Monday, July 21, 2008

Mad Musical Monday.

No fodder...not a lot of running commentary...I'm keeping this one simple.

Here's some of the best music you are not listening to. OK, OK...I do realize people outside of my little mountain town listen to genres other than country and Southern Gospel. So by all means, comment away if you are familiar with any of my musical picks today. I'll be super impressed and we will be BFFs forever and ever.

Luna Halo is The Next Big Thing. And before Rolling Stone gets ahold of 'em, I wanna give y'all a chance to listen in. Seriously good stuff, folks. I dig 'em muchly. My girls and I rock out to Luna Halo on a regular basis. Y'all need to, as well.

Nick Drake. Sigh. He died almost 34 years ago, so You Tube only has small clips of his work. But he is so worthy. So. Worthy. I adore Nick Drake...his music is almost too beautiful to be of this world. Sigh...

Even though they've disabled their videos on YouTube so that I can't share with y'all (almost grounds for a break-up!), I'll still throw my love to Under the Influence of Giants. They are so glam, so fresh, so late 70's/early 80's...but for our millennium! "Mama's Room" is one of my faves...and if you wanna know what they're doing in "Mama's Room," here and watch/listen for yourself. I seriously heart these fellas.

There y'all have it. Easy-peasy this go 'round.

Oh, and I love learning about new makes me and my iPod very happy. Do y'all have any "no one listens to these people but me" favorites? Share the love, please!


Candid Carrie said...

I can't control myself. When I am feeling a funk coming on I must put on the music of my youth, well actually stuff from the eighties went I felt more energetic. Nothing like the hairbands of the eighties to get this ol' hen moving like a spring chicken ;)

Cristin said...

Oh that first one reminds me of the music I listened to in high school! Love it!

And yes, Nick Drake, too beautiful...

Heather said...

Will you marry me?

OH MY THIS is what I'm talking about. I have not heard of any of these bands and I'm so excited that you've brought them to my attention. They are fabulous.

Let me take a gander at the pod and see what I've got to contribute here...

No One's Gonna Love You - Band of Horses
I'm Not Over - Carolina Liar
I Get It - Chevelle
All Around Me - Flyleaf
Dead Wrong - The Fray
Little House - The Fray
See the World - Gomez
How We Operate - Gomez
Goodnight and Go - Imogen Heap
Hide and Seek - Imogen Heap
Breathe In Breathe Out - Mat Kearney
Come On Get Higher - Matt Nathanson
All Over You - The Spill Canvas

It's all kind of moody (my vamp mix) and it's not that you haven't heard of these bands, just maybe haven't listened to these tracks. I'll have to come back with my peppier mix.

Heather said...

By the way...I'm loving your little peach blogicon.

Debbie said...

I confess...I love music but unless it is on the radio, I will never hear it. How do you find this stuff? I am in awe of your ecletic music taste! And How did you get your peachalicious browser tab! I love it!

Caroline said...

I, like Debbie do not get to listen to much music. I like a lot of 80's but no one would ever know it by looking at my playlist (tee hee). Oh, and just because SITS polled about music on playlists and found that readers don't like it, I'm still keeping my up. I guess there's a little sweet rebellion in all of us. I really dig Sugarland's take on "Life in a Northern Town" (originally done by....can't think of it, but you'd know.) I'm working on my email to you.

Angela said...

We love Luna Halo! I think we saw them about 7 years ago in Houston with Jars of Clay.

ugagirl30 said...

Okay, so I know you are probably awarded out, but I gave you one. Come by and pick it up.

Melissa said...

I get taken away anytime I hear Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. Marshall Tucker Band and the Allman Brothers are some other favorites of mine. I just can't help it. My mom was a hippie who gave birth to a conservative Christian. Somehow, I still love the moodiness of some of these tunes. You know what really gets me? Hearing them with the crackle of vinyl in the background. That makes them all the more nostalgic. Good picks, Mrs. Georgia Peach!

Karen said...

Oooohh .. I like Luna Halo ...

I like a mish mash of music , depends on my mood of the day/hour/whatever.

Some groups/singers that you may or may not have heard of, that I can think of, off the top of my head and that I listen to...

Dave Dobbyn
Hello Sailor
Netherworld Dancing Toys
When The Cat's Away
Boney M

The first 5 are Kiwi groups and the last is a British reggae/disco group from the 70's. Their music is good to exercise to!!

Lula! said...

Heather and Karen--THANKS for giving me suggestions. I love it--I'll be checking 'em out asap.

Caroline--The Dream Academy first did "Life in a Northern Town." One of my fave one-hit wonders. I dig Sugarland (Jennifer Nettles is amazing), too.

Angela--YES, Luna Halo toured w/ Jars of Clay many years ago. Their 1 CCM album, "Shimmer," is still a favorite of mine. They're secular now, but I still adore them.

Melissa--you know I LOVE me some Allman Brothers, especially since they're from Macon, Georgia, which is 10 minutes from my hometown. And Fleetwood Mac...don't even get me of my all-time favorite bands EVER. "Songbird" is one of my most favorite songs in the world.

Cristin--YAY! Someone who loves Nick Drake, too. He is divine...

Debbie--I'll send you the info on the blogicon...but I'm gonna post about it later in the week, too. We all need super-special blogicons, ya know?

Veggie Mom said...

I love getting tips about new music to tune in to--thanks so much for sharing. I played the clip--it probably won't be that long before Rolling Stone discovers them! BTW, I'm having another Great Pop'rs Giveaway, starting tomorrow. Aunt Julie really needs the help of all her Bloggy Pals--she's planning a rehearsal dinner for 60 people! Hope you drop by soon!

notsosahm said...

I remember hearing about Luna Halo on M88. Haven't kept up with them, but I do need to check the new stuff out.

You mentioned Jennifer Nettles so I'll sing the praises of her stuff before Sugarland. Have I done that before? I used to have her album when she was Soul Miner's Daughter. But, it's gone now. If you can ever see her live you must do it.

I happened upon Emiliana Torrini the other day and have fallen in love. You may have heard of her (if you don't already know about her, which I wouldn't be surprised) since one of her songs is on/in one of the Lord of Rings movies.

Emily said...

Lula, I love your name by the way. It's darling.

I love music. I am a music blaster too.

Some of my new faves are:
Sufjan Stevens- anything by him.
Mika- Love today
The Matches- Salty Eyes
Pumpkin Soup- Kate Nash
Anything by Vampire Weekend.
Pas de Cheval- Panic at the Disco
Weezer- Island in the Sun
Gnarls Barkley- Surprise

But I am always finding others. I love it!

Your choices are awesome!

CaraBee said...

I love Nick Drake. You're so right, his music is just beautiful.

My tastes are all over the board. Right now I am just in love with MGMT. However, I find myself spending a lot of time taking musical trips down memory lane. I used to laugh at my dad for always listening to 60s and 70s music and now I'm the one listening to 80s and 90s music. My kids will definitely know Abba and Harry Chapin and so many others of my faves from my childhood!

Insane Mama said...

Do you know I live near Hollywood? Do you know that many bands come into the public view through Hollywood? Do you know that I have seen many of the bands that you love? I Love Luna Halo. I do.
Will you please marry me instead of heather? Because I can get into clubs that host all the new bands.
I can.
I'm not bragging.
I just want to marry you more than Heather does, plus we have matching shirts.
Please choose me.

Insane Mama said...

Now I am listening to Nick Drake and um...
I'm drooling. Wow, you are right it's too beautiful.. and I am feeling a little teary with his words and awesome voice.

Swirl Girl said...

Love that Nick Drake song.
Hauntingly beatiful.

sadly, I don't know any new music (newer than say Hootie and the Blowfish) since the brood began...I listen to CD's or NPR in the car.

Right now in the car I have Santana Supernatural, Kenny Loggins Celebrate Me Home, Jimmy Buffet Songs You know by Heart, Elliot Yamin (my Idol fave of that year), and two mix CD's of kid and grown up stuff that the girls like to rock out to.