Thursday, December 4, 2008

Coming Clean.

For the past thirty-three years I've been called a lot of things. Things like:
Drama Queen
At one point or another I'll admit these were correct assessments of my character. In every criticism there is a bit of truth, or so my friend, Lane Sanders, told me many years ago.

I've also been the recipient of a few niceties, as well. Such as:
I have a hard time accepting compliments because I tend to ignore any favorable press bestowed upon me. Compliments from my husband and two daughters are freely given and easily accepted, though. I'm thankful for this.

I've had a lot of labels thrust upon me for 407 months. By nature of humanity, I'll wear many of these titles over and over again. The good, the bad, and the ugly. By nature of Divinity, though, I have the ability to shrug off the ugly and bad, and accept the good with grace.

Today I begin my thirty-forth year on this earth, and the label I most identify with is child. God's child. I choose to start my new year by coming clean, receiving new mercies, learning from mistakes, and seeking Him as I move forward. It's a journey, y'all...and I thank each of you for being on this crazy trip with me!

And this is what I'll be singing/praying all day is the cry of my heart...

When the best of my intentions
Won't reach for their potential
And the language of love
Hesitates to leave my tongue
I tire of trying to translate
What I am to what should be
No, the inside of this stained-glass cup
Never really does seem to come clean
So I stake out my pretenses
And keep washing white these fences
But the colors underneath them
Keep showing through again
I tire of trying to translate
What I know to what I do
Won't You scrub this dusty window, Lord
Let Your light get through
When I come to You, I come clean
Can't pretend to any good in me
Wash me in Your love, I come clean...
--from "Come Clean" by Scott & Christine Dente

p.s. This matters to no one but me...but I've waited all my life to be thirty-four. 34! It's my favorite hero wore it many years ago, tearing up the field, winning the Heisman, bringing pride statewide. I love you, Herschel Walker. I will wear your number proudly for the next 365 days.


Kristina P. said...

Lula, Happy Effing Birthday!

Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

Happy Birthday!

Did you know that Rob Pattinson ahs a playlist on ITunes? He has a King of Leon song on there and says that they are the only current band he enjoys...He just keeps getting better...

Just like you!

I hope your 34th year is fantabulous! And I hope your birthday is even better!

Denise said...

Thirty four was a great year for me. Wishing you the same.

Great post. Sometimes I struggle to connect my "funny" posts with my faith. Where does Jesus and salvation fit into a post of being stalked by Build-a-Bear? Thanks for keeping it real and reminding me its okay to post about the salvation part too.

momof3crazykids said...

Happy Birthday Lula!!
Great post. You're only a year younger than me.

Kat said...

ACK...I cannot believe I didn't say Happy Birthday to you tonight! I am such a bad friend. But if you read my'll see that this date has another significance for me.

So, happy, happy birthday. I am so glad that you are a part of my life!

Heather said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to yoooooooooooou!!! You know I'm singing in opera right now just for your pleasure.

Tiffany said...

Okay, I know have a birthday gift idea... muuuuuhahahaahahaha.

Happy Birthday to my favorite bloggy find.

Lu. I heart you.

jori-o said...

Happy birthday Miss Lula!! The world is a better place because you are in it. HOpe you have a fabulous day!

Vicki said...

Happy Birthday!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Happy birthday from a fellow 34-year-old. And I guess I'll have a pseudo-present for you at my blog tomorrow morning. Check after 7 AM EST. I have just one picture. Unfortunately, we were there for my FIL's funeral, so no massive touring allowed. But I do have one picture.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Happy Birthday! How cool that it's your favorite number.
My fave number is 11. I passed that one a loooooong time ago!

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday Lula!

Keith said...

Only a Georgia girl would associate her 34th birthday with Hersch. Hope it is all that you dream of, aspire to, and can imagine. Happy Birthday!

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday

Amy said...

Happy Birthday!!!
I think you are
1. funny
2. kind
3. thoughtful
4. talented
5 have good taste in music
6. informative
7. a good friend
8. caring
10. sweet

Those are my top ten for you.
Have an awesome birthday.

Kelly said...

you forgot generous and loyal. happy birthday!

Brenda Jean said...

Happy Birthday! You are such a young chick-- I'm hyperventaling that you are 15 years YOUNGER than me-- waaaaa.... No wonder you seem to have so much energy:)

I hope your day is EXTRA special!

Caroline said...


(and now for your birthday song)

This is your birthday song
It doesn't last that long

I can't wait to talk to you and Mel B. Call me, m'kay?

Amy said...

I read somewhere once that people have every right to think or say whatever they want about you, it's how you choose to react to it that matters. You are the bomb!

Happy Birthday LULA!

CaraBee said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! Now we're the same age. So far, 34 has been one of my best years, I know it will be for you, too! Enjoy your day!

Heather said...

Why is it that when we hear negative things, we take them to heart, but when we get compliments, they are harder to accept?

You are absolutely right. Bottom line, we are ALL God's children, imperfect but loved in every way.

I hope your 34th year is an incredible one, full of love and friendship and adventures!

I love you.

Happy Birthday.

Becky said...

Oh I love that poem. So perfect!

Hope you have a great birthday. You are such a cool person:)

I turn 34 in March. I hope I can embrace it as wonderfully as you!

JANE said...

OMG Herschel Walker!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Haven't seen this pic in yrs. Lived in Athens during the Herschel days........ FUN oh yeah!!

Happy Birthday Number 34!!

Jen said...

You are awesome and I hope that you have the best Birthday ever. You should have told me that it was your Birthday, I would have made sure that the chocolates were there on this day.

Live.Love.Eat said...

This is an awesome birthday post to yourself Leigh Ann. Happy Birthday!!!!!! I am not kidding when I say my post today was going to be "Coming Clean" but about something a bit different and then I changed my mind. How freaky.

I think you're awesome and maybe you were all those things at some point in time but aren't we all. I am on that journey too and mine is slower than some but I am happy to just even be on that journey, and with you! Happy Birthday from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!!!

angela | the painted house said...

Happy Birthday, girl! Hope you live it up!

rachael said...

happy birthday!

Kori said...

Happy Birthday Lula.

You know I love you and think you are absultely amazing.

I am so glad to not only have you as my bloggy buddy but also as my real life good buddy. It was so good to talk to you last night. Good thing you didn't call about an hour later I was a hysterical blubbering fool.

Hope you have an amazing day.

M said...

Happy Birthday!!

(from your friendly neighborhood lurker :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Tami said...

Happy Birthday!

Have a great day :)

Mama Dawg said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Debbie said...

Thirty four hugs coming to you right now! Although it has to be an air hug, because your week long sickness has made it's way to this part of Virginia. This is the first time in 4 days I have been up and around...Enjoy your day!

Elena said...

Happy Birthday!!! I think you have a great attitude and look out for your 34th year. May it be your best one yet!

Pinky Roth said...

Happy Birthday to you! I totally remember this day 34 years ago at exactly 1:20 do I know, I'm your mom! Seriously, I was able to be w/you for Thanksgiving , sad to say, not on your birthday though. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and all year long as well. I love you!


Brandy said...

Happy Birthday! You know I think you're amazing. Hopefully you are treating yourself to a nice relaxing bath today!

Tracey said...

ooooh how very thankful I am that my Daddy Gods' Mercies are made new EVERY DAY!! From one child to another, I hope your birthday is a WONDERFUL one!

Rachel Ann said...

Happy 34th...I'm 34 as well and I think it is a great year! I totally identify with being a child of God...sometimes hard to equate that with everything else we are told...but hallelujah we know the truth!

Merry SITSmas as well!

Betty said...

I came from Michelle´s. Happy Birthday!

DESJ and Company said...

Happy birthday!
Found you on Sits

ciara said...

happy birthday :)

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Jennifer P. said...

Shrug off those bad ones girl! You are so loved by those of us out here who get to really know what's going on in that big brain and heart of yours (I didn't even mention boobies--but I know Hot Tub Lizzy might ;)!).

May your 34th year be blessed and full of lots of surprises---the pleasant kinds.

Jesus loves you!

Aubrey said...

HAPPY Birthday Lula! May 34 be on of your best years yet!

April said...

Happy Birthday Lula! that all...I forget how young your are! Hope your family has something very special planned for you today!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday to the one and only LULA!!!

I hope you have a fantabulous day! And may this year be your best ever :)

angi_b72 said...

Happy B day!! Cute post!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday to a very special lady! Thanks for being my friend and sister in Christ! Love You!

Britt said...

You sure are starting this year with a great attitude! Happy Birthday, lady!

justsomethoughts... said...

happy boifday.

beautiful post.

herschel was great. up there with barry sanders and walter payton. could watch him all day.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Roses are Red
I wish i was thighlight
Have you ever heard
of a book called Twilight?

Roses are Red
When I drink I slurple
You gotta love a girl
whose bra's come in purple

Roses are Red
Look, it's a llama
Sometimes you see things
Like Michelle Obama

Roses are Red
I don't play soccer
I think it's COOL
that you love Herschel Walker

Roses are Red
Vampires don't like Mirrors
Congrats on finally reaching
34 fabulous years!!!

Swirl Girl said...

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday dear Friendly
Intelligent, one...

Happy Birthday to YOU!!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday! I'm so glad we are friends.
I have a few months to enjoy being a year younger than you.
Your songs are my songs, too. You know what I mean. It's only because of Him that there is anything worthy in me. I'm so glad He knows the real me. You do, too. I hope we continue to grow as friends.

Felicia Eis said...

Forgive me for not stalking until now! I finally decided to tag along with all of your other stalkers ;)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! May the Lord bless you and may His face shine upon you this year!!

BTW I love your tat! I need me one though I think that my husband would ban from stalking you if I said I wanted a tat :P

HiHoOhio said...

Happy Birthday CHILD OF GOD!!

HiHoOhio said...

Happy Birthday CHILD OF GOD!!

Melissa Lee said...

Dear Lula,

May Edward come to you in your dreams.

May Herschel Walker start stalking you.

And may Jack go back. (I think you know what I mean.)

Happy Birthday to you,
Melissa at Stretch Marks

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you are having a great day!

Linda said...

Hey ... yesterday was my birthday! Today is my husband's. And yours too! So how cool is that?

Well, having my 34th firmly under my belt, I can say it's a great year! I'm sure it will provide you with much enjoyment.

Hope you have sweet Hershel dreams and all your birthday wishes come true!

Rhea said...

Happy Birthday, you rockin' awesome girl!

Robin said...

Happy Birthday!!

LaTonya Yvette said...

Happy Birthday!

Tiffany said...

You're gift just shipped. Oh girl I have truly outdone myself this time.


jsprik said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Lula, Happy Birthday to you!!! Be Blessed!! From a fellow SITSta!!

Carrie said...

Dear Miss Lula,

You are exactly 210 days older than I am, so


Now you can add that one to the list. *snort*

Is it bad that I've been called way worse than you??

Embrace the inner bitch...

Your young friend,


Greg said...

a birthday limerick from me too u!

i have a blog friend named leigh anne
ive never met her, so she could be a man
shes turned thirty four, but we all still adore
the blogger we call lulu anne!

Tod and Casey said...

Happy Birthday Lula! Wishing you well the whole year thru!

PS- Saw "Twilight" for a second time...still thoroughly enjoy it..but was much more aware of all the discrepancies and abbreviations. During the first viewing I was hypnotized by Rob's face :)

Preston said...

Wow. Great post and happy birthday even though it's almost over!

Finding Normal said...

Happy Birthday! Hope 34 kicks ass!

MarciaBrady said...

Happy Belated Birthday Lula! Love the song lyrics.

By the way, you are too funny, Herschel Walker! My guy is Peyton Manning and he wears #18. Can I say I'm 18 again? haha...I'll actually be 35 next March. I think I'll stay where I'm at!

Hope 34 finds you with many blessings!

mommaof4wife2r said...

happy bday...and i would totally not wanna list what i've been are one brave lady!

KimmyJ said...

I'm late, but Happy Birthday!

angie said...

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite bloggers. I've blocked out of my mind all the naughty things people have called me. :)

I'm right behind you turning 34 in a few months.

sassy stephanie said...

Happy Birthday to one of the warmest, friendliest, funniest, purple nailed, sassy southern bloggers!!

Mariah said...

Hapy Birthday to the woman with the best breasts on the net. Hope the next 365 days bring only the best!

Sun said...


I'm lame but, I love you...happy belated!

Marrdy said...

Happy Birthday!! Sorry I missed the exact day! I can't believe anyone would call you anything other than something lovely. I think you're wonderful.

Trish said...

I somehow missed this post (my internet was down for a few days last week) and so I completely missed it being your birthday!

So, so very sorry!!

I pray that you had a wonderful day and that you embrace your name of 'Child' this year!

PS..I've been given a new name this year, I went from B.i.t.c.h.
to beautiful woman of God. It's a long story, someday I'll tell it