Sunday, April 27, 2008


Lest anyone think we're raging pyromaniacs, I should probably let everyone know that we live in the country. On 17 acres. With no neighbors. Half a mile from the main road. In other words, if you currently reside in a dwelling that's in a subdivision/neighborhood in a city/town, I probably wouldn't attempt even a small backyard fire...unless you wanna be on COPS should it get out of hand. If this is the case, by all means...I'd love to see anyone I know on COPS, because that show is better than a train wreck. I'm just sayin'. Not that I think a train wreck is good...oh, forget it...y'all know what I mean. I hope.

p.s. Those from my hometown will love this: The burnt area of the yard smells exactly like Mossy Creek! Yesterday Libbey & I sowed grass and put down about 4 bales of hay to protect the seed. Lingering smokiness & hay is Mossy Creek's signature scent, and I immediately started searching for Dulcimer Dan, roasted ears of corn, the petting zoo and some serious square dancing! Can you hear the fiddles now? Mom--I wanna get my face painted!!!

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The Queen's Castle said...

That is cute - we have some acreage also, but we don't live on it.... well, we live on 2.5 acres but the 'land' I'm speaking of is 150 acres out in the country. Sometimes, we just need to specify.... :)

BTW: I noticed you had Liberty University on 'The site you visit'. Did you go there/know someone that goes there? My son (stepson) goes to Liberty :0