Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentimes!

Tragic. Bloody. Beautiful. Still my favorite cinematic love scene of all time. Uncas and Alice...I weep every time. And the score? Quite possibly one of the greatest ever composed for film. Yes, we love Last of the Mohicans. You should, too.


Kelly said...

i think acne must make you very mean. was that the moral of the story? it wasn't, was it?

Greg said...

Daniel Day-Lewis and a soundtrack with an Irish feel....a winning combination! One of the best movies ever also :)

Shannon said...

Ok, since I don't have anything to do (nope, there's no laundry piled up in my hallway. Or dishes in the sink... nope, not here!) I'm scrolling through your archives.

I thought I loved you before... then I found this. Yep, this post has sealed the deal. I LOVE this movie... and the music. I listen to it all. the. time.

I even tried to get into the theater for this one but was busted by an usher and had to leave 'cause I was not 18.