Thursday, January 31, 2008


Found this after my previous post & homage to my man, Sawyer. Go ahead--watch and drool. I did.


Tori said...

LOL! I LOVE Sawyer! He's my favorite, so thanks for posting that! Loved it!

Sarah Pomerleau said... I watched Wednesday night's show...loved it (though had some confusing moments for me, since I am not a veteran LOST watcher). And then I watched last night...and am SO happy to be a part of the LOST Island... I have to say I actually get scared at times watching the when Hurley or Hugo was walking through the jungle alone...I was so scared I almost didn't want to watch. GOOD TV I tell you! Now... I am just going to have to watch all the previous episodes.
Okay...will love to share this with you!