Sunday, February 17, 2008

I've no need for Casey Kasem.

As my friend, Kelly, recently pointed out, I am a big fan of lists. I write lists, read lists, keep lists stored on my computer, etc. So when I found this neato wesbsite, finetune, I had to take advantage of my mad list-making skillz. I now present to you 45 of my most favorite songs in the world. Casey may be counting 'em down,(is he still doing this, or just making a living off his "Shaggy" voice?) but I've put mine in no particular order. Enjoy!

The entire list is Here. It really is worthy, if I do say so myself. And I do.


Kelly said...

i like lists, too. other people's. which is why i'm enjoying listening to your music. stress-free list enjoyment. thanks!

Vicki said...

Looks like a great mix of music, can't wait to listen to it. I like music, but didn't grow up appreciating it so my musical knowledge doesn't run very deep.