Saturday, January 12, 2008


It's truly the little things in life that make me happy. I am fully surrounded by blessings too numerous to count. Of course the biggest ones, such as my salvation, my husband & girls, family, friends, and health, are at the top of the list. Then there are the small things that create comfort in my life...little items/situations/experiences that bring me joy. We all have them, and whether yours are finding a big bargain at Target (shoutout to my thrifty/creative gals, Beckie & Vicki), or taking delight in the latest University of Kentucky basketball win (right, Shannon?), I think it's time we all stop and take a moment to reflect on what truly warms our hearts.

Yeesh...could I sound anymore like Oprah and/or a cheesy Hallmark card? Maybe it would've been better to simply say, "'s what I dig." But I don't say "Yo." Not too much, that is.'s a short list of "diggable" things.

Much to my sister-in-law's chagrin, I fully believe that Q-Tips are one of the greatest inventions. (To her credit, she is an audiologist and fearful of sticking things into the ear that aren't for medical purposes.) Not a day goes by that I don't use these little white wonders. It goes without saying that I keep my ears squeaky clean with them, but there's so may other fabulous uses...such as setting my eyeliner, wiping smudges of eyeshadow, using them as a "brush" when Caroline & I break out the fingerpaints, cleaning out the crevices of tarnished silver (yes, I'm a southern gal--we love our silver stuff!)...and on and on. Any brand will do--but I prefer the wooden sticks--the kind that are plastic are flimsy, which I just can't abide. Q-Tips...cotton swabs...whatever you call them, to me they rock!


Our house always has candles burning in it...we are not the "they're too pretty to use" or "we only light them when company's over" types. If I'm home, my candles are glowing in the kitchen and living room...always! This is a perfect gift item for me because it's something I can and will always use and enjoy. Christmas brings pine-scented candles, so our faux tree will have a real scent. When it's cold and bleak outside, inside my house is filled with the wafting fragrance of fig or currant, which instantly warm. In spring I love to have tuberose and peony scents's the easiest way to have that fresh-cut smell. Summertime is when I break out one of my favorite scents ever, "Sun & Sand" by Yankee Candle. This thing smells exactly like the beach--a mixture of citrus, musk and something quite Coppertone-ish (and we adore the smell of Coppertone!). If I can't be at the beach all summer long, there's no reason my home can't smell like it! In the fall, of course, I look forward to lighting up my favorite autumnal scents such as clove, pumpkin, and cinnamon. Scent is a powerful sense, and something as simple and easy as lighting up a fabulous-smelling candle just makes me gleeful!


Hi, my name is Leigh Anne and I am addicted to lipstick. It is my crack, my meth, my drug of choice. Because I was brought up right and surrounded by good, southern women, I have never left the house without something on my lips. The phrase "corpse" comes to mind when my lips are bare. A good lipstick or gloss can instantly make me feel better, even on a bad hair day. It's the single item of make-up that I buy constantly. Some of my favorites are on the pricy side (Chanel's "Moire" comes to mind--but man, is it fabulous!), and then there's the bargain L'Oreal gloss that I could purchase by the barrelful. A tube of Bonne Bell Lipsmacker in the Dr. Pepper flavor sits on my bedside's the last thing I put on before climbing in to bed each night. I might not always have the perfect outfit, or the most fabulous pair of shoes...but darnit, my lips are always well-accessorized. Sigh...bliss.

A Good Book

Since the age of 4 I have been a lover of reading. I'm constantly devouring the printed word, whether it's the back of a cereal box, a friend's blog (2 years worth on Kelly's!), or the latest bestseller. I try to read a book every couple of days. Some reading for fun, such as the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer (way wonderful!), and some is for instruction, hence God's command that we love and learn His Word. The "Mark of the Lion" trilogy by Francine Rivers (the best!) taught me a lot about ancient Rome and what life was like not long after Christ died and rose. (These books area fiction--but very historical and MUST-reads!) And I get excited whenever Beth Moore releases her latest, as I know it will teach me to understand more about my God. Books are just "it" for me...a way to relax, escape, grow, and learn. If I could describe my perfect day, sitting on the beach with a fabulous read would definitely play a part.

There are many other "happys" in my life. These are just a few that I find pleasure in...Scott & I are always saying, "It's the little things that make us happy!" It doesn't take much...some swabs, a candle, gloss and a book and I'm the happiest gal on the planet. Woo-woo!


Kelly said...

i couldn't speak to the q-tips, but i remember the other enjoyments from high school. and it does kinda make me want to go put lip gloss on, which i do at least once a week, whether i need it or not :)

Sarah Pomerleau said...

Leigh...thanks for your post. I was made 'happy' just reading it. If you don't mind...I'll probably take your idea and do that some time on my blog as well... it's just neat to talk about such 'comfortable' things with your friends.
love you

Leigh Anne said...

Sarah, you are my COMFORTABLE friend, of course! I should have put on my list, "sitting in a WARM apartment, watching Rosie, eating brownie batter, drinking Coke in a can, and barely talking for hours...with Sarah" on my list of happys!!! Oh, the memories!

Sarah Pomerleau said...

oh the days...I am still up for the brownie batter, a few sips is all I can do from coke in a can, Rosie...well...but definitely sitting anywhere with you...that is just what I call comfortable!!! love you!