Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Sex Industry.

Raise your hand if you remember the post I did back in March regarding random musings from a typical morning here in the Litton household. If your hand is not lifted high, read here.
In that post I commented on an article in TV Guide regarding "TV's 10 Hottest Scenes Ever," stating that I agreed with their number once choice. Agreed is putting it mildly...when I first read the piece I said out loud, "If Buffy & Spike aren't listed I'll scream!" Low and behold they were given the #1 spot, which was spot on with me. Picture me squealing! (Other scenes I agreed with: Sawyer and Kate in the cage on Lost, and David & Maddie's slap-fest that turned into what viewers had been wanting for over 3 years on Moonlighting, to the tune of "Be My Baby" by The Ronnettes.) I further stated that I was so tickled by TV Guide's choice that I might just write the editors a verbal round of applause. Well...I did. And they printed it...see above. (Sorry it's not any bigger--but you can click on the picture to see my name in even bigger glory!)

There it is, plain as day, in black and white...with my name spelled correctly! I honestly had no idea they'd print this. But hey...little Pennington Gap gets a shout-out in a major publication. Wowie! I'm sure the TV Guide staffer who had to publish this particular page was thinking, "Where the heck is this?" Or, he/she could've been of the mindset,"Cool! Someone in the middle of nowhere is part of the Buffyverse! Yes!" Oh, if only Matt Roush or Michael Ausiello (I'm a loyal Ausshole) could have seen this, as they are my fave writers over at the Guide, and also Buffy-lovers. Sigh...fame eludes me today, but tomorrow...well we all know what Scarlett has to say about tomorrow. And if you don't, DUDE...go read/watch Gone With the Wind. Now. Please.

My friend, Susan, had this to say about my name in print..."I always knew you'd make it big in the sex industry." Let's just get it out in the open--Susan is my Sunday school teacher...and my pastor's wife. Just wanted everyone to be clear. Upon hearing this, I asked, "Should I be honored or offended by your comment?" She has yet to respond to my questioning.

So there you have it, folks. Lula in TV Guide. This is so my world, my 'ville. Aren't ya glad to be hanging out in it with me?


Pinky Roth said...

Now you are famous indeed! You are so crazy about that show as well.

I am loving New Amsterdam which the final show of the season is next week! I sure hope they bring it back...definitely one of my favs now!


Infarrantly Creative said...

I actually got TV Guide free, shocking I know. So I opened it up today and saw your famousness in black and white. You go girl. You have a total knack for writing, seriously. I think you need to submit your stuff more often.

Lula! said...

Beckie, I will happily sign your free copy of TV Guide, right next to my little letter. Just promise to save it FOREVER, because after's me, and you've known me since "WHEN," girl. (You can put it in your newly organized garage.)

Brenda Jean said...

AWESOME! Both on the letter and on Spike-- he can't take the place of my never ending crush on Angel, but man, he comes close. I love Spike!

CaraBee said...

Love it!! A perfectly phrased response. Good for you!

Mama Dawg said...

I know this is incredibly old, but wow. Color me impressed. I wrote a ltr to the editor of US about Christian Bale and it was printed. I'll have to find that and post it for you.