Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm It.

Tiffany tagged me and I was taught to play nicely. So here goes:

What was I doing 10 years ago?
In May of 1998 I was finishing up at Liberty University (I was on the "5 year plan") and getting ready for my first "big girl" job. I had also just started dating Scotty and had met his parents, sister, and Robbie (now our brother-in-law!) for the very first time.

Five Snacks I enjoy:
Chips & Salsa and/or Queso
Popcorn with a ton of White Cheddar seasoning sprinkled (poured) over it
Carrots with roasted red pepper hummus
Homemade pita chips
Any of the above with a Coke in a can! (Love you, Sarah!)

Five Things On My To-Do List Today:
Clean, as per usual (we're having company for supper tomorrow night!)
Finish planting squash & peppers
Respond to Debbie's e-mail that I'm 4 days late in replying
Work on my Sunday school class' trip to the Women of Faith conference in September.
Bust booty on the elliptical for at least 45 minutes

Things I Would Do If I Were A Billionaire:
Buy a house in Hawaii so I could visit (stalk) the cast of Lost.
Purchase Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s team so he could drive the "Litton Family Medicine" car.
Hire someone to wash & massage my hair/head every single day. Ahhhhhhhhh...
Buy a pimped out plane for easier travel to Georgia and Richmond (and to see any of y'all!)
Build Mt. Carmel Baptist a new sanctuary and fellowship hall, as we are busting out the seams!

Five Jobs I Have Had:
Babysitting (from the age of 13 'til about 19)
Sales associate at Express
Secretary at Light Medical Offices (i.e. worst job in the wide world!)
Temp at Adecco Employment Services
Licensing Rep at GE Financial Assurance/First Colony Life

Five of My Bad Habits:
Picking my fingernails
Losing my cool over stupid things
Keeping score
Staying up too late reading (unless it's the Word) or watching The Girls Next Door

Five Places I've Lived:
Warner Robins, Georgia (born and bred!)
Lynchburg, Virginia
Spartanburg, South Carolina
Jonesville, Virgina
Pennington Gap, Virginia

5 People I Want To Get To Know Better (yes, this means you are tagged!)
(don't kill me, people! and you can just e-mail me your answers if you'd rather do it that way!)
Debbie, my new BFF
Melissa, my new favorite person
Carrie, because she's freakin' hilarious
Kat, who's in Georgia. 'Nuff said!
Vicki, even though I've known her most of my life...'cause she's way fun, smart, & interesting
*does Jason Statham have a blog? 'Cause, you know...I dig him...

Six Random Things:

1. "Lullaby," by the Cure, is one of the best/freakiest songs ever. Very Kafkaesque. I'm listening to it now, hence the reason for my bringing it up.

2. I've seen Gone With the Wind about 50 times. Girls, I take my job as a southern belle seriously.

3. My husband & I met on the internet. And he hates for people to know this. Internet, feel the joy of sharing.

4. My minor in college was Missions, and I did an internship in Ireland during the summer of '97.

5. My high school football team has won the national championship 2 times, state title over a dozen, and region nearly every other year. Ever seen the movie Varsity Blues? Yeah, that's pretty much my alma mater. GO WRHS DEMONS!!!

6. The "Lula" nickname comes from my sister-in-law, Mandy, who christened me almost 10 years ago, not long after we first met. She is famous for handing out new monikers..."June" is what she calls her brother, my hubby, as he is a "Junior." I knew I was in once given my own. Plus, it's supersweet to hear our 19 month old niece refer to us as "Uh June" and "An Lula." (Both my girls called their aunt "Ah-Me" before they learned to say "Aunt Mandy." Adorable.) We rock our names. Thanks, Mandy. Maybe one day we'll give you a nickname of your own. Oh, and while I'm addressing you...delurk already and leave a comment for ONCE!

Can I get any more random?

Here you have it...everything and nothing you ever wanted to know about me. Feel free to comment away!


Kat said...

How exciting. I really like this meme...and invited myself to the party over at Mrs. Romero's place...and now I have an actual, real tag. Makes me feel loved :-)

Heather said...

You are my best friend today because you watch the Girls Next Door. I do too. It's so wrong, but oh so right. Except for the part where they dote on Hef. That's just really wrong. Ewwwww....

Mrs. Romero said...

Lula! I would so hire someone to wash my hair and massage my scalp... even if I was just a millionaire.

Thanks for playing, to know you is to love you.

Mrs. Romero said...
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Debbie said...

Ooh. this is a good one...give me a day to think..I have been with pre-schoolers and lots of I needed to come here to unwind. ;)

Ric said...

i read your post "34" and thought, you are still crazy girl! hey we should keep in touch better and aren't you glad that there is someone out there that is as random as you are???

Gina said...

Lula, I can't beleive we have been "hanging out" with the same people for so long and this is the first time I've been to "your house"! I loved the Ode to Bows, and I totally know what you're saying. Not being southern born and raised, it's not so much about bows as just getting your hair done everyday in an actual 'do- not just a headband, although I have one that just wants a pony almost every day. As soon as I could get one of those tiny silicone ponies to stay in thier hair they were sporting 'dos. It was totally about a part of the grooming ritual. Clean diaper, clean clothes, a pacifier to match, and a pony or two.
Your girls are beautiful. I will be back to read more.