Thursday, May 15, 2008


When picking Libbey up from school this afternoon, she took me to the "Wall of Fame" to show off her latest piece of custom artwork. Ms. McElroy had the students draw their favorite animal at the zoo, and Libbey's was the "gurilla." (Precious--spelling phonetically, southern style!)

Just now, my good friend Erika called and she was laughing so hard I could barely understand what she was trying to tell me. Here's our conversation:
Erika: Did Libbey draw a picture of one of the zoo animals?
Me: Yes, a "gurilla!" It was too cute, especially her spelling of gorilla.
Erika: Well, Mrs. Burner had Tatum's class do the same & you are never gonna guess what she drew...
Me: OK, tell me.
Erika: She drew a picture of a meerkat in the center of the page. Then over in the corner, she drew two other meerkats on top of each other, with "meanie" faces, because they were "fighting." Can you believe that was her favorite thing from yesterday?

Totally. Absolutely. Positively. Tatum and I are obviously soul sisters.


Sissy said...

I had to read it several times to get the boom-chicka reference and now I am cracking up! Oh my.

Tiffany said...

Boom chika wow wow... that is such good stuff!
Nothin' wrong with a little Meekrat Lovin'

Kimberley said...

Hey Lula~feeling like I know you from your comments over at Debbie's and Tiffany's, I thought I swing by. Your blog is gorgeous!!! Can't wait to read more.

I'm living the life in GA, sorry you had to leave this place!

Heather said...

Those zany meerkats!! Always fighting like that...and then smoking cigarettes afterwards.

Pinky Roth said...

Too funny, you and your sense of humor!


Debbie said...

Tatum's picture needs be laminated and kept for that birds and the bees talk in a few years ;) Sans the cigarette;)