Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Well, duh!

Yesterday afternoon my friend, Kim, phoned to say, "In the words of Julia Sugarbaker, 'Have you just completely lost your mind?'" (As in previous posts I stress again: you should be watching Designing Women. Now.) My mother chimed in with, "That better be an April Fools post!"

Ok, Ok...y'all got know I could never be a flaming left-winger. Then I'd have to start getting my news from the major networks, CNN and MSNBC. Oh no!

Yes, the previous post was indeed my April Fools attempt...and most of you caught it because you all know and (hopefully) love me. Without any doubt I maintain that I will always be a right-wing, red state loving, Ann Coulter admiring, "uber-psychotic" (thanks, Kelly!), card carrying super-conservative Republican. Unless, of course, that party gets shot to heck in the future...and I hope I'm Home long before that happens. Of course I'm not too keen on my party's offering this go 'round...but still...lesser of two evils, I guess.

There's my April Fools explanation and political soapbox for ya...take it for what it's worth. Next year I'll have to try harder to fake out all you smart readers.

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TheRightWife said...

Hey Lula, thanks for swinging by my blog :) I'm loving yours! What a great layout!! I'm glad to have found another like minded conservative with a special place in their heart for Steve Perry :)