Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Scotty: "JOAN JETT!" Scott: "Yee-haw, I love rock & roll!"

This past weekend we paid a visit to some of our best friends in the world, Scott & Suzanne Nunn, otherwise known as "the doctor who delivered Libbey," and/or "our traveling buddies," as we like to describe them. We met the Nunns in 2000, our first year of medical residency...I liked them immediately because they were from Georgia and I needed that link to my homeland as a newlywed residing in a new state. We became almost-instant friends, which is a blessing during the busy years of resident training. One of their greatest attributes is that they are truly fun folks--hence, our love of traveling with Scott & Suzanne. Let's take a trip down vacation memory lane, shall we?

Our first big trip was to San Francisco in early 2003--we did all the touristy stuff such as going to Alcatraz, riding the street cars, touring Muir Woods, a day trip to several wineries in Napa Valley & Sonoma Valley (which Suzanne and I loved--the boys were ready for the Budweiser tour, though!), Fisherman's Wharf...we hit the high points of the city by the Bay. Here we are posing outside the San Francisco Maritime Museum.

The following summer, after Scotty & Suzanne had both finished their first year in private practice, we all agreed that we were due a tropical trip. So we hopped aboard Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas for a 7 day cruise to the Bahamas, St. Martin, and St. Thomas. We had the most fun, including dancing in the Dragon's Lair (the ship's "disco"), befriending Sutali--the world's greatest bartender, eating way too much pizza, and trips to the hot tub at 4 am. Our favorite time, though, was swimming in Megan's Bay in St. Thomas, one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. Yeah...it pretty much rocked. Oh, and there were lots of naked people there, too...but that just grossed us out. Here we are with our clothes on!

Our most recent trip with the Nunns was this past October, where we spent some very relaxing time in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Both Dr. Litton and Dr. Nunn truly needed a break from the rigors of hospital work, so we heeded the invitation of that commercial from years ago..."Come to Jamaica!" Well, alrighty then! Here's what two doctors on vacation look like:

And just because we could, Suzanne & I took a photo of our cute little feet, inches from the Caribbean sea:

In between all these awesome trips, we find time to visit with Scott & Suzanne at their home in Blairsville, Georgia, or here in Pennington. We've even done a weekend getaway in Gatlinburg. (Who hasn't?) This past weekend's trip was full of what we do best...talking, eating lots of fattening goodies, listening to music (but I still can't get them to appreciate John Mayer--that's OK, for I don't see them converting me to a love of Breaking Benjamin anytime soon!), playing Sequence, and just hanging out. It's great having friends with whom we can just be very chill-like...because sometimes that is the best vacation of all! Here's Scotty & Scott during one of our marathon Sequence matches. (Scott Nunn, are you rolling your eyes right about now?)

As parents of a 6 year old and 2 year old, it's not easy to find time to go away as a couple. A common refrain we hear around here is, "I can't believe y'all go off without your children," and "I could never leave my kids to go on vacation without them!" In all honesty, we are husband & wife first, and parents second. We love traveling with our girls--and we do take vacations as a family. But Scotty & I really embrace our weekend (or sometimes longer!) getaways as a coule. Our marriage requires this time alone together. And we believe we're better parents because of it. And I'll step down from my soapbox now, before I really get started.

So thanks, Nunns, for being our friends and travel buddies. (And thanks, Suzanne, for delivering our firstborn...but that's a whole other story!) We had a blast with y'all this past weekend and can't wait to see y'all in our pool this summer. Libbey is ready for Scott to be her playmate, as usual! We love y'all!
p.s. I've also gotta thank the people who make our travels possible...Papaw Sonny & Mamaw Pinky, Poppy & Nanna, and the Cress family (Papaw Bill, Memaw, and Kristi)...who love our girls so much that we don't have to worry about them for one second while we're gone. There is such peace and gratitude in that, so thanks to all of you. We love y'all, too!!!!


Kelly said...

i like lulaville's new look. and i always was fascinated by your digits. cute toes. and joey and i need to get away in the worst way. never a night away from danny. we love him, but god bless america.

Kelly said...

and yes, i know, they're not the green ones. although those are cute, too, in a happy st patrick's kind of way. okay, great, now i'm kelly the foot fetishist. not really. but say that five times fast. and go get a pedicure, cause they're fun. well fun might be stretching it. but worth it? yes.