Wednesday, April 23, 2008


April 22: Singer/Songwriter Paul Davis died in Meridian, Mississippi, at the age of 60. He achieved fame in 1977 with his Top Ten hit, "I Go Crazy," which spent more than 40 weeks in the Top 100. Other hits include "Cool Night," "65 Love Affair," and his duet with Tanya Tucker, "I Won't Take Less Than Your Love," from 1988.

I can't listen to Paul's hits without being reminded of my childhood in the early 80's. This is mostly because the music of that era still resonates today, with me at least. I'm a sucker for easy-listening know the kind that's sold in a Time-Life infomercial? (The Carpenters, Player, Bread, Cliff Richard, etc.) But I have a place in my heart for Paul for another reason. He was my cousin. How cool is that?

This is rather lame, but it was the most decent offering You Tube had that I could post here. There is a great clip of him performing "I Go Crazy" on Ricky Nelson's show (another late, great singer/songwriter), however You Tube wasn't parting with it!


Pinky Roth said...

Leigh, that was very good to see Paul singing from the 70's. He was truly a great singer...I love all the songs he sang and most of the time when I am in the grocery store, I hear one of his songs! May he rest in peace!


Debbie said...

Oh my goodness! All those songs remind me of growing up. I knew immediately what song that was once the melody started. How cool that he was your cousin, but how sad that he died so relatively young. Great post!

Lula! said...

Mama, I used to think it was sad that Paul's music had been reduced to grocery store fodder, but then we moved here. Food City plays awesome stuff, including some contemporary Christian music. So I've decided he's in good company--in the Food City chain, that is. And he's ALWAYS on Delilah's show, or XM 70's and 80's. FAMOUS...oh, yes. Wish I could've posted the clip of him on Ricky Nelson's show--that's just the coolest.

Kelly said...

the youtube clip brought danny running. so thumbs up to paul davis, and may he rest in peace.