Wednesday, January 16, 2008

House call.

Yesterday Scotty made a late morning house call not too far from where we live. (Yes--there are M.D.s who still make house calls and I just happen to live with one of them!) He surprised me by phoning to say he'd finished early and wanted to come home and see us before Caroline's nap. Oh, and could I please make a peanut butter & strawberry jam sandwich for him? But of course, my dear! Caroline loved getting to see her Daddy during the middle of the day, and she even offered to share her pre-nap snack of yogurt and vanilla wafers with him. Thanks, Daddy, for making our day! Please do it again more often!

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Kelly said...

aw, that's sweet. good ole country doctor. i know danny would be so glad to see his daddy for lunch, but the hour commute prohibits that most of the time.