember what I quoted in a previous post? "Everyone's entitled to their own's just that yours is stupid." I say this in love, and with the caution to tread lightly, and not to view The A-Team Blog* as my support of Calvinistic beliefs. Because I know I have friends here in Lee County who will read this and say, "Uh-oh, where is she going with this?" and fear that I've lost my mind, not to mention my strongly held convictions! It's the same as saying John MacArthur & the late Dr. D. James Kennedy are/were awesome preachers...even though I disagreed with some of their theological beliefs, and that's OK.

Oh, yeesh...this is a whole other post I'm getting into...just wanted to clairfy my feelings on this highly controversial subject! And I still maintain the A-Team peeps are rad--Lost from a Christian perspective. Pretty cool.
p.s. Do I have to remind anyone that a new eppy of my show airs tonight? Nine o'clock, ABC...I'll be there, and my DVR will be recording away!


Vicki @ said...

Blushing. No really, you captured my best side in that pic. What a trip down memory lane! Thanks for the shout out! Enjoy your day, fool!

Amy said...

Lula, I saw that you linked to my post, and I just wanted to say thanks so much for recommending us! And also for your encouraging words. You're welcome anytime, even if you're not a Calvinist! :-)

And yes, Lost is absolutely the best show ever. I was fortunate enough last year to have a good friend work on the show in the production offices here in L.A., so I was able to bake some cookies and take them to the crew working there as a thank you for their work. Don't forget to pray for all of them when you watch the show every week!

The A-Team Blog

Pinky Roth said...

Wow, so you are famous now w/the Lost bloggers! Ya'll are nuts...


Kelly said...

lol i'm with your mom. i just watch it. and read that one blog you make me read about longlivelocke.