Tuesday, August 19, 2008


My pal Kat, from Sunshine and Lemonade, is known for being the Queen of Random Drivel. Today I'm going to borrow her crown, with her permission. Wait...maybe I should ask her permission first. Let me just give her a call right quick.

Me: Kat, can I borrow your Random Drivel title for my post?

Katrina: Not only will I freely share it with you, I'll virtually place the jewels upon your head, swath a satin sash across your midsection, and fill your arms with dozens of roses.

Me: Thanks...and then I'll return the glory to you at the end of the day. Or maybe not.

Three hours later (and an interruption for Kat to calmly discuss with her girls the ramifications of not going to bed), after a bunch of really good, random rabbit trails of conversation, Kat's phone--yes, her phone--announced, "You have reached your maximum talk time!" I promise y'all...it happened...she got fussed at by the phone. Ah well...it was after 1 am.

So... I have the crown and will now perform my first duty of the day.

About 7 years ago--OK, OK--7 weeks ago, Swirl Girl tagged me for a meme. She thinks I've forgotten...she also thinks I don't know her real name, but I've got a clue for everyone: Peter Pan. That's all I'm sayin'. I heart her. Not long after this bit o' tagging, Melissa and Veggie Mom also showed me some linky love. I'm either supposed to list random things about myself, answer a bunch of fun, insightful questions, or do the hokey-pokey. 'Cause that's what it's all about. I think.

Let's see...six random things about myself? Ummm...I think I've spoken of these before...I'm a Sci-Fi lover, I'm a not-so-closet Goth, Paula Deen is my close, personal friend (yep, still claiming it!), and I find joy in Playtex Sport tampons because they root for me during that time of the month. That's 4 bits of trivia for ya. Two more...hmmmm...oh, I adore Lawrence Welk. I mean, I really love his show...I could dance amongst the bubbles & bouffants with the best of 'em. Finally, I sleep with a pillow over my head, and have since the age of about two.

Could I be any more boring? Oh, how I wish Chandler could recite that line for me. It sounds so much better coming from him.

And now for my "Semi-Monosyllabic Pronouncements for the Day." (Thanks Veggie Mom!)
Where is your cell phone? Purse

Where is your significant other? Work.

What is your hair color? Processed.

Your mother? Reading to my girls.

Your father? Requesting breakfast.

Your favorite thing? Family.

Your dream last night? Hawt!

Your dream/goal? Beach house.

The room you're in? Kitchen.

Your hobby? Reading.

Your fear? Loss.

Where do you want to be in 6 years? The Ellen Show.

Where were you last night? Home...being scolded by Kat's phone.

What you're not? Prejudiced.

One of your wish-list items? Liposuction.

Where you grew up? GEORGIA!

The last thing you did? Took a sip of coffee.

What are you wearing? Grey wife beater & gym shorts.

Your TV? Several.

Your pet? Lewis-the-Cat.

Your computer? Miss Pretty Pink (Dell laptop).

Your mood? Tired.

Missing someone? Yes.

Your car? MomVan.

Something you're not wearing? Make-up.

Favorite store? Target.

Your summer? Still going strong.

Love someone? Yes. Many. Fervently.

Favorite color? "Pink is my signature color..." --Steel Magnolias

When is the last time you laughed? Last night. 'Til the phone interrupted.

Last time you cried? Few days ago...after finishing Breaking Dawn again.

Seriously, y'all...if you're still reading this far I must reward you with a bit of news. But first, thanks for all the tagging love, girls...I pray you haven't been sufficiently bored. My life is indeed random, but also pretty lackluster. I'm sorry I can't even attempt to make this clever!

Onto to the news: NEW GIVEAWAY TOMORROW! Or, FREE STUFF FROM ME! Come back tomorrow, please. If you dare!
Now you know I'm not giving him away...I just thought this post needed a bit of oomph, and who's more qualified to provide than my boyfriend? Exactly.


Kathi said...

That is so funny about the phone! Did her husband somehow program it to say that?? Ha!

Kori said...

Lovin the phone conversation. Priceless.

Kat said...

After all that angst last night about this post...look at how wonderfully random it is. And we did laugh. A lot. Especially after the phone said I had reached my maximum time. And then still let us dither on for another 15 minutes. Michael asked me this morning what time I came to bed. I figured "late" was description enough!

sassy stephanie said...

Her phone fussed at her...I love it. Also loving that you find JOY in Playtex sport. That is so funny.

Lauren W said...

I love it! Nice crown, it suits you ;)

Melissa said...

It must have been the day for putting the fear of the Living God into children before bed. Summertime is OV-UH! School is in session. You get up, you pay the piper....

You are so not not not boring. You are one of my bestest blogging buddies and I wuv you....:) Not to mention you won me over with tampons. It doesn't get more non-boring than that!

Heather W said...

Thank you soooo much for introducing me to CRACK (aka Twilight). I am now an adict like you. I read the whole book in a day. I love it anmd I think I have a mad crush on Edward. I have always been a sucker for the dark, mysterious, bad boy type. I am now in the process of getting my kids ready so I can go get my next fix (aka Eclipse). I think my husband thinks I am crazy!!! I am Jonesing for some more Edward.

Rhea said...

I like the ooomph at the end of the post. He's SEXY.

I can't believe Kat's phone talked to you guys...ok, FUSSED at you guys! That's hilarious.

I love learning more about you, Lula, because you crack me up. I want to have a party with you and Kat. :o)

CaraBee said...

Sweet Lula, you are anything but boring! The phone conversation is too funny! And the picture of your boyfriend...mmmmmm.

Swirl Girl said...

You are fer sure not boring and I heart you too!

love the monosyllabic meme. another thing to steal!

Insane Mama said...

Nothing about you is boring... um, and that is MY boyfriend.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Love the randomness. And LOVE the Jason pic at the end. Hey - notice the Blue Moon with a big chunkaorange in it over to the right here -> Whooo hoooo.

Nik said...

Anything BUT boring hun....

I have to giggle though because I use those tampons too and my husband heard me talkin smack angrily (yeah it was my worst day) and asked me what it was all about. Of course the word tampon sends him running. Dork. If I ever want him to leave me alone - that's all I have to say.

Brandy said...

You are soooo not boring.

I've now learned you have great taste in music, books AND men. Guess Kat's phone didn't realize how awesome you are. Bad, bad phone.

Caroline said...

Where do I even begin about this one Lula? Thanks for another hearty dose of fun, and a nice picture of Jason to chase it down with! Yum! (but I'm not movin' in on him, JUST SO YA KNOW!)

Marrdy said...

A gray wife beater, shorts, no makeup and a phone telling you to stop talking. Woman, you are living the dream! (Plus you make me laugh.)

Marrdy said...
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robin_titan said...

haha that conversation made me lauuuugh!!

lc_intocable at yahoo.com

Angie's Spot said...

That was some great drivel! Closet goth huh? I'll need to hear more about this! And thanks for sharing the boyfriend pic. Sigh.

Veggie Mom said...

You are HighLARious, galfriend! Ya know, the more I think, the more I think we should try to get Uncle Lynn on Ellen instead of Oprah. As usual, you were right the first time. How do you think we should approach it? Any ideas?

Heather said...

Uhm...is the name of this post really 'Desultory'? Man, I love you.

Her phone SAID that? Rude phone. I can't believe her phone said that!!

And I have to say that I share your favorite quote from one of the best movies ever made.

Kimberley said...

Yes! Yes!! The Hokey Pokey really is what it's all about!!! Interesting little facts about you. Love it!

Tiffany said...

Did you know that I know the Lennon Sisters? (If you truly LOVE Welk, then you will know who they are....)

Sorry I've been MIA, apparently being off work is more hectic than work. Who knew?

LaQuintamomof3 said...

Loved your entie post. Glad to learn more about you. I have been away for a while, vacation, the kids went to camp and we are trying to get ready for school while working!
Yikes, crazy busy.

Vicki @ notsosahm.wordpress.com said...

I love random posts. That's why I've cut down on my Twittering. Keep on keepin' on girl.

Debbie said...

You are anything but boring...and since when do phones talk back to you?????