Monday, May 12, 2008

My Little Piggies.

It's official! I'm finally a big girl. My daughter reached this status long before I, but no least I made it!

Aunt Mandy & her family came for a visit last week and since she's having her second child in about a month, we decided it was time for some pampering. "GIRLS DAY!" Woo-woo! Libbey and I are not having babies, however we live vicariously through Mandy, so we included ourselves in the "we need pampering" category. We headed over to the Results Day Spa in Kingsport, TN, for feet beautification, courtesy of one very loving Dr. Litton, who stayed home & worked in the yard while Caroline napped. Round of applause for Daddy, please...and a big thanks from me.

Once arriving Libbey hopped into the pedicure chair like a pro. Wait a minute, she's done this before--several times--she is a pro! She chose a bright orange for her toes, because this is one child ready for the sunny days of summer.

Her favorite part of this experience was the paraffin dip:

Aunt Mandy (and Baby Helen--after all, she was right there with us!) chose a very pale color for her toes, which she described as "boring," but what I feel should really be called, "I'm 35 weeks pregnant and really can't deal with a lot of color on my digits, so slap on whatever's low maintenance, please." Wait--don't anyone steal that from me--I'm gonna contact OPI straightaway and trademark that as a shade name. DIBS!

Finally it was my turn to experience this female rite of passage. (Or even a male one, according to Greg Hogan. I'm still not clear on his pedicure participation, but I'll leave it at that! Hey, Greg!) Being the inquisitive pro that she is, Libbey sat right next to me & asked lots of questions. "Mommy, does it hurt? Is it hot? Does it feel good? What color are you getting? Are we gonna do this again? " My answers were, "No, no, YES, a deep red called "Andie," and YES--you betcha!"

I've been rather protective of my footsies the past few days, as I don't want to mar the perfectly-applied lacquer. These feet have never looked so swell, and it only took 3 decades to get me to this point. All too soon, though, the polish will chip & fade, and I'll just have to take care of that. With another pedicure, please. Addiction, I hear ya calling.


Anonymous said...

You must complement the next one with a massage! Be very rested before you go or you might fall asleep while being kneaded and drool on the floor. I'm not saying I know this by personal experience...

Tiffany said...

SO Cute!

Thanks for coming by my blog...I am going to a book signing with STEPHENIE MEYER in 2 weeks for "The Host"...I am planning on saying something so profound that she wants to be my friend for life...any ideas?

My bookclub meeting for Twilight lasted 5 hours.. and only ended because it was midnight!

I love that you get it. I will be back to check you daily!

Kat said...

We love getting pedicures. It's an addiction for sure. And my girls have also had one way before I ever did.

I got "The Host" for mother's Day...cannot wait to start it.

Heather said...

Where to begin...

Well, right now I'm doing a special little girlie dance for your daughter's first pedicure. It's a proud day. And I'm glad you got to get some toe love as well.

AND I'm sooooo glad you de-lurked for me!! Now, I'll sing you a special little de-lurking sonnet to go with the pedicure dance. I LOVE new bloggy friends.

AND I love that you love Twilight. I am reading the Host now. Hmmmmm, just in the second chapter so the jury's still out, but so far she's got my attention. I just have to sort out the characters a bit. There are alot of Healers and Comforters and Seekers and Wanderers and know what I mean.

And as for your cyber note. I circle YES!! Are you kidding me?? You're adorable!! I'll be back.

Debbie said...

Lemme tell ya something, once you've had a pedi, there's no going back to the DIY kind. The best part is that it lasts so much longer than a mani. I am going to get my summer kick off one this week. I usually do it Mother's Day weekend, but it was pouring buckets and I didn't want to ruin it. My daughter goes with me and gets the $5 mani for little girls. She did get a full blown mani/pedi one year before we left for the beach, but at $38 bucks a pop, I told her she needed to wait for another big her wedding. Just kidding. Isn't it funny how they just slide right into those luxuries at such a young age. We are creating princesses!

Kelly said...

sweet! and don't worry too much about chipping....mine last a month usually.

Pinky Roth said...

I am so glad you got a pedicure because they are so relaxing. I want one now...will have to get Valarie to do one for me soon. I know Libbey enjoyed being w/the big girls and getting out of school a bit earlier than usual.


Jennifer said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog last week! Loving your blog! I am also a southern girl - currently trying to navigate not-so-southern culture. Missing sweet tea terribly.

I just got a pedi last week (used my gift certificate from LAST Mother's Day!) and decided it was *definitely* time to start a regular pedi routine!

Kim said...

I think I will have to try that again! It does feel great!