Monday, June 1, 2009


I'm sad to say goodbye to the month of was full of delicious goodness that made me all kinds of giddy happy.  Witness:

No more barren, desolate-looking's a color explosion 'round here,
 which ups my glee factor exponentially.

Did you know Lacey and I traveled to Heather's to see Kings of Leon?  
Well, we did.  And we were fabulous.  Oh, and so was the band.  
Heather was so fabulous she couldn't fit all of her fabulousness into this picture.

I've had May 8th circled on my calendar since last year.  No lie.  
Thank you, JJ Abrams, for not disappointing.  
Also, thank you, Chris Pine, for not disappointing. Ahem.

Libbey finished her first year of Awana as a Spark.

Caroline was a Puggle in Awana.  I didn't take good pictures during
their commencement ceremony, so I figured I'd just show them off...
...with their Blow Pops.  'Cause they're way sassy.  

My father-in-law is kinda cute.  I'm just sayin'.  

Remember when you were a kid and every December 26th 
you couldn't wait for December 25th all over again?
This is exactly how I've felt for over 15 years.
No more, my friends.
My beloved Designing Women.   Season 1 on DVD.  Finally.
God is good!

For Memorial Day weekend my sister-in-law and her family
came to spend a few days with us.  The best part of their visit?
This picture of our niece, Eliza:
Best. Ever.  In the history of the world. 

As of May 30, my parents have been married 39 years.
That is a Very Big Deal.
Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Henry Roth, Jr.
Also...I love you, Mama and Daddy!
Mary Elizabeth Raley Roth--May 30, 1970

Finally, May was a special kind of month because I fully believe
all the fasting and praying is paying off. 
How you doin', Rob-As-Edward...
Never doubt for a single second that God doesn't answer prayer.

Your turn...
What was the highlight of YOUR month?  Other than seeing that most excellent picture of my niece and the ultimate pouty face?  Go ahead...share, please!

p.s. If you tell me you've only seen the New Moon trailer once, I'm gonna have to call you a liar. Or normal.

Kristen, it's working...the fasting and praying. Just that glimpse of her lying in the forest is enough for me. I think they're getting it right this time.


Kristina P. said...

Just saw Star Trek last night, and it was awesome!

My highlight was Daisy of Love starting on VH1. Amazing.

Mama Kat said...

The highlight of my month was watching Laina turn four AND celebrating my bffs birthday with lots of alcohol. That's really what it's all about. Take THAT hokey pokey.

greedygrace said...

Hmmm.... May highlights...

* The Bachelorette
* Warm weather= camping= swimming in the ocean
* Finding out I'm going to be an aunt (this is actually rather stressful since my sister is only 15, but I get a little more excited about it each day)

PS- I JUST saw the trailer for New Moon as I was writing this! Drool!

Casey said...

Passing Block II in Nursing School! Block III here I come!

Missy said...

May definitely brought beautiful flowers, green grass & Memorial Day fun! I love your pic of Edward/Robert!

Lauren W said...

It certainly was a good May :) Although, I must say, one of the best things about May is that it is the gateway to summer!
Meanwhile, that picture is slaying me! I mean, seriously. I love that expression!

Abby said...

hi! I'm Bekah's sister. I read your blog, so I have to comment- no more lurking for me.

The best part about my May was that I graduated from college- wahoo! I'm like a real person now. It's weird.

Your girls are sooo cute- I am loving the big bows!

Heather said...

Okay, I have goosebumps all over from watching that trailer. And it's only right that your blog is where I saw this trailer first!

I am honored that I made your May post. Or at least, a third of me did.

And now I can't wait 'til July, so my whole family can make your July post. And we can start making wedding plans for Gabe and Caroline...

Love this post. With all the photos. And adorable girls with bows. And Edward.

Utter perfection.

sassy stephanie said...

Love azeleas! Awesome on your parental units! My parents will celebrate 38 this year. So awesome. And rare.

Heather said...

Girl, that trailer gives me goosebumps every. single. time!!! Jacob jumping over her and turning. DELICIOUS!! Kristin's acting is still a little on the edge for me. Who grits their teeth when asking for a kiss from Edward??? I don't. However, I am soooo glad to see that the little details are there. In the trailer at least. The paper cut scene was dead on. Aside from the dramatic throwing down of the gift, but whatever.

Your month of May recap was lovely. You all make some beautiful babies in your family. That blond hair and those blue eyes are precious.

Kat said...

The highlight of my month was Michael going back to work. That just might be the highlight of my year.

And I KNEW that I would be able to find the trailer here today so that I didn't need to watch the music awards. So I have seen it here...showed my mom. And when Katie comes home from swim team...I'll show it to her too :-)

Sun said...

I believe you know what my highlight is this month.. ha ha.

And of course this fantastic trailer..
I believe, and I hope, and I pray that this time will be better..the best.. ever.

Christina said...

Look at all that color.

Team Jacob vs. Team Edward.... smoking hot Jacob jumping and transforming is making it even harder to stay on Team Edward. Maybe I'll just be unbiased! Then can I have both???

CaraBee said...

First off, how gorgeous is your mama in her wedding dress?! Congratulations to them on 39 years!

Things are looking up if the clip is any indication! And hello, Jacob!! Awwwoooooo!

My favorite part about May? Achieving my first 10 pound weight loss goal and getting my back yard (mostly) fixed up.

Fidgeting Gidget said...

You just made my May.


Kori said...

Love me some Designing Women too.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Hey girl. This was the 1st time watching the trailer and it was awesome. Even without sound (at work now). The fact that the vid kept stopping for a few seconds made it even better. You know I am not a Robert Pattinson fan so I have to say that your FIL is way cuter. Hah. And I loved your recap of May. My highlights were Tristan graduating & my 20 yr reunion.

Jen said...

I got the pleasure of seeing Star Treck this weekend and it was everything you said it would be and more.

Jen said...

Hmmm. . .the best of May.
*warm weather (I hate the cold)
*near nekkid Rob and the NM trailer-total awesomeness!!!
*finalizing my plans to visit a BFF in Chicago and do geeky fangirl things like see the Harry Potter exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Your niece is darling. Is that her "whachu talkin 'bout, Lula" face?

Swirl Girl said...

The highlight of my May?? Spending a grown up weekend with dear friends in Florida.

what pray-tell is Awana?

Swirl Girl said...

The highlight of my May?? Spending a grown up weekend with dear friends in Florida.

what pray-tell is Awana?

Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

Oh crap. May is over? How did that happen so fast?

Well you know I had me a rough May. Our trip to Great Wolf was pretty great though.

I have only watched that clip like a bajillion times. Oh Rob...How you doin'?

Keep fasting and praying.

Melissa said...

The highlight of my month was watching my daughter read at her Pre-K recital. So rewarding.

Love your flowers. I'm so jealous of your landscaping. We belong on "Desperate Landscapes".

That pouty face is a.dorable.

Your girls, are, of course, gorgeous as usual.

Your FIL? Pretty much, wouldn't mind having him as my doctor. Very cute!

New Moon? sigh. It's gonna be good. nuff said.

Fritter Chicks™ said...

Cute blog! My grandmother was a Roth...any chance you are from McAdoo Pennsylvania? Congrats! Will be a dedicated follower. Thanks.

Brandy said...

Highlights include my niece turning 1, Stevie's grandma turning 80, my nephew's (2nd) preschool graduation, my sister's 24th birthday, my pal's baby shower, Prom & my WV pals visiting.

Can you tell it's been a busy month?

Heart the trailer...and I appreciate your fasting and praying for all of us. I just know they will not disappoint us again.

Gina said...

Girl, May is my FAVORITE month of the year. First off, it is when I crawl out of my wintertime funk, Then there is Mother's Day. A couple of weeks later we celebrate our anniversary, my birthday, and Memorial day all sorta clustered there together. Then we bust out the white water raft. Because we are fun like that.


Bekah said...

hmm may highlights: new Moon trailer for sure.... friend's wedding where i danced my socks off and night b4 memorial day (and if you check back thru your texts you'll remember why)

ps.. you need more brunette friends. aka me

Anonymous said...

I watched the New Moon trailer. A tear almost trickled down my cheek. I have high hopes that this movie will do the book justice. Thanks for fasting and praying... :)

Trish said...

hmmm, May brought no flowers, but it did melt the snow and thawed the ice. I guess that's a good thing.

And 24 hours of light has arrived....can't decide if that's good or bad.

May is fine, but I'm more excited for June!

i refuse to watch the trailer.....but am thankful for my new job, it will make it possible for me to see the movie in a theatre! as a matter of fact, i could see it in a theatre with you..............

Amy said...

Oh the beauty oozing in this post. Love all the pics of you and your lovely fam. Wow! Your father in law is a hottie!

I can.not.wait.for.New.Moon!

ParentingPink said...

Wow! You know how to fill up May with lots of fun events! Love the pics of your daughters - they are beautiful! And love the Star Trek pic - I still have to see that movie!

What did I do in May: Bruce Springstein- finally...the concert, of course! Been wanting to see him for years so May was a memorable month for me as well! Cheers!

Caroline said...

I'm gonna have to find a way to see New Moon, even if I have to nurse Baby Homer in the middle of it, seeing that he or she will only be 3 weeks old-ish. It does look like they got it more right on. Perhaps this time we won't have to don sackcloth.

Pinky Roth said...

Wow, what an eventful May you had and I made a spot on it. Thanks for putting my picture up on your blog...39 years is a long time for sure, but you know I do not feel any older, but my body does...LOL! This month two of my best friends had major surgery which is scary since both are only 40 and 45 years of age.



angie said...

May WAS a good month.

And the New Moon trailer. I want to see the movie. Now.

Delta Burke lived in the apartment complex in West Hollywood that my uncle lived in (this was the early 80's). My mom borrowed shoes from her once when she was visiting him.

angie said...

You were dying to know that Delta Burke tidbit, weren't you?

angie said...

P.S. YOu look so much like your mom! And of course the girls are adorable as ever. Your FIL IS cute! :)

Anonymous said...

This was my May.

You wrapped up the month for us so nicely with the trailer for New Moon. Now I'm longing for November... xoxo

Shannon said...

Ummmm... I can't believe you didn't say one of May's highlights was meeting Angie and me for some delicious Sticky Fingers BBQ...

Wait. That was in April, wasn't it?! Surely it wasn't all the way back in MARCH?!

Shannon said...


EE '09... then the next weekend is New Moon.

November is going to be one fabulous month.

Marrdy said...

You guys look like models...geez, I'm never posting another picture of myself again (until next time).

Your father in law is hot and your girls are so cute...


Joanna Jenkins said...

May's highlights?
The roses all bloomed
My brother got married
Mother's Day with my Mom
It's was a great month!

Jennifer P. said...

seriously...your father in law is yummy. Now I feel so dirty saying that, but whew! that's a great chin :)

LenaLoo said...

Did I mention my baby is due when New Moon is? Lordy I better not go into labor till after the movie! But I sat through The Dark Night last summer with appendix pain so bad the sucker had to be removed lest it bust! I think I can handle some contractions to see that sexy wolf boy! :) BTW Lula, you are my favorite today and I am linking to you in my blog :)