Thursday, April 24, 2008

Just in time.

lost logo
(Do you love how the "T" is cut off? It's only fitting...the show moves quickly, so ya gotta catch up. Ha.)
Lost returns this evening folks, at its new time, 10 pm, immediately following Grey's Anatomy, a show I've never watched nor intend to take up. There's far more McDreaminess over on the island anyway, if you go for that sort of thing. While I enjoy a pretty face,
Josh Holloway
there is more to my show than southern charm and good looks, all neatly packaged into one performer. (Really! There is!)
After a six week break we are diving right back into the fast-paced storytelling that fans have come to love and worship. OK, so maybe not every fan worships...but they should. Yes, I'm mildly obsessed with show, or have y'all noticed?

Welcome back, Best Hour Of Television In The World.

I have missed you!


Greg said...

I am sure you heard, they ordered an extra hour for this season, and the season 2hr ender is May 29th. Pluuuuussssss the writers admitted they know how the show will finally end in 2011, they have it already written. Of course I am sure that may change. w00t LOST! Of course I do not watch it until Friday after work, so I always have to avoid your website come Friday morning. I learned that lesson from the Jin post.... I didn't close the browser window in time. doh!

Lula! said...

Sorry about the Jin spoiler, Greg. I was just so emotional that night. Now I'm of the "he's really alive, just still on the island" opinion, so maybe it's not as traumatic as I thought at that time.

This is my first season being spoiler free...last year I knew about the big twist in the finale (the flash-forward) so it kind of ruined that whole Sixth Sense-ish surprise for me. Not this year, though. 100% spoiler free. I didn't even read the previews in this week's TV Guide. I'm so hardcore. Oh, and yes--I did know about the extra hour. Was VERY HAPPY with that news, naturally!

Anonymous said...

Two more very happy people on this side of the country! We are both so stoked that Lost is finally coming back on! Of course, I'm pretty pleased that Grey's Anatomy is back on, too.... but that's another subject. ;)

I've learned to not visit your site until after I've watched the show too.... I learned about Jin beforehand as well. But no biggie... I didn't share that with Jonathan, at least!

FYI... the whole word shows up in my google reader... the pic is probably too wide for the margins you have set on your middle column. :)

Debbie said...

I wanna play. But sadly I can't. I have never seen an episode of "Lost." However, I will be watching the gang at Dunder Mifflin. (The Office) Yipeeee