Saturday, January 26, 2008


The past few days have been busy. "Busy" is actually the theme of our family, however we've really stepped it up this past week. I like being's better than being bored. However, tonight we are home child is in Richmond with her grandparents, visiting her uncle, aunt, cousin, and cousin-in-waiting, while the other child is with her "3rd set" of grandparents...the Cress family, of course. So we have nothing to do but hang, watch TV, surf the 'net, and blog. And here I am...a welcome reprieve from the busyness of this past week.

If you read one of my posts from a couple of weeks ago (go back & read it you haven't!), then you'll remember my story of the "rule of 3." We proved it once again on Friday. By mid-afternoon we had a house full of folk, all doing something or other to benefit the lives of the Littons. First to arrive was Christina Smith, our fabulous interior designer. She came to measure Caroline's new "big girl" bed & to take one of my Memaw's chairs that we're having reupholstered for our baby to use. Give us another 6-8 weeks and we'll have a brand-new room to show off! Shortly after Christina's arrival, a man from DirecTV showed up to install...wait for it comes...our HD DVR!!!!! WAHOO!!!! It's what I asked for at Christmas...DVR so I can record the entire season of "Lost." Oh wow, I can hardly contain myself.
I'm breaking it in tonight for the very first time, recording "Torchwood," which is on BBC of my "boyfriends" is guest-starring tonight, so I'm using him as my inaugural DVR-ing attempt.
James Marsters
This is James Marsters. He's right up there with Jason Statham (see below). Swoon!

Just after Mr. DirecTV left, Mr. ADT Security System made his entrance and attempted up upgrade our security system...on ADT's dime no less. He was unable to perform the upgrade...mostly because we live in the middle of the sticks, but also because I think he was just a bit incompetent.adt

In the middle of all these comings and goings, my sweet friend, Kelli Elliot, stopped by for a visit. We got to chat while showed me how she spent her Christmas day (in Paris...I so hate her!). I also got to see loads of pictures from her recent Caribbean cruise. Thanks, Kelli, for making me supremely jealous. I love you! And everyone, fly United--maybe you'll have Kelli for a flight attendant. She's the best! And we will vacation together sometime SOON!
(Kelli & Libbey, July '06)

Looking back I realize that while we've had a lot of stuff going on at our house, we've also accomplished a bunch. (Decorating Caroline's room, being the last people on earth to finally get DVR, visits from friends we don't see often enough. Oh, and a phone call from an old friend--thanks, Kelly! Just to name a few...) Yes, I reckon it is better to be busy than bored. Then again, I have 2 children under the age of 6...the word "boredom" really doesn't fit in our vocabularly! I'm blessed with a life full of randomness. It's a good thing!


J. Scott said...

What a nice blog you have my dear. I will have to come back and read up on the goings on that I miss while I'm at the salt mine every day. I sure do love my three favorite girls! :)

Sarah Pomerleau said...

oh're not the last one to get DVR...
I love your randomness!!!