Tuesday, April 15, 2008

As promised.

My last post was a bit of fluffiness. But what the heck? Did my totally conservative rant scare y'all or something? Or has everyone taken the day off from reading this blog? Does the truth frighten? ('Cause my girl Vicki sure laid it out there...or did y'all not take 20 minutes to read the post of hers I referenced?) Hmmmmmmm...

I am not afraid. I know political agendas are both personal and usually private. (Yes, I know...politics and religion...touchy subjects and all. Again...not afraid.) Thankfully I have no agenda. Believe that or not. The mainest thing what God says. Take it up with Him if you've got issues.

Now I'm off to read Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity. I swear, I felt some of your sneers just now.
LOVE Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!


Kelly said...

politics blah (even psychotic uberconservatives bore my pants off). football blah-er. HOWEVER. my nana is from wrightsville, ga, and if i understand it, so is hershel. and there you have it.

Greg said...

I'm with Kelly, u lost me at the word political....but I did read it all.....and fooozball.....don't get me started on fooozball. Still love the blog though :P