Thursday, January 31, 2008


Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy, OH BOY!!!! It's been 253 days since we were last on the Island of Lost. Yeah, who's counting? Tonight my show returns, for at least 8 weeks. And yes, Beckie, I'll be posting lots more about it during those weeks...because it's MY show.
Josh Holloway
This is Sawyer...he's my favorite Lostie. Not because he's hot--because obviously, he's an Adonis, but because his character is so brilliantly written & performed that I think Josh Holloway (his portrayer) should've been nominated for an Emmy 3 years ago. I'm just saying. (But a big shout-out to Terry O'Quinn who very much deserved his Best Supporting Actor win for "Locke.") And he's from Georgia...'nuff said.
So get your Lost on tonight, people. The review begings at 8 pm central time...the new ep airs at 9:00. No one is allowed to so much as breathe in my general direction tonight. Nuh-uh. It's on!


Kelly said...

i don't much get crushes on imaginary people, but i'm with you on this one. hawt.

Stephanie said...

Man, it seems like we have the same taste in guys. He really is another hottie. Please tell me you like Matthew McConahey too? I can pass on the Tom Cruises for these guys.

Britt said...

Sawyer is my fav too .. for awhile I thought he was dead, and I was very upset .. my hubs got a big laugh out of my whooping when I found out he was okay. Luckily he puts up with my Kate bashing .. that girl does not appreciate that man.

My line between reality and tv may be just a bit blurred when it comes to this show, now that I think about it ;o)