Tuesday, February 12, 2008

For Your Consideration.

My list of musical loves is long & varied...Simon & Garfunkel, Nick Drake, Miles Davis, The Beatles, Carole King, Jackie Wilson, Rita Springer...to name a mere few. A beautiful voice slays me--especially when it's performing a perfectly written song. "Ghost in This House" is IT. I mean...seriously. If you don't like this song, we can't be friends. Alison Krauss, please be my friend, for I adore you!


Sarah Pomerleau said...

It KILLS me that you mention THIS song...I LOVE THIS SONG and I first heard it when I was over in Sicily visiting Chris... one of the most romantic times of my life...but I was in a little villa, listening to Allison Krauss whom I love...and I heard "Ghost In This House". Needless to say I blasted it like seven more times, one after another. OH my head... these little things that just remind me how God knows what He is doing when He brings friends together!!

Kelly said...

i've listened to raising sand a couple of times now....it's so odd but natural at the same time. like it.