Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Bits.

I feel the need to share with y'all the things that are making my life happy this holiday season.

*Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate at Starbucks.
starbucks Pictures, Images and Photos
It's nirvana in a cup. A little, cozy mini-vacation, if you will. Liquid dessert. For real.

*I'm obsessed with scarves. If I'm wearing a sweater and gloves and it's above 20 degrees, I need no coat if my neck is warm. This is my latest and most favoritest:

Black and pink houndstooth, y'all. It's so sassy, yet so Sherlock Holmesesque...which is so ME!

*I cannot walk past the red kettle without making a donation. It's not Christmas until I hear the ringing bell:
Salvation Army Pictures, Images and Photos

*Some call 'em ugly. Others call 'em overpriced. I agree for the most part. Yet still I wear my Uggs with pride, combined with extreme warmth and comfort. It's all for the good of my feet...and if my footsies are happy, all seems right with the world.

*I'm not very picky about Christmas tastes are wide and varied, but there are some songs that should not be messed with. As in do not even think of remaking them. Or go ahead and do what you will, musicians and vocalists of the world...just don't expect me to listen. These three songs are the definitive versions for me. Please, do not mess with 'em.
"The Christmas Song"--Nat King Cole
"It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year"--Andy Williams
"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"--Judy Garland
{Coincidentally, Judy's version of "Have Yourself..." is the original, and is from the movie Meet Me In St. Louis, which is my 2nd most favorite movie in the world. }

Throw in some Vince Guaraldi Trio (the soundtrack to Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!), Kurt Bestor's instrumental version of "What Child Is This?" (go on iTunes and look it up--it's been one of my faves since high school) and Harry Connick Jr.'s "O Holy Night," and I'm happily ensconsed in my comfort coma. I need to stay there for two more weeks, please.

Now it's your turn...what are your "happy bits" this season? What comprises your comfort coma? Please share. I want to rejoice with you.


Trish said...

Happy bits.........

baking cookies. just like i did today.

Salvation army kettles. i get rolls of quarters to keep in my car and each time we head into a store my boys get a couple of quarters each to put in the kettle. I especially then love it when the bell ringer lets the boys ring the bell.

Pumpkin Spice Chai from Tulleys. Yes I know pumpking is a fall thing, but techinically it's still fall!

Compromising my coma:
that my husband will not go up on the roof to put up lights........he's a little scared of heights. hhmmmppfff. Someday I'm going to be able to afford to hire someone to do such a frivolous thing. When that day comes remind me that it is a frivolous thing and my money could be better spent.

Anonymous said...

We are sisters. I'm telling you. For all the obvious reasons we already know AND the following:

I rocked a black and white houndstooth jacket last night at the boat show. It was finally cold and i was finally able to wear (read: show off) my awesome new coat. I have to send you pics now.

Obviously, we know I love Starbucks but am being held back from it.

MEET ME IN ST LOUIS IS ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIES. I JUST watched it two days ago and sang all the songs while wearing my trendy, some call ugly, expensive Uggs!!!!!!

My happy bit this holiday season is you.

Cross my heart.

LenaLoo said...

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate makes my heart sing... I drink one every time I work (at Starbucks) because I can't afford my habit otherwise :) Oh and I *danced* the day it got cold enough to get my Uggs out :)

Jennifer P. said...

Love the poo out of the Charlie Brown soundtrack--listen to it from Halloween till Christmas! But I prefer Mel Torme's version of "The Christmas Song" (he wrote it you know!). I chug Starbuck's Peppermint hot chocolate like it's going out of style. And there are these things called Dan Cakes that I buy at Cost Plus. I eat waaaaay too much of that--but it's just a gooey, squishy, chocolatey mess that I can't resist. Love really over-the-top houses with so many lights it's blinding!

Julie said...

that caramel hot coco sounds amazing... ahhh america. wow.

making cookies
my dad coming to see us
delivering cookies to our neighbors and those whose shops we frequent near us... they are always so happy and surprised to get anything from us... this doesn't happen here in Hungary
mulled wine
chirstmas markets
funny christmas trees here

heathersister said...

Gotta go in early today. Get back to you on this one after work. Bye.

Rhea said...

I love that scarf. And I think I'm going to have to get some Uggs, because I succumb to peer pressure.

And I want warm feet.

I don't think I've heard Judy Garland's original of that song. Interesting.

I love Starbucks Chai Tea. with soy. All year round, but especially during the cold time...

and did you read about that Salvation Army kettle guy bell ringer who asked me to ring his bell?! Creepy.

Amy said...

I like the Barenaked Ladies Christmas CD for music.

When it's really cold and I'm going to the gym I like to wear my big tall Uggs with shorts because my best friend tells me it's odd. "People look at you like you're crazy." Which just delights me. :)

I like the cold weather. I never used to, but this year it's nice.

I also like the smell of pine, candy canes all over the house and Christmas lights to name a few.

a Tonggu Momma said...

I actually own that exact pair of Uggs. LOVE. THEM. They may not be exactly stylish (cough, cough), but they keep the toes toasty. And that is what makes me happy.

I also absolutely adore the fact that the Tongginator continuously belts out Christmas songs, no matter the location nor situation. People even clap for her. I promise I will introduce show tunes soon.

Heather said...

Well, I absolutely must agree about the salted hot chocolate. Who knew???? And Uggs are my shoe of choice. Right now I have a plum pair and a black pair and alternate the two daily. I also have my Ugg slippers that do not leave my feet when I am home. Worth. Every. Penny. When I move, YES I WILL invest in some Ugg flip flips...lined with fleece. And I agree with your music left better untouched. I hate it when pop artists try to rock them out. No, no, no, no, no.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Hey lady! Love your comforts! I wish I had more colder weather to warrant only wearing a scarf! Maybe in a month. My comfort coma is the lights all dim in the house, glass of wine in hand, listening to some Christmas music and having quiet time with my 2 guys & just looking at the corner where my tree & chimney are.

I must put Meet Me in St. Louis on my list. Never saw it and I loved how it was mentioned in Sex and the City.

(I tried the fudge last night. It was goooood).

Heather said...

Hmmm. I love you, but I don't love caramel, and I've never seen that movie (gasp!)

I do love warm feet, but I don't own a pair of Uggs. I do love fleece, however...

My bits of comfort? Baking cookies with the kids (you've seen the photos); making Christmas cards and gifts in my scrapbook room with Kay with Christmas music (yes, the classics are best) and a hot cup of coffee...pure delight.

I'm sad that this year feels so rushed. I don't know what to do about it. Three school Christmas parties this week, Isabel's birthday on Sunday, working in between, finishing up shopping...

I don't feel cozy, I feel crazy.

Maybe I need to try that cocoa after all.

Mama Kat said...

You should help me get even with Costco if only for the fact that he has kept me from your blog for over a WEEK!


That being said, I LOVE your scarf! I'll trade you some jelly beans???

Caroline said...

I too love hot drinks (we don't have st. arbucks here, so your salted caramel hot chocolate will have to wait - but I believe you).

The red kettle - good stuff. The bell ringers are always so friendly, even when you don't have money to put in the kettle.

Christmas music - My favorite is Josh Groban's "O Holy Night" (beautiful, I love his voice), but I heard a Rascal Flatts version of "I'll be Home for Christmas" (acapella) that was truly amazing.

I also love soup and grilled cheese sandwiches and baking Christmas goodies.

And I love you...but that's all year round.

Kori said...

That salted caramel Hot Chocolate is like crack. Straight up crack in a cup.

Love that stuff.

And as far as happy bits I'm gonna be cheesy and say that you are one of my many happy bits. Love ya.

Melissa said...

Happy Bits at Christmas will have to start with my mom's spinach balls. It's a must at this time of year. I'm sad to say I will have to pass on them this year, but that's all good. I will cherish the smell and that will be enough.
I have this cheap 20 family favorites Christmas CD that has become a cherished treasure on Christmas eve. I put that on and I start boiling cloves, apples, cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice in some water and make my house smell delish. Then I start cooking appetizers. We just stuff ourselves silly with finger foods on Christmas Eve and then we head out to candlelight service.

A little more than a bit, but that's my thang.

~Michelle~ said...

I'll give you the Uggs provided you live somewhere it gets cold enough to wear...and it sounds like you do! I hate the girls here who wear them (or the fake ones, even worse) - it's Southern California, how is it even cold enough to wear them???

Happyness (that's a great movie) is hot apple cider...sugar cookies from Grandma Maryanne...and I also agree with the scarves (though mine are lighter weight for the climate!).

CaraBee said...

My happy bits: the smell of Christmas trees, Christmas carols (all of em), snow (haven't really seen any yet, but I'm hopeful), warm apple cider with a cinnamon stick, SALES!, big fluffy sweaters, electric blankets, cuddling with my husband on cold winter nights, hearty turkey stew, the smell of fireplaces in the air and so much more. I LOVE winter.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Can we just be movie Twins??? I ADORE Meet Me In St. Louis... I wanted to live in that house.. heck.. i still do....

Lucille Ballard... Warren Sheffeild.... dance cards... the parties... *sigh*... i was born 100 years too late.

April said...

Do you have Starbucks in Pennington Gap???

I have had no Christmas comforts yet this year...but I am so looking forward to hot cocoa with a touch of Baily's, wrapping gifts in my pj's, and eating fudge for breakfast...I just can't seem to slow down enough to enjoy it yet!

Hairline Fracture said...

LOVE the scarf--in fact I want it because I have decided to start wearing scarves more and mine are not that cute!

I will buy myself that Starbucks drink this week--I know it will make my day.

I'm loving Christmas music and my kids' excitement, and looking forward to baking things for teacher gifts this week (making enough for extras for us to keep, of course!)

Amy said...

I am not so much of a Christmas-y person, but I have to say what I love right now is my daughters' excitement. That and the memories of Christmas past.

Kristina P. said...

I need to try that hot chocolate.

Brandy said...

Love the scarf although it brings back bad memories of the HD one that I gave away on Friday against my better judgement. I really, really, REALLY wanted to keep it and give them something else. But Stevie said no. Me thinks I will have one under the tree. :-}

I'm enjoying PW's rum cake and the preacher cookies I made Friday. Num yummmmmy. And Christmas socks. I heart Christmas socks.

Kat said...

Things that would make me happy: having a Christmas tree. Or a house with lights outside. But our weekends have been so busy with kid stuff...nothing is getting done.

But things that are making me happy - seeing everyone else's lights. Baking cookies. And getting cards in the mail. Gotta love something that is not a bill!

Kristin said...

Off to starbuck to try that hot chocolate. I have an unused gift card I just found.

mine, by magpie said...

first off, i'm heading STRAIGHT to starbucks after work- that sounds insane!

my happy bits...when i finally hit THE best present of the year for someone, which i did two weeks ago. i'm telling ya, pure genious.
sending off the box to the dear santa letter family that i get at the main post office every year. my whole family and all my friends send something too. love it. my mittens. make me feel young and spry.

what a great post- you just made me all warm and mushiful!

Kimberly said...

You hit it right on the head for me, I love the Vince Guaraldi soundtrack. Except, I hate it when people say it is depressing, I just don't get it. Maybe they had a sad childhood, too bad for them, stop bringing me down :)

Linda said...

Oh you're right on with the caramel salted Starbucks! YUM

My happy bits o' the season ... looking for a new ornament each year for each of my kids. It has to be just the right one for just the right kid. Then going through the box and remembering all the past years as we hang them on the tree.

I love those little buttercream mints from Hickory Farms. You know, the little kiosks in the mall that are only there at Christmas time, I have to get a few bags every year.

Also, I love watching all the Christmas movies. All of them, any of them. Just sets the season off on the right note!

p.s. That photo of you in your last post ... I have an almost identical picture of myself circa 1970 ... same bushy tree, same round ornaments and same console TV in the background. Good memories!

Linda said...

Oh one more thing ... young girls around here wear their Uggs with shorts! Not sure what that's about. LOL

jori-o said...

Never tried the hot chocolate, but later when I'm out running's actually COLD here today too! There were snow flakes a-flittin' and everything!

Christmas cards make me happy. Sending them, receiveing's so nice to get mail that doesn't have a due date!

justsomethoughts... said...

grandma got run over by a reindeer.
then watch love actually.
then listen to aforementioned song again.
and tip the eggnog. frequently. in between glasses of wine.

Outnumbered2to1 said...

Have to agree with Amy, LOVE the Barenaked Ladies Christmas CD. I can listen to their "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" a bazillion times.

'salted' carmel hot chocolate? The salted is throwing me but I think I'm gonna have to try it.

Swirl Girl said...

watching my girls scarf down fresh and hot chocolate chip cookies , the smell of a real wood burning fire place - and lots of quilts on the bed!

scargosun said...

You are SOOO right about the SB's salted carmel HC. It is AMAZING! I am a bug Peanuts fan too so I play that CD over and over. If my new candy making goes well I will be excited to add that to my Chrismtas repitiore we'll see.

Ashley said...

"Christmas Vacation" gets me going every year. Then I proceed to watch it about 15 times throughout the holiday season. I think it is the best movie of all times! Classic.

John Deere Mom said...

Love, love, love the scarf. Quick question. Your Crock Pot candy recipe calls for 2 packages of white almond bark. I have 2 packages...they are 24 oz. pacakages. It seems like a lot. Is that the right size? Do I use both?

Mariah said...

I don't go anywhere without my uggs

Lacey said...

Ok... you failed to metion the sweet pal who intoduced you to the salted caramel hot chocolate!! hehe! Its me! Its me!!
luv ya!

Vicki said...

I love all things snack-like during the holidays (really any time of the year, but they taste better when we say they're for Christmas). My favorite song is O Holy Night by Martina McBride. Woman can sing it!

Lovin' the houndstooth!

sassy stephanie said...

Oh man. I keep hearing everyone talking about that damn hot choc. I'm trying to be soooo good on my WW. I'm trying soooo hard to stay out of Bux. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Just got my first pair of UGGS! and I am in feet heaven! I adore them! Wore them all weekend in New Orleans!
I am also staying toasty with a North Face jacket!

Sunshine said...

girl..i want the scarf...freakin famous.