Monday, January 19, 2009

A Bit O' Fun.

It's Monday, y'all...and here in my mountain town that means ice, snow, blah-blah-blah and all that. Kristen posted this game over at her place, and I figured it would be fun to play along, too. It will lift me from the doldrums.

It's vitally important to our existence that we know our alter ego names. So participate, 'em all or pick a few, and lemme know what you come up with. Good times.

To find your ROCK STAR NAME take your first pet & current car:
Heidi Odyssey.

To find your GANGSTA NAME take your favorite ice cream flavor and your favorite cookie:
Lime Sherbet Peanut Butter. (Eh, that's lame.)

YOUR DETECTIVE NAME? Your favorite color and favorite animal:
Pink Owl. (What a fab name for a nightclub, huh? Just sayin'.)

Want to know your SUPERHERO NAME? Just add the word "The" plus your 2nd favorite color, and your favorite drink:
The Black Coke.

Your NASCAR NAME. Take the first names of your grandfathers:
Edmund Levoid.

If I ever go into WITNESS PROTECTION you can find me with this name. Your mother & father’s middle names:
Elizabeth Henry.

TV WEATHER ANCHOR NAME? Just take your 5th grade teacher’s last name and add a major city that starts with the same letter:
Housand Houston.

Of course, if you find me in witness protection I will assume it was because you were using your SPY NAME. Add your favorite season/holiday to your favorite flower:
Autumn Peony.

Find your CARTOON NAME by taking your favorite fruit, and an article of clothing you’re wearing right now, then add "ie" or "y":
Appley Hat. (I changed the order around. It's my game, I'll play as I want to!)

Your ROCKSTAR TOUR is heading across the's called "The” + Your fave hobby/craft, your fave weather element + the word “Tour”:
The Reading Fog Tour.

Finally, I'm adding in that one we all know and love...your PORN STAR name! Take the name of your first pet and the first street you lived on:
Heidi Hills.

I win this one. I'm sorry, but I do. Come on, Heidi Hills? You know that was meant for the centerfold. (If there is a Heidi Hills out there and she reads this, please forgive me if I've offended you. But I have to ask...were you Miss March or Miss September?)

For the rest of the day I will now plan The Pink Owl Nightclub. It will be our respite from the world, for bloggers only...where we go to relax, unwind, dicuss Lost, Twilight, music, good reads, etc. And all things in between, of course.
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jori-o said...

Here we go!
Rock Star: Sparkle Sedona
Detective: Pink Elephant (haha--Winnie the Pooh, anyone?)
Superhero: Red Juice (???)
NASCAR: Dell Daniel
Witness Protection: Kaye Lee
Weather: Spillane San Diego
Spy: Spring Tulip
Cartoon: Pear Slippery
Tour: The Blogging Rain Tour
POrn: Sparkle St. George (I've always liked that one!)

April said...

Heide Hills...very fitting if I do say so myself!

Kristina P. said...

Heidi Hills is perfectly respectable!

Thanks for stopping by tonight. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. It IS fascinating what people will share!

Denise said...

Okay, Heidi, let me know when the grand opening is and I'll be there UNLESS it's Wednesday night, although I doubt you would be there either. It's actually a testimony to my lack of a social life that I am spending so much time and effort into planning how I can watch 3 hours of tv and not be interrupted by the children.

Kat said...

Katie wants to be a writer. And for some reason she is convinced that she needs a pen name as well. Which she has all picked out. Cupcake Levetta. How do I tell an 11 year old that that is a porn star name...not a pen name??

dancinginthemargins said...

My porn star name would be McGuinness Manor.

A very close second to your Heidi Hills. And Irish too. : P

Amy said...

My porn star name would be Pepper Blackswan. Which I quite like. :)
This is a fun game.

Veggie Mom said...

I SO will do this over at my place! In the meantime, I know you're busy with Battlestar and Lost, but I tagged you for a Book Meme. It's really up your alley. I'm expecting a little Twilight out of you, for sure! Signing off, Margaretta Bracken, from the Witness Protection Program...

Amy said...

What fun! Heidi Hills presents the Pink Owl. I can just see it now. Ya gotta strip on opening night, now! :D

ParentingPink said...

These are great! Who knew my name had such potential????

1. My rockstar name is: Rosie Odyssey
2. Nascar name: Ira Bill
3. TV Ancor name: Douglas Detroit
4. Superhero: The Red White Russian

Robin said...

How funny! My rockstar name would be Muffin Quest!! We did elf names at my work Christmas party and it was fun. We had to wear the name tags (first pet + first street). It's really your porn name, but we had to keep it clean!

I love The Pink Owl for a nightclub name. It sounds so fashionable.

Mama Dawg said...

Here's mine:

Squirmy Pontiac

Chocolate Molasses

Teal Cat

The Black Wine

William Haven

Elaine Howard

Helen Helena

Autumn Tiger Lily

Pineapple Pantsy

The Beading Rain Tour

Squirmy Cedarwood (lame)

Rhea said...

The Pink Owl totally rocks as a club name. I love it! Fun post.

My rock star name is Moonstone Sequoia.

My porn name is Moonstone Bushwhack.


heathersister said...

Heidi Hills, you are making me hot baby.

Heidi Hills could perform at The Pink Owl.

Melissa said...

Didn't finish the recap of Lost tonight (I fell asleep), but I can't wait for Wednesday. That recap was a 3 hour special! Lots of good info...

Looking forward to the Pink Owl.

Elena said...

Rhea's porn name cracks me up! And I think your Nascar and Witness protections names are so lovely and sophisticated.

None of mine were very good, except my porn name was Bunny Auburn. Maybe I could swith it to Auburn Bunny and join you at the Pink Owl.

Brandy said...

My porn name would be Priscilla Dent. Not as good as yours and thats why I use Chesty Firespanks. Er......I mean I would use that if I were in porn.

Which I'm not.


Jen said...

now that was great. How did you remember all those names. I was going to play but I have no idea what to answer to some of those.

Britt said...

This was great .. mine always suck on these things. Which is why I just keep on using my Super-Hero name, Jamaica the Bohemian SuperMama.

I blame everything crazy I do on Jamaica. She's been my excuse since I was 13. Way before I was ever a mama, but whatev.

I want to see Heidi Hills and Moonstone Bushwhack headline at the Pink Owl. Oui, Mami

angie said...

I WILL get an invite to The Pink Owl, right? :)

angie said...

I WILL get an invite to The Pink Owl, right? :)

Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

I will totally do this this week!

By the way I just read Graceling last night....

scargosun said...

You know what would be AWESOME at the Pink Owl nightclub? Tim Curry movies playing all the time on mute and the kickin' music playing over it.

I am just sayin'.

scargosun said...

You know what would be AWESOME at the Pink Owl nightclub? Tim Curry movies playing all the time on mute and the kickin' music playing over it.

I am just sayin'.

John Deere Mom said...

I think I am going to refer to you as Heidi Hills from now on. You suburban folk with your cutesy street names have it made. How would you like Smokey Highway 3? Or perhaps Ginger 50 North?
Yeah. I am quite the porn star in the country.

Kim said...

Here are a mine:

Princess Pontiac
Chocolate Chocolate Chip
Red Dog (this could be served in the Pink Owl)
Blue Coke
Sillis Lee
Ann Ray
Beistline Boston
Autumn Daisy
Pineapple Pants
The Playing Piano Snow Tour
Princess Morgan (not bad for a porn star)

Swirl Girl said...

Pink Owl is rather Porn Star , no?

Gina said...

Rock Star: Dan MiniVan, or Dan Grand Caravan, or Dan Dodge.

Gangsta: Rainbow Sherbet Milano. Except I would shorten it to Rainbow Milano. ANd that sounds like the only gang I could ever belong to would be in Strawberry Shortcake's world.

Detective: Red Cheeta. If yours sounds like a lounge, mine sounds like an out and out titty bar!

Super Hero: The Pink Hazelnut Latte? Or The pink Grande No Water Chai Tea Latte?

Nascar: Mary Margaret- Which are my Grandmother's names. I would be the nun driving WWAY to fast- with my crucifix flying out behind me.

Witness Protection: Louise Vernon

Anchor Woman: Swanson Seattle

Spy: Summer Rose

Tour: The reading Sunshine Tour

Porn Star: Dan Trafford, but if I could choose it would be Sparkle Market. Sparkle for Abby's first fish and Market for the "name" name (as opposed to the number) of the street I live on now.

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness, that was a HOOT! :)

Heather said...

I would like to apply for the job of dj at the Pink Owl. I can't promise that I'll play 80's music, but I will play many fabulous songs from any other decade.

And my favorite flavor of ice cream is pineapple sherbet. Couldn't make that up if I tried.

Linda said...

That was too much fun. I'll have to share it with my teenager ... they love stuff like that. Maybe I'll leave out the porn star part though.

signed, Blackie Adelaide ... not bad, but you still win on that one.

TattooedMinivanMom said...

First, isn't the Pink Owl Nightclub where Heidi Hills works???

Rockstar name: Cocoa Venture (Oddly enough, that was also my stripper name when I was "working")

Gangsta Name: Mint Chip Mint Milano (This one is the stupidest I think. It should be your fav cuss word and number or somethin.)

Detective name: Green Dog (mine sounds more like a seedy bar)

Superhero name: The Black Diet Coke (El lamo!)

Nascar name: Richard Howard

Witness Protection: Blank Louis

TV Weather anchor: Cimilino Calcutta

Spy Name: Fall Hibiscus

Cartoon name: Pineapple Capriy or Capriie

Rockstar Tour: The Sex Windy Tour (Sex can be a hobby and quite crafty if you're creative enough)

Porn Star name: Cocoa Can't Remember! (That's what she said)

Mariah said...

I'm vert dissapointed in my porn star name, Lulu Entrada

It sounds like a hispanic poodle
Not that there is anything wrong with an Hispanic Poodle--but you know I was expecting something a little more sexy.

PS I am going to crash this whole IDA-HO thing as soon as I figure ot where it is and when

Shannon said...

Heidi Hills LIVE! at the Pink Owl.

Dude, that is AWESOME.

Think I am going to have to do this one myself...

Heather said...

I'm thinking the Pink Owl would be a great name for a blog...

Just sayin'.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Hah, this was great. My spy name would be Fall Lily. My porn name would be Patches Stueben. So not sexy!