Thursday, April 10, 2008

Start singing the theme to COPS.

On our way home from Johnson City tonight, we stopped at a quickie store so that a certain physician could live out his "do as I say, not as I do" philosophy on smokeless tobacco. We pulled up to the front of the store and Scott hopped out to get his mouth cancer candy. The following is a word-for-word transcription of Libbey's comments at that moment:

Libbey: I guarantee you there's drugs in that place!

Me: What?

Libbey: See? In there? Drugs.

Me: Oh, that's just cigarettes, baby.

Libbey: I know! DRUGS, Mommy. They. Are. Drugs.

Take that you anti-public school people. Yes, I am a bad mom because I haven't had the "say no to drugs" talk with my child yet. But she's heard it at school, or more specifically, in health class, so I applaud their efforts. She hasn't figured out that Daddy's chew qualifies as tobacco...but when she does, hoooooo boy...Daddy better watch out. The drug patrol is on a roll. "I guarantee you..." She cracks me up...I'm still laughing.

And this one's just for free: here's what happens when Lizee sits still long enough for Aunt Lula to give her a new hair 'do, or a "hai-ruh did," as we say in the ghetto.

Adorable, ain't she? Luv dat baybeeeeeeeeeee...and baby sister to come...

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Kelly said...

i read this one in the bahamas but couldn't use my 33 cent minutes to reply. that libbey, i knew she was smart. and plus she offered me some of her pappasito's tortillas. so brilliant AND generous. SWEET.