Wednesday, February 13, 2008

For Uncle Robbie.

Because you said, "No child of mine will ever eat at McDonald's!" long before you actually became a father, I present to you now...your niece & the following:

Caroline: I wan chicken nuggets, pease!
Me:'s sleeting and we had to brave the post office. You can have nuggets!
The Happy Meal is handed over and we drive away. Two miles from home:

Caroline: Yea! Chicken nuggets!
Yea! Cha-cate milk!
Yea! Fries!
Yea! McDonald's!
Good Job, Mommy!

Me: Precious. Yea, Caroline! I love you! Now you gotta say all of this to Uncle Robbie because you know how he feels about McDonald's!

Caroline: Unca Robbie...yea! I go see Li-zuh! Li-zuh has chicken nuggets!

And scene.
Lizee, baby--you're getting a Happy Meal next time we see you--with love from Aunt Lula & cousin Linus!
(Picture taken Sept. '07, Hilton Head Island, SC)


Kelly said...

danny loves chik-fil-a....he hasn't been to mcdonald's yet. i'm sure it's coming....they advertise before sesame street, which danny watches every afternoon.. you know, that's not a bad idea for this cold and dreary afternoon. playland and ice dream! i don't guess y'all have a chik-fil-a.

Robbie said...

Ok, first of all I believe the comment went more like "my kid won't be eating lots of Mickey Dee's". (Never say Never) AAANNNND the reason for the statement was that we were talking about fast food and I hadn't eaten at a McDonalds in months (never metioned Wendy's or Chik-fil-a) Therefore, it stands to reason that I wouldn't be taking my daughter there (MD's) very much either.

Lula, you sound like a real reporter there....taking me out of context and spinning it to make me look bad and give yourself an entertaining story....maybe I should get into politics....ha. Later..

Leigh Anne said...

This is a no-spin zone...I do no spinning, Uncle Robbie! You said what you said and I'm sticking to it. You just don't wanna own up to saying "never."

And hey--you thought my story was entertaining? Weeeellll...right on!