Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It Vexes.

Let's peek into the chaos that is my mind. Its inner workings astound me, as well as freak me out quite regularly. See that Bible verse over on the right there? Yeah, God knows me, and for this I am eternally grateful. I can't wait to ask Him one day, face to face, "Lord, what were You thinking?" and "How many times in any given day did You chuckle at the mess that was in my noggin?" He'll have an answer. I'm counting on it.

While assembling a chicken casserole yesterday afternoon I compiled a list of things that were bugging me, grating on my nerves, and/or creating unwelcome sadness:

*The leaves are turning. Already. It's late August and we've had 3 weeks with no rain. Fall is my favorite season, however I'm not quite ready for it.

*William Petersen is leaving CSI after 9 episodes this season. No Gil Grissom in my life is unfathomable. Replacing him is Laurence Fishburne. That might work...we'll wait & see.

*I'm never going to get my tattoo. I've only wanted one for 10 years. Why do I keep putting it off?

*My People magazine is regularly being delivered 5-7 days after the fact, when everything's old news. What's the point? I'm having to go to Perez Hilton more often than I care to admit. And I've reported this problem to the good folks at People 4 times now. Four. Times. People, can we get with the People?

*Still another 150+ days 'til Lost returns. And Sci-Fi.com won't even divulge when Battlestar Galactica is back on air, for its final season. Who is the final Cylon? I'm rather impatient.

*This week, Colorado...next week, Minnesota. I'm so over all of it. November 4th, please come and go.

*Philosophy has new smelly goods for Fall, particularly Pumpkin Spice Muffin Shower Gel. This speaks to my heart, but obviously not loud enough. It's sold out everywhere. Already.

With my hands still shredding chicken, I also made another list in this brain 'o mine. However this was a glad list. Ever seen Pollyanna? We own everything Hayley Mills has ever done, and Pollyanna rocks. And after feeling somewhat blue over utterly trivial things, I knew I needed to be happy:

*My new BareMinerals Buxom Lips Full Color Gloss in "Vanessa." Autumn, my lips are ready!

*Libbey adores first grade, loves her teacher, enjoys her classmates, and thinks she is Big Stuff now that she's no longer a "little" kid. (Still haven't uploaded the pictures from her first day.)

*Twilight is less than three months away. My birthday & Christmas arrive early this year!

(Working on the convincing here, my friend. He is delicious.)

*Love, love, loving The Cure's new song, "The Perfect Boy." Thanks ever so much, Amy! I am forever in your debt. I'm just not gonna admit how many times the iPod jukebox has played it since last night. It wouldn't embarrass me, but I can't speak for the rest of y'all.

*I'm not in Colorado this week. (Unless Heather calls with a sudden invite.) Nor will I be in Minnesota next week. Remember? I'm over it. Both of 'em.

*Buffalo-flavored Pop'rs enhance chicken casserole. Delish! Thanks, Veggie Mom! Why aren't y'all on Ellen yet?

*I'm wearing a very special, very fabulous, and downright awesome t-shirt. I'll take a picture eventually (when I have a photographer handy!), but you just have to know that the front reads "EAMC, June 20, 1901" and the back has a special quote that includes the word "meadow." And if you don't know what "EAMC" or "the meadow" means, you're not reading. It's The. Best. Shirt. Ever. You totally deserve a public shoutout, Tiffany! Again, a huge thanks to you! I kind of love you just a little.

*I'm seeing Equus on Broadway, with my good friend Lacey. And not just because a certain wizard from Hogwarts is, ahem, naked while performing in it. On stage. Live. Cough-cough. We have zero ulterior motives. Just sayin'.

And right about now there are five ladies listed over on my blogroll who are not the least bit horrified or shocked at any of my admissions. They're simply nodding their heads, gently laughing, slightly rolling their eyes, and saying to themselves, "Yep, that's Leigh Anne." Right, girls? (Love you--K, B, S, and K--miss you all.)

Am I vexing or what? Yeesh, y'all...go with it, work with me, and, as always, please don't flee. Vexed or not, I couldn't bear your absence.


Shelley said...

Keep on vexing Lula. It makes me nod my head, gently laugh, and slightly roll my eyes. Not because I don't want to hear it, but it's nice to have some validation for my own rumblings.

Dawn said...

I'm with you on the People subscription! That's a lot to pay only to get old news. Then you see it on the shelf in the store and hate to buy it cause you've already paid for it but don't have it!! Good luck!

CaraBee said...

I'm with you on most of these. I'm not sure if Lawrence Fishbourne is going to cut it for me. What IS up with no date for BSG? Even if it's another 6 or 8 months away, at least I would have some day to look forward to. I didn't even realize Equus was on Broadway! Shows how out of the loop I am.

Amy said...

It's always good to do a little good with the bad. Makes it real. I am so glad you love that song, from your other choices I thought you would. I think I'm gonna to have to make you a list of music you might not know that you might like. One of my favorite things to do! Have an awesome day. Oh, and that mind thing, the second verse of the song Classics of Love by Common Rider is played over and over again when I'm running. : )

Melissa said...

Parent Trap. That's one of my favorites. "Let's get together, yeah, yeah, yeah. We'll be havin' lots of fu-un."

I guess I will have to download The Cure. My step-bro had got to be in heaven right now. He is "DIE-HARD" for the Cure.

Caroline said...

Three words...

Pollyanna, Gil Grissom. Boom.

Heather W said...

My brain is always making lists. My hand do the same. Some times they are lists of thoughts or things to do or goals I want to achieve. I also make lists of grumbles and complaints. I am glad to know that I am not alone in this and that someone is brave enough to let the world in on their thoughts. I don't quite think the world is ready for the lists I have going. Maybe some day.

I will let you in on one list titled: "What to do when Lula is trying to steal my Edward / Rob Pattinson?" I will let you ponder for a while!

Heather said...

June 20, 1901; a day that will live in infamy...in our minds, at least. I want one of those t-shirts! And Bella's ring (have you seen that yet online?).

I sent my email before I read this post. I didn't know you wanted a tattoo. You so need to come visit me in Ohio and go to Roy's Tattoo Parlor; it's quite the experience (once again, referring you to my Tattoo Mamas post in March).

I did NOT know Grissom was leaving! I just watched a rerun on Spike last night...say it ain't so!

Glad your Libbey loves first grade. Gabe was bawling at the bus stop again, wanting to get on the magic yellow bus and go anywhere but home with mommy. Sept 2nd can't come soon enough! (Preschool starts!)

Heather said...

June 20, 1901; a day that will live in infamy...in our minds, at least. I want one of those t-shirts! And Bella's ring (have you seen that yet online?).

I sent my email before I read this post. I didn't know you wanted a tattoo. You so need to come visit me in Ohio and go to Roy's Tattoo Parlor; it's quite the experience (once again, referring you to my Tattoo Mamas post in March).

I did NOT know Grissom was leaving! I just watched a rerun on Spike last night...say it ain't so!

Glad your Libbey loves first grade. Gabe was bawling at the bus stop again, wanting to get on the magic yellow bus and go anywhere but home with mommy. Sept 2nd can't come soon enough! (Preschool starts!)

Lauren W said...

Some thoughts as I read your thoughts... Ahem,
What?! Your leaves are turning?! It's still like 95 degrees here everyday! We can't even begin to think of it cooling down until October, and then the leaves all just fall off! Man, just wait until I get up there and I can see this "turning" thing myself.
CSI without Grissom is just another lame spinoff.
Why is it that you aren't going to get a tattoo? Just do it. I'll go with you and hold your hand.
Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica.
Mmm... Pumpkin Spice Muffins...
Fancy Lip Gloss!
Yay Twilight!
I need pictures of this shirt.
You'll have to post about Equus. I've been wondering about it.
The End :)

sassy stephanie said...

You could be in Texxxxas where it is still DEAD HEAT of summer. Enjoy your fall leaves girl!

Laurence Fishburne could be the only possible replacement that could work. Hmm.

Tattoos hurt. That would be why I went for the belly hole instead, which I never wear anymore. Yet, a small hole is better than unwanted ink. Think really hard about what you get if you do take the plunge. My husband just *cough cough* adores the Taz he has on his shoulder from his 17 yr old visit to the tattoo parlor.

Punkin? I love punkin!

Love Hayley Mills. The good ole days when kid movies were good clean fun.

Vanessa is pretty.

So glad to hear Libbey loves 1st. Mine are loving it too. Me, not so much.

I have GOT to get through my current two books so I can see what the Twilight craze is all about.

Love me some Cure.

I ordered some Popr's last week...can't wait to see them in the mailbox!

Ok, my fingers hurt. All I can comment on now. Geez, looks like enough though.

Anonymous said...

I luv Philosophy- I am going to vegas next month and will make a trip to SEPHORA-
Are y ou on facebook? let me know so I can add you-

Amy said...

I am only on season 5 of CSI via netflix, but I don't think I can bare to lose Grissom! I know Sarah Sidle leaves and that's ok with me. I love everyone there but her. I can't take the inflections she puts on her words... I want a job with CSI. I may go apply :D

I get my People every Friday, I love it :)

Deanna said...

It's not coming out until December 12!! How could they delay the movie?? I can hardly work because I have unread book taunting me from my backpack and now I have to wait until December to watch the movie? Geez!!

Could someone fill me on the t-shirt? I'm clueless...

Kat said...

We have leaves falling here too. I think they are just dead though. Because of the drought. All that landscaping work we did...all going down the toilet. Now that's vexing.

And I am not sure why you keep thinking that every post is going to send people running for the hills...

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Okay... this is a test....

The Truth About Spring

What does that mean?

Tori said...

I have been quite curious about Equus.... you'll have to share your thoughts about it after you see it. You know that's probably why Twilight got bumped up at the theater. They moved the new Harry Potter back to next summer because of Equus, so Twilight slid into HP's slot in Nov. That's what I'm guessing at least.... :) I'm hoping I'll get to see it (Twilight) but I'm doubting that I will before it comes to DVD. Aahh... the life with a 2 month old.

I hear you about People. I don't even subscribe anymore, but it comes to our newsstands late even. It's quite frustrating.

Glad to hear that Libbey is enjoying first grade!

Mama Dawg said...

Ummmm...can you sneak me in to the naked Harry Potter play? I'll be quiet...I swear.

Live.Love.Eat said...

This was a great mixed bag today. But I am guilty, EMAC & Meadow? I am guessing it had to do with the Twilight series? which I have not read yet!!!!!!! Once I get the book I will start immediately, just haven't gotten to the store yet. And those songs you mentioned as you're working out, they're awesome!!! They definitely get the muscles movin'.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I think you just put some sort of spell on me as I just got up from my desk at work and went to walk out the door to see if the Sephora in the mall had the pumpkin spice stuff to send to you. I got to the car before I realized that I was supposed to be working!!! I will send some to you if I find it at the mall. Consider it a thank you for talking up the Twilight series so much that I finally gave in and read it... All, in a weeks time..
I read it, I dreamt it, I laughed, I cried. God, it was too damn good... Sigh.... I am thinking I should start over again today, but hubby may kill me if i do...

BPOTW said...

I never grow tired of the mind mapping!

Lula! said...

HOT TUB LIZZY--You did NOT mention a Hayley Mills movie. This, combined with our shared love of Space Camp, totally pushes me over the edge. Mr. B needs to scoot aside...I'm totally marrying you. We can wear matching plaid dresses.

Mama Dawg, if I sneak you into the play, you'd have to sit on my lap and that would obscure my line of sight. My complete attention will be required during this performance, you know. Ahem.

And for everyone else who commented on Equus--you know I'll totally post about it after seeing the show. I told Lauren (I believe!) that I'll probably have to wait outside the stage doors and bum a cigarette off Daniel Radcliffe once the play ends. I mean, after seeing him so intimately a smoke is necessary, no?

Commence with the laughing now, y'all.

greedygrace said...

WOW! This is quite a hodge podge of thoughts.

Don't shoot me, but I'm not even sure that I've ever seen Pollyanna all the way through. But I loved The Parent Trap!

It's scary how addicted you've gotten me to Twilight and Edward.

Brandy said...

While fall is my favorite season too, the summer went by much too quick so I hear you on not being ready. ~And don't get me started on Christmas.~

What kind of tattoo do you want? I don't think I've read about that before...

I'm over the election too...how much coverage do we really need?? Between that and the Olympics I cannot wait for the new shows to start. Sad to say but I'm looking forward to DVR'ing a bunch of them.
(BTW, have you heard about a new series on HBO...True Blood? I'm definitely checking this out!)

Rhea said...

I love all your admission, Lula, you haven't shocked or horrified me! I'd go see Harry Potter naked too. hehe

What kind of tattoo do you want? I so love the idea of body art, I just haven't found the art for permanency. I will though. One day.

I love, love, love Hayley Mills! She rocked in all those Disney movies. I haven't seen any in a while..thanks for the reminder!

And, my Remy started first grade and he LOVES it too. He thinks he's a big kid now and is just so happy. Loves his teacher already.

Great random post. My mind works like that while I'm cooking too...or showering...or cleaning...or doing just about ANYTHING!

Insane Mama said...

Keep on keeping on..
My head gets a little funky when the seasons change. I love your randomness

Nik said...

Who knew chicken casserole could be so profound?!?

I love The Cure song as well - LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!

I hope you have a great time at Equus! I'd love to get a chance to see it!

Keep on being you sisterfriend! BTW - I have an award on my blog for ya - I just LOVE reading your blog!

Kim said...

I am not surprised by any of that! You are just a random kind of gal! that is why I love ya!

Hayley Mills! Yep, I love her too! In fact, I prefer that old Parent Trap because I love Hayley!

Angie's Spot said...

I wish I could send you some rain. It's been POURING here for the last 24 hours and we now have flash flood warnings. Yuk.

I saw a special on Battlestar Galactica and apparently this is another one I need to add to Netflix. Just the special totally sucked me in!

I wish I could help you out with the Philosophy problem. The closest dealer to me is 100 miles away.

Enjoy Equus! Can't wait to hear the FULL report!

Debbie said...

Not vexed one bit. Amused and entertained is more like it. Love it all!

Swirl Girl said...

Aren't we just a wee bit randy - wanting to see "Harry's potter" and all. I'm just saying...

Sissy said...

My People comes faithfully every Saturday and is my wind-down reading. Sorry yours is so late.

I want to know about this casserole recipe. You know I am always curious about new recipes.

Robin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robin said...

Lula, what vexing? I was agreeing with just about everything you said. I was excited about the election until it has lastest half of my life! I am soooo excited about Lost and want to know what's next. I would love to see Equus because of a certain wizard. That brings me to EAMC. I always thought Cedric Diggory was hot! I just finished Twilight and am just starting New Moon. So in love with all of it! I am so excited about the movie. And I cancelled my People because of getting my PerezHilton daily fix. I'm addicted, I admit it. Is BareMinerals worth it? And the pumpkin spice thing sounds wonderful. By the way, I am in Kingsport!! Sorry for the book, just could relate today!

lynn said...

A Twilight movie? I'm so behind the times on that one! I just found the books and need to get reading.
You're not the only one putting off the tattoo. I've been wanting one for awhile. Don't know what's holding me back. Maybe for my 40th.
I wouldn't mind seeing Equus. Not at all! lol

BTW, thanks for stopping by WI today! Love your blog.

PhatMom said...

I'm not leaving. I'm not one of your letters, but I am a stalker...I mean reader and don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon. I enjoy reading your blogs! :)

JAY said...

William Peterson .... I am so bummed out about that one. The only good thing, is that they haven't killed him off and he will be guest starring..

Tattoos .... I've been talking about getting a very small dragon, for a long time now. Tattooed in an inconspicious place. I think I probably need someone to get me drunk enough to actually do it....

Battle Star Galactica ... I'm as vexed as your are over Sci-Fi.com indecision ..

Hayley Mills .... I went to all her movies as a kid. We also share the same maiden name....

Equus ... Hopefully they will make it into a movie, starring DR.!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay- I just had to tell ya that FACEBOOK has all these cool TWILIGHT fan clubs on there- I joined one for "older readers-25 and Up" That would be me plus few years! IT is WAYYYY COOOL!

Tiffany said...

Thank you for the shout out. I love that you are wearing it while you make chicken casserole.

I LOVE Hailey Mills. The Parent Trap, Pollyanna, Castaway, and later as Miss Bliss.

Seriously, I have seen Pollyanna like 50 times. Steak and Ice Cream is the best meal ever.

Heather said...

Sorry I'm late. It took me two days to scroll past all of these other comments.

Have I pledged my love to you today?? The lips gloss...the link last night (I'm saving it for today after the kids go to school)...the body wash...the admission that you're over the DNC and RNC (Amen.)

Oh, and we WILL get you that tattoo one day. Oh yes we will.

Veggie Mom said...

Gotta LOVE those Pop'rs, huh? What else have y'all paired them with? Do tell!

Britt said...

Totally in agreement .. can't wait for Lost or Twilight (which I just read today in 10 hours, only because I had to make lunch and other mom stuff) Now that I'm addicted, I have to run back to my library and get the rest .. I think everyone here is going to be scraping around for food, or I'll be reading at the stove :o)

However, I'm totally loving this cooler weather. I'm hoping the breeze kicks up so I can shut my a/c off for a while before we have to crank on the heater. But I'm totally in denial that summer is almost over .. and I'm kinda wondering where it went

sassy stephanie said...

Just got back from Wally World with my own copy of Twilight. Time to see what the fuss is all about.