Monday, April 14, 2008

Thirty Four.

My favorite number in the world is 34...always has been, always will be. For UGA lovers, I need not explain any further. For the rest of you backsliders, I'll be so kind as to school ya: thirty-four was the jersey number of the greatest college running back to ever live, Herschel Walker. Since the age of 6 I have loved Herschel and followed his career, varied as it's been over the past 28 years. After graduating from UGA (as well as winning the Heisman and leading the Bulldogs to a National Championship, of course!) he played professional football, arena ball, was on the '92 Olympic bobsled team, and is a black belt in martial arts...yeah, he's pretty much well-rounded. More than anything, though, I call him "brother," as he and I serve the same God. And that ROCKS.

Tonight Scotty fell asleep with the TV on ABC, which is where I left it after The Bachelor ended. (Woo-hoo, Marshana & Robin are gone--my 2 least faves. Finally a Bachelor gets it right!) I walked into the living room to shut off the TV, when lo & behold--HERSCHEL IS ON TV!!! I started punching my snoring hubby, "Look, look, look, it's Herschel, it's Herschel--WAKE UP, Herschel's on! Why aren't you looking? LOOK, PUH-lease, this is important to me!!!!!!" Because I'm all dramatic and stuff when it comes to my man Walker. He opened one eye and gave an obligatory glance, while mumbling, "Who is that?" I have to go through it again? Because I totally don't mind to do my dance of Herschel Walker joy. IT'S HERSCHEL AND YOU KNOW HOW I LOVE HIM!!!!! Scotty's all, "Whatever, but Katherine Heigel was just about to feed me shrimp scampi and a never-ending supply of Land Shark and now you've gone and rained on my parade and we can't ride off on the Harley." Fine,'s a tissue for your drool.

I never watch Nightline...because I never watch TV, remember? (Bachelor, Torchwood, CSI and Lost...and truly, that's it. But I have watched a few eps of Bones, so I might give it a chance...oh, and Rob & Big. And Smallville this week, as my boyfriend is doing his recurring role on it.) So laugh if you want, but I just know my sweet God was giving me a little treat this evening because I haven't had the greatest of days. I mean, He just worked all this out for my enjoyment...and if any of you are rolling your eyes now, go read some TMZ or Perez Hilton and let your sockets get wonky, 'cause I am being heartfelt. And mildly psychotic, but still...

Oh...and the Nightline spotlight on Herschel was about his suffering from DID (Dissociatve Identity Disorder), a mental condition regularly dismissed by doctor types who think they are smarty pants. Scotty did wake long enough to answer my questions about DID...mainly to confirm that yes, it does exist. As if I think my man Walker would ever lie to me, much less the world. Throughout the interview he talked about his faith in God, which made me super joyous. The interview also showed another hero of mine, Dr. Tony Evans, pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas, and host of the radio program, "The Urban Alternative." Tony Evans is so hard rockin'--one of the few preachers I can stand to listen to on TV and/or radio...and Dr. Evans spoke about counseling Herschel and being a close friend of his for the past 8 years. It just gets better and better, people. Seriously, I was barely perched on my chair because I kept bouncing up and down like a 4 year old on Christmas morning. Are you grasping the depth of my love for #34?

He's written a book on his mental disorder...yes, I've already ordered it on Amazon. Did you even have to ask? Breaking Free: My Life With DID is the title...will review it once I've devoured every word. Now I love and admire him even more...for not being afraid to be so open with his issues. Guts...strength...compassion...yes, that's my man Walker. Did I mention I happen to adore him?
Now Georgia is #1- Herschel Walker
Look at him go! My favorite thing about this picture, other than Herschel of course, is the poor little Gators eating his dust (grass) as he tramples over them for yard gainage. I hate the Gators...and the Tigers, and most of all, the Volunteers...basically, I hate orange in any stadium. In all seriousness if you want a treat, check Herschel out on You his feats of flight and fancy on the field...'twas poetry in motion. STOP ROLLING YOUR EYES, peeps. Now!


Pinky Roth said...

A little bit over the top w/Herschel, don't you think? It sounds like he is a cool guy though. And yes, I knew 34 was your favorite number as well. Time marches on and I cannot believe it has been that long since he played for Georgia! Yes, I was so glad that Matt kicked off the two girls he did on the Batchelor also. Those two girls were full of drama all the time!


Lula! said...

Remember when you got my Senior parking spot for me before school started, and brought it home? It was space #34 and I went all gushy thinking you'd picked it just for me. And then you said, "This is just what Debbie Durham handed to me." Looking back now, though, Debbie's always been a huge UGA perhaps she was just looking out for me. Ha-ha!

Kim said...

Your new favorite number should really be #8! That is Kristi's number...remember???