Friday, May 30, 2008

Rebecca Marie Farrant, REJOICE!

I don't know if it was the excitement of last night (as suggested by Kelly), but She Who Never Gets Sick has been struck with a feisty case of high fever, blazing throat, and a general, overall weakness of an already wimpy body. Sigh.

Sleep has helped...Kim & Kristi having my girls for the day has really helped...and the antibiotic my sweet hubby just brought home is going to help. Alas, our big date night for dinner and a move (no Sex and the City for me...or sex in the country, for that matter, as I've joked today) has been canceled. You have to know that I'm really, truly ill if I'm giving up a date, especially when it involves a movie I've waited 4 years to see. Big sigh. As in Mr. Big sighing.

But...putting all that aside for a minute, I had to chime in on the greatness that was last night. After I THUMPED & picked myself off the floor, I realized a lot of my questions & musings from yesterday's Perspective post had been answered. Wow--Lost left us with a few more answers than questions? Amazing! Here we go:

*The highlight of the evening--Desmond and Penny got their reunion. Hallelujah! As soon as I saw that boat and heard the Portuguese being spoken, I yelled, "IT'S PENNY, it's got to be!" By the time Desmond boarded the boat I was literally sobbing. Henry Ian Cusick and Sonya Walger perfectly performed this scene...they didn't go crazy, didn't scream or bawl uncontrollably (like me). It was tender, it was beautiful, it was perfect, and it was right. Oh, it made me happy. Thank you Cuse & Lindelof for not making us wait another 2 years for this.

*My brother-in-law, Robbie, questioned if the show jumped the shark last night. He's convinced the moving of the island was too out here, and the special effects too cheesy. I had to disagree him. (So did Heather.) Yeah, the "blip" noise and the island disappearing was rather wild, but the whole moving thing has caused my brain to work overtime. Remember a few episodes back--Ben's flash forward entitled "The Shape of Things To Come?" We saw him flat on his back, wearing Halliwax's parka, breathing "cold breath," with a cut on his arm. Last night fully set that up with his descent to the wheel, so we know that after he moved the island, his next destination was Tunisia. With me? OK. But...keep going with me here...when he checked into the Tunisian hotel, the clerk confirms the date as October 24, 2005. Current island time (as of last night) is not long after Christmas of 2004. theory is that the island doesn't necessary move geographically, but in time. When pushing the frozen wheel (and for the record--Lost is in full-on Sci-Fi mode now, and you gotta know how happy that makes me!), Ben moved the island forward approximately 10 months. I can't even get a good grasp on this theory, and like all that is good regarding Lost, I could be wrong. This is the theory I'm leaning towards, though.

*YES! Rose (Bernard, how I missed ye) got in a good quip, in the grand tradition that is the Lost finale, chiding Miles (who fascinates me--as with all the freighter folk--looking forward to learning more about them next year) for eating those apparently sacred peanuts. Or maybe she just didn't want an outsider macking on their supply of snacks. Her, "I'll be watching you, shorty," was hilarious and you can bet we'll see her doing just that when Season 5 gets underway.
*Waaaaaaaalt! He's a big boy now. It's strange seeing him as a teenager, but we all know what Peter Brady says regarding the time to change. Kate's comment to Jack about spending "3 years trying to forget what happened" was how the writers' answered the question, "How are we gonna explain Walt's foray into puberty?" I want more Waaaaaaaalt, please.
*Keamy, you evil dude. You deserved to die, but I will forever proclaim Kevin Durand's ultra sexy voice and swagger. So his heart stopped beating? Then the freighter blew. Whatever, that means nothing on Lost. (And while we're on the subject, are Niki and Paulo still dead & buried?)

*Speaking of the freighter...I was on the edge of my couch, saying, "Please Desmond, get to the helicopter, please God, don't let Desmond die!" Because I like to involve God in my day to day conversations. He and I are tight like that. As soon as Christian appeared to Michael, I said, "Aw, heck--they're dead." Then...BOOM. Oh, Jin...Jin, Jin, was heartbreaking. Sun's reaction was gut wrenching. But...wonder if Jin's really gone? Hmmmmmmmmm.
*Daniel didn't abandon his skinny tie. But who's excited to learn more about Charlotte? Me, me, me! She'll be the one to watch next year. You mark my words.

*Sawyer. Sawyer. Probably the most redeemed character over the past four seasons. What a storyline arc he's had. (But I'm still grumpy over his lack of flashback/forward this season.) As I said before, he is the reluctant hero. 'Til last night, when his glory was on display for all to behold. Lula-n-Sawyer, 2gether, 4ever.

The man has grown up (figuratively) on the island, and his helicopter leap proves that probably for the first time in his life, Sawyer loves someone more than himself. Sob! I'm dying to know what he whispered to Kate, but I'm presuming it had something to do with Clementine. That babydaddy is a good man. I have the best boyfriends in the world, huh?

Um, yeah...I'd hit that. Just sayin'.

*Speaking of Sawyer--which I could do all day--he had my favorite line of the night, to Lapidus. "Hey, Kenny Rogers!" Hysterical. One of the best nicknames James has had thus far.

*Hurley, I love you. His shock over Walt's visit was almost too much for me to handle. But my second favorite line of the evening came from him, at the end of his visit from Sayid: "Checkmate, Mr. Eko." The sound you heard immediately following this scene was me yelping all the way from Pennington Gap, Virginia. YES!!!!! Love me some Eko. Invisible and all.

*Sayid got his ninja on once again, proving there's a reason why he used to make his living as a professional torturer. He kicked Keamy's butt, no two ways about it. There was no neck breaking, nevertheless it was a jungle smackdown. Sayid, you rock, dude.

*Finally...dum-dum-dummmmmmmm...we know the resident of the coffin. And yes, I'll say it again...totally figured it out. As soon as Ben walked into that funeral home (all steely and bug-eyed, as per usual), I told Scotty, "IT'S LOCKE--it's gonna be John, you mark my words!" Scotty was all, "What? Really? And more importantly, who cares?" Clearly I care. So poop on you, honey. I think I first figured it out when Ben was telling John that whomever moves the island can never return to it...that was my first inkling. Next, Richard's (he of the heavily eyelined eyes) "We've been waiting for you, John" welcome was veeeeeery strange for me. I realized then and there our Man of Faith, John Locke, was not only eventually getting off that island, but also living as miserably as he did before the crash of Oceanic 815. But when? How? Why? We have 8 months to wait for another ride of the Lost roller coaster.

Finally (Beckie, are you still reading?), there was one small scene not many have commented on yet, but a scene I'm rooting for as a set up for Season 5: Sawyer & Juliet. I'm sorry, but his beach swim up was hot, and I gotta say that buzzed Juliet was cute. For the first time ever I thought these two were a noteworthy combination...this one, little scene piqued my interest enough to hope that maybe the writers' are throwing the us a bone. "Hey fans, chew on this for the next 8 months and let's see where it takes us..." I'd love to see them together on the island, 3 years after annoying Jack & whiny Kate are gone...they could drink more rum, make babies (that LIVE!), frolic on the beach, and Sawyer could give her all kinds of sweet little nicknames. Sawyer and Juliet...yeah, I can so see that. Poop on you two, Jack and Kate.

We've reached the end, and those of you non-Lost lovers are gonna be so happy when I make my next promise: No more Lost posts 'til next year. The rest of us who are right with God can continue to chat via e-mail...right, y'all? And Beckie...I love you...all of you...please don't boycott my blog again. Rather, REJOICE over my final words.
THE END. (cue Lost sound effect.)


Infarrantly Creative said...

You are killing me!!! I skimmed it just to see if you said anything about me. Ok because I love you so much I just started watching season 1 on DVD. I think we are on episode 6. I will let you know if I get hooked. I partly skimmed because I don't want to know who is dead or alive just in case all the hub hub is really worth it and I get addicted. And did you ever finish your end table project? Pics please.

Carrie said...

I don't get Lost, but I do understand sick children and the great miracle that is antibiotic.

School has been out for one week (as of today) and I've got two kids sick on the couch with Fifth Disease. Benedryl for the masses, please.

insane mama said...

Ok, this is my take
Saywer Is HOT HOT HOT and WHY didn't I add him to The Romero list? Kate is a babe
I don't think Jin is dead
I love peggy
The Island is NOT GONE I know cause I had a dream about it!
Feel better!

Debbie said...

Miss Lula...I do hope you feel better...I'm sorry that you are missing a date with your man...if you Tivo'd Lost while you were actually watching it last night, maybe you can watch it again. Feel better!

Gina said...

Could I please link you up? I'm tired of going through Debbie or your profile to find you. Not that I don't love visiting Debbie, but, well, you know....

Sissy said...

I don't watch Lost, but I can understand your obsession. Sometimes I wish the Friends lived on my block, instead of in my TV in reruns.

Feel Better.

Rhea said...

Awesome recap, loved it! You really covered just about everything. It was such a great show. I may have to watch it again and again and again (on my DVR). I'm off to Lostpedia this morning to read more about it.

Heather said...

It's all sooooooo good. Yes, I thought that about Sawyer and Juliet too. They're totally gonna hook up.

Melissa said...

I'm really impressed with the length of this post! I thought I was a devoted follower, but I been trumped, sista! I have enjoyed looking through your earlier posts. I'm nosy and love to read. You have a beautiful family! I look forward to reading more! God Bless....

Kim said...

Don't understand the Lost obsession, but...I do understand obsession with a TV show. I loved me some Gilmore Girls and cried when it was gone! I still watch the reruns! And by the way, I always enjoy keeping my favorite "little" girls!

Kat said...

What are we going to do with ourselves for the next 243 days? Are we going to obsess over the possibilities? Did you know that Jorge Garcia has a blog about what he does in his off LOST time? He's pretty funny.

insane mama said...

wait, hold up, Heather thinks Juliet and Sawyer??? Oh holy F anoly, why didn't I guess that???
God, I am so slacking

Robbie said...

....Lost - a show that has special effects to the level that has all of us believing a "smoke monster" exists, and from the creator of Cloverfield (awsome movie with unbelievable special effects) the climax of a show that has been hyped for weeks and has millions of people watching, aka makes a LOT of money in ad sales, therefore could afford to DO BETTER THAN MAKING A BLOOP SOUND WHEN A WHOLE FREAKING ISLAND DISAPEARS. I could take a camcorder, a beebee, a plastic island, and a bathtub and compete. Even if your theory of time porting is true (I kind of agree with it myself) the island wouldn't disapear...its been there for millions of years and moving ten months into the future won't make it simply go a way, but either way it could have been done better. I think the make up on the demon from Days of Our Lives back in the mid nintys was more realistic....ha. Later.

Sheri said...

Ok, so I don't follow lost (please don't hate me) but I do love, love, love S&TC! Girlfriends and I made a whole night of it and saw it. Have you seen it yet? If not, be prepared for 45 min. of sad!!! But, it's so worth it. And, you're in Southwest VA? So am I . . . we saw S&TC at the Roanoke Valley View Grand or whatever it's called.