Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I'm gonna ramble this morning. Because I can.

*I would love more hours in the day. Not so I could get in more hours of work, because I work hard enough in the daylight I've been given. No, I want a few more hours of sleep. I love to sleep. It's one of the the things I do best. Yet here's something I've always wondered. Why is slumber adoration equated with laziness? Jesus Himself slept through a "furious storm," as we're told in Matthew 8:24. Did this make Him slothful or uncaring? Of course not. I'm sure you've all read or heard about the studies which have proved a well-rested evening and/or daytime naps increase productivity, add to overall health and well-being, and pretty much just make one less of a grouch. So true. My husband is the hardest working person I know, yet he is also the most accomplished sleeper I've ever met. In bed, on the couch, sitting straight up...it doesn't matter...the man will sleep hard, anywhere. Honey, you possess many talents, sleep being one I admire best. Yes, I love to slumber. My idea of a perfect day would include sleeping in, napping, and going to bed early. I would be Wonder Woman if I could do this a few times a month. Sigh.
Moving on...

*Last night Scott actually agreed to watch the finale of The Bachelor with me. He really loves me! The Bachelor is one of those shows that I've watched from the very beginning--from the first season with Alex dissing Trista, to the current British Bach, whom I found to be very enjoyable. Londoner Matt Grant chose Californian Shayne Lamas (daughter of Lorenzo Lamas, who has aged well, I might add--remember him making moon eyes over Sandy in Grease?) and proposed marriage to her. She accepted. Slurping ensued, the final rose was given, the music swelled and the credits rolled. And I, for one, actually agreed with a Bachelor's choice. But I think I'm the only person in America who feels this way, according to what I've read online regarding last night's finale. But really. It's not a big deal to me. 'Cause I'm already married.

*We had blackened pancakes for breakfast. I have no idea why. Everything was as it always is when I make flapjacks for Caroline (usually twice a week--she hearts pancakes in a big way), so why the darkness? Caroline ate them, completely nonplussed by the unusually dark hue. I love that child. But for the rest of the day I'll replay my culinary skills, or lack thereof. And it will bother me. Yeesh.

*Peanut M&Ms are the equivalent of heroin to me. Just so you know.

*Dr. Ergun Caner, one of my favorite preachers and the President of Liberty University Theological Seminary has an interesting theory on Dora the Explorer. He states that Dora is obviously an illegal alien, as she totes a backpack, map, and a flashlight. And Swiper is immigration. Do you need any further proof?
lil dora

*Tomorrow the three kindergarten classes of Elk Knob Elementary will take a field trip to the Knoxville Zoo. A couple of the other chaperones and I have called ahead to confirm that yes, they do serve margaritas in the Zoo. However we have to bring our own valium.

*Yesterday my blogging buddy Debbie wrote about how she had nothing to offer her readers by way of a new post. She then went on to discuss Atonement and dreaming about blogging. She stressed a case of blogger's block, but I am here to tell her and everyone else...it's painfully obvious I have taken that title from her. Hence my jumbled offering this morning. My random, quirky, ever-rambling mind is sometimes a pain in the boo-tay. Only at times, though. I'm not claiming blogger's block because I could write about everything and nothing.

Didn't I just do that here? Have a good day everybody!


Kat said...

Sleep. Sweet glorious sleep. It takes me a while to unwind, and actually get to sleep. Mostly because I am mad at my DH who can put his head on the pillow and go to sleep immediately. Or, if he knows he has to wake up early, he can sleep earlier. What's up with that?! If I have to wake up early...it takes me even longer to fall asleep.

And peanut m&ms...yep...can't even bring them into the house :-)

Trish said...

So seinfield-ish....a lot about nothing?

I love to read your ramblings, you really are a fabulous writer.
Sleep...ahh glorious sleep, anywhere anytime, anyhow for me!

Margaritas at the zoo? That sounds great. I am going to the Science Museum next week with the second graders, and quite honestly nothing is more obnoxious than 2nd grade boys! I'll have to check into the Margaritas.....

i gave up on the bachelor way back at Andrew and Jen........

but there is a 2lb bag of peanut M&M's in the pantry calling my name now........

Heather said...

Okay, and these are my favorite kinds of posts because they give me a healthy, hot serving of topics to think about.

First, let me shout my love of sleep from the rooftop. LOVE, love, love to sleep and do so at every opportunity.

I only watched the last few episodes of the bachelor, so I can't really say which girl I wanted him to pick but I thought HE was adorable. That accent!! Ooo-la-la.

Starbucks is my drug of choice.

My funniest Dora story is when Boots lost his ball and my kids start shouting that Boots had lost his balls. Oh, that was funny stuff.

I seriously think you're onto your million dollar idea serving margeritas at the zoo. Oh my stars, I may actually enjoy going if they served me a frosty beverage.

Pinky Roth said...

Love your ramblings, Leigh. Have fun at the zoo and hope it does not rain for Libbey's class. I for one agreed w/Matt last night and for one time, the batchelor chose who I wanted! They make a cute couple and I wish them the best!


Sissy said...

Ok, admission time... I once applied for the Bachelor. It was when Bob was going to be the Bachelor and my friend Kristen and I both send in tapes. We were not picked.

I love sleep...I just posted about it too. And my bed. I love my bed.

I know nothing about Dora.

I love peanut M&Ms but don't eat them cuz I am on a diet.

Kelly said...

i tried to read your ramblings but couldn't get through them completely. two reasons: i should wear my glasses, but i am vain. secondly, something happened and there's a bunch of flowers behind the text where it used to be solid.

Tori said...

As one who lives on the border and deals with the border patrol and illiegals all the time.... I think your comment about Dora is pretty funny. And makes perfect sense. Would you believe that the biggest trash problem we have down here is backpacks and personal items that have been left behind before trying to come across the border? Girl... it's a whole different world down here!

The Blazi's said...

hey lady, you and your fam sound like your very happy. i like your website and now i know how to keep up with you.

Ric Blazi

Anonymous said...

Peanut M&Ms. Is there more in life? Oh yes, Coke. My drug of choice. har har. I just bought a bag o' nuts today so I must crack them open now as I stay up way past my bedtime since Du is not here.

I love to sleep, but I love to do other stuff more. I should try one of those energy drinks. I've never tried one.

Couldn't even begin to comment about the Bachelor. Did he choose her because her dad's famous?

There you go. Ramblings from me :)

Tiffany said...

Margerita's at the zoo? This and a love for twilight and posts about tampons means we are long lost soul sisters!

Your comment made me laugh so hard.. I will eagerly awaiting you "Ode to Playtex Sport"

Debbie said...

I gave myself a day off from blogging yesterday for which I am now kicking myself BECAUSE I MISSED THIS POST!!!! It is so so funny. You mentioned a Bible verse, M&M's, Dora, and Lorenzo Lamas all in the same breath. How great is that!! And you mentioned me!!! As BFF's, I feel so honored. Sometimes the rambling kind of posts are the best. And because you are such a terrific writer, it was most entertaining to read your ramblings. Love it love it love it, Love you!