Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I love these people.

Thanks, Kaley, for reminding me that it has been one year since our mountaintop fun. From bubble break marathons, charades, lots of girl talk, babies off their sleep schedules due to travel, poopie in the bathtub, and that guy in Olive Garden who couldn't stop listening in on our fabulousness...and on and on. What a blast! I love y'all, I miss y'all, and I'm wondering...when are we gonna do it again??? Putting in my request now for Hawaii. I'm just sayin'.

p.s. Love that we've added two more to our group since this shot was taken, with another coming in August. Yes, we are fabulous.


Pinky Roth said...

It looks like you and your friends were having a blast! I think it is neat that you have stayed in contact w/your college friends...


Kaley said...

Hawaii, please! (after we find a job, buy a house, and have another kid, of course...)